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Thread started 11/16/16 10:21pm



Former Prince Artist & Designer Needs Your Help


St. Paul mentioned this on his Facebook page earlier. It's about in-house artist for Prince, Michael Van Huffel. He and Steve Parke did a lot of Prince album covers and artwork in the 90s.

From the page:

Michael was an award-winning designer, creative director and motion design specialist, creating album, and other artwork for Prince as well as other arists and titles/trailers for film, television, and advertising. Also, a musician, having attended Berklee College of Music when he was younger. Just before getting ill, things were going well, and he'd just bought a home on Venice Beach.

Michael Van Huffel is funny. Michael is smart. Michael inspires. But Michael is sick.

He has been suffering for the last 8+ years and he needs our help.

A neuro-immune disease that was likely triggered by an unlucky immune response to a virus or other pathogen and has been debilitating. His life since has been focused entirely on stability and treatment, which has included having a port placed in his heart, over a year of giving himself IV drugs daily, among other protocols. When first got sick he thought, like most of us do, that he'd see a doctor, get treatment and be back to his normal life in no time.

A new clinic that focuses specifically on this type of condition, and currently includes 2 Nobel prize-winning researchers, became available to Michael recently. He's begun IVIG treatment, which involves a 7-hour infusion every three weeks. It's a tough but encouraging course of treatment, and the doctors are hopeful.

To understand more about Michael's situation read on at the source link above.

Note: You may notice this campaign has a goal of $1. Because he has just begun a new course of treatment, already with some insurance approvals, denials and appeals, it is very difficult to set a specific financial goal. And the support team of this site suggested this goal as a way to convey that. It's our hope to raise as much as possible. In the event that funds are raised and not ultimately completely needed, they will be directed towards an appropriate charity or person in need.

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Reply #1 posted 11/17/16 8:14pm


thank you!

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