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Thread started 12/17/21 6:35pm





P&R forum closed and a few thoughts...

(dupe post from GD)

Hi purple peeps -- I think the P&R forum no longer fits with what I want on the org. Too divisive a topic these days apparently. Let's keep it more on the music and generalities, with a focus on respecting, if not always loving, one another. Diverse opinions are to be celebrated and welcomed but let's avoid politics & religion at this time -- maybe one day it'll be something we can civilly discuss but I suspect won't be the best place for it, regardless sad

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the community and I apologize for any harm that has come from content on the site, that was never my intention. I have been busy with my "real life" these recent years and haven't had time to attend to the org. The only reason the org is still up is due to the thankless work of all the mods.

Moderating any of these forums is a ton of work. I owe each of them a huge debt! But it's also time to potentially get some 'fresh blood' involved. If you'd like to moderate, and think you can do so in a constructive manner to the community, please reach out to me at and let's chat more.

Thanks for helping to continue to make a place for fans of our favorite musical genius, a pleasant place to visit. I hope these changes will help us stay on that path as well. I love the community and it's only as strong as all of you participating, and I'm sure I've failed you these recent years with my inattention. I'll try to do better, but completely understand if many of you would rather be elsewhere... that's OK, too. I want to bring light and happiness and connection into the world and if this isn't working for you here, and I can't fix it, I'm all about us figuring something else out, even if it's with people finding another outlet.

Let's be positive and be kind to each other. Thank you for reading.



ben -- "the guy"
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Forums > site discussion > P&R forum closed and a few thoughts...