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Thread started 05/14/18 5:09am


Associate Artist Forum Refocus

* Since post April 2016 there has been... and aggressive shift in focus by 'fans' on who Prince slept with, who Prince dated, who they feel is/was the most important woman in Prince's life, and this has caused an extreme amount of disagreements/debates/vitrol in cyberspace and on the Org in particular. People jokeying to get their favorite "female" protege/associate artist/muse at the head of the line. As well as those using alters to talk to themselves and have noting better to do by spreading lies, gossip, innuendos, rumour, factless diatribe in order to passively aggressively create bait and discord. Any claim made has to be backed up by a link.

You're responsible for what you write.
Remember: Associated Artists, proteges, managers and others in the purple camp will see what is posted. If YOU personally get sued for slanderous posts by any of the associated artists and/or anyone in the Prince camp, the org does cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies bearing appropriate paperwork.

Those thank you and your welcome posts I come across are going to get the snip.

All they are posted for is to keep the thread near the top of the forum, a form of bumping. (to be edited yadayada). If you want to say 'thank you' or 'you're welcome' to the OP who created the thread, please do so via orgnotes.

Flame Wars
Anyone flaming or baiting. Org rules apply.

Keep Messages On-Topic, and Don't Cross-Post

Post in the appropriate forum for your topic, and don't post similar messages in multiple forums.

Don't create new threads when an existing one will do.

Don't create 'nonsense' threads.
Communicate with others in a civil respectful manner.



Protege vs Associated Artist

If a thread self locks let us know. If there is already an active thread discussion going on, use that thread. Authorization to create a thread............ blah blah hmmmm

What does it mean to be a protege?

protege. A protégé is a person who receives special protection and promotion from someone more established in a field. If your boss introduces you as his newest protégé, you're off to a good start in your career.

protege - Dictionary Definition :


A Prince Protege is someone overall who is unknown that Prince handpicked that directly corelated with his current project/album whose career, exposure and fan base is not established yet. And who are relatively unknown trying to get their career off the ground and is not yet a musical artist in their own right.
Who the proteges were was most clearly defined/visualized in the 1981-1990 period.
Proteges are not synonymous with women/female/girlfriend.

Prominent proteges consisted of

The Time: Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Monte Moore, Jellybean Johnson, Jerome Benton

Vanity 6: Denise Matthews, Susan Moonsie, Brenda Bennett

Sheila E.: Sheila Escovedo, Eddie M., Steph B. Juan Escovedo, Benny R. Miko Weaver, Suzi Davis...

Apollonia 6: Apollonia Kotero, Susan Moonsie, Brenda Bennett

The Family: St Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Eric Leeds, Jellybean Johnson, Jerome Benton, Jonathon Melvoin, Miko Weaver...Gregory Brooks, Wally Safford

Mazarati: Sir Casey Terry, Tony Christian...

Jill Jones: Jill Jones

Madhouse: Eric Leeds, Dr Fink, Levi Seacer jr, Sheila E, Dale Alexander ... and of course Prince


- Tony LeMans, Ingrid Chavez, Carmen Electra, Robin Power(and the Uptown Dames)

- Tamar, Bria Valente, Andy Allo


Bandmembers 1978-1989: Andre Cymone, Bobby Z, Dez Dickerson, Dr (Matt)Fink, Gayle Chapman, Lisa Coleman, BrownMark, Jill Jones, Wendy Melvoin, Eric Leeds, Atlanta Bliss, Susannah Melvoin Miko Weaver, Levi Seacer jr, Boni Boyer, Cat(Glover) -Jerome Benton, Wally Safford, Gregory Brooks, Michael Bland

Bandmembers 1990-1999: Dr Fink, Miko Weaver, Levi Seacer jr, Rosie Gaines, Tony M. Michael Bland, Kirk Johnson, Mayte, Kat Dyson, John Blackwell,
Bandmembers 2000-2009: Rhonda Smith, John Blackwell, the Twinz, Shelby J, Renato Neto...

Bandmembers 2010-2016: Ida Nielson, Donna Grantis, MonoNeon, Kirk Johnson, Adrian Crutchfield


Associate Musicians:

David Coleman, Novi Novog, Suzi Katayama, Clare Fischer,...

Associate video models et:


Associated Artists such as Sheila E, Judith Hill are artists who already have an "established" career and/or fan base.............Sheila E is listed also as a protege, because she was not a headlining frontman of her own band or solo career until Prince.

Prince Associates are considered artists usually established whom Prince gave a song or two to or jammed on some Prince inspired music, like Sheena Easton, Patti Labelle, Madonna, Demaris, Misty Copeland, Judith Hill Chaka Khan etc (these persons albums and careers -outside of Prince, should be discussed in the Music or General Discussion forum) Any tweet/tribute they share via social media will be shared in an general thread created by the Mods in the Associate Artist forum


General Announcement threads: There will be 1 GA thread for each person as they arise. These threads will be one off tweets, picture sharing, social media update, and org member questions that concern the individual outside of a thread created to discuss an album/tours/performances/song that is actively being discussed.

Associated artists as well as The Revolution tour dates and reports on performanceswill be posted in the Concerts forum.

If it concerns events celebrating Prince/Paisley Park tours or anything to do with Paisley Park will be posted in the Fan Gatherings forum.


Individual Threads concerning an album will remain seperate from a general 'announcement' thread. Discussion of the album will specifically talk about details of the process, the music, musicians/instrumentation, writing process, touring, videos, singles, outtakes/one off song releases, album artwork etc

Disclaimer: The above may be updated, revised etc from time to time without notice.

When in doubt, send an Org Note

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