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Thread started 07/18/19 9:34am



St. Paul - "Minnie Forget Me Not" (New Music)

St. Paul posted a new song on iTunes, Spotify & his FB page today. The drum track reminds me of "Mountains" in one little part. Here's the caption from the video:

This song was originally done by Hall & Oates . My good buddy and former teacher at #MinneapolisMediaInstituteLeon J Music called me one day and said, "Hey, let's get together and hang and do a project." He showed me this song "#PhillyForgetMeNot," which is a tribute to where Daryl and John grew up. Leon said, why don't we remake this into "#MinneForgetMeNot," and I said, why not! We just needed a reason to hang out, and music is always a good catalyst.

Fast forward a bit, and the song turned out better than we thought it would. Leon wrote some nice alt lyrics, honoring #Minneapolis, and I had a ball putting a little #MplsSoundinto the production.
(A very intentional tip of the hat to that classic sound)
Another former #MMI teacher Brian Powers (aka #Snowman) mixed it.
I then sent it to my friend who is in the #HallandOates band, and I ended up getting a call from Daryl's manager, leading to a cool week of hanging with Daryl Hall in South Carolina earlier this year.

We are putting this out now, because I love my home town, I loved hanging out with my buddies Leon J (who is rapping on it)and Snowman, and I think it's a classic summer jam. I also want to honor where I'm from, because The Peterson Familywill be inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame later this year.

This is just an appetizer to the main course. I will be releasing another tribute to Minneapolis later on in the summer, complete with a new music video.

I also wanted to let you know that I am 6 songs into a my new record!
You can stream #MinneForgetMeNot on all digital formats as of today.
Do me a favor, and share this!

Thanks for your consistent support over my career. I don't take it for granted. My goal is to keep recording and touring until I physically can't do it any more.

"eye don’t really care so much what people say about me because it is a reflection of who they r."
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Reply #1 posted 09/09/19 2:51am




I had this joint on repeat yesterday in my whip (car). It's a Dope track and you're right, there is a "Mountains" feel to it

Peace ... & Stay Funky ...

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Reply #2 posted 09/16/19 6:44am




That is a very classic feel. The Family/fdeluxe has really done a lot of music that sounds lke 1985/1986 20+ yrs later and I appreciate it

That's what U want, TRANSCENDENCE. When that happens, O Boy -Prince 2015
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Forums > Associated artists & people > St. Paul - "Minnie Forget Me Not" (New Music)