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Thread started 06/22/19 1:27pm



Thank you,

The last time I posted here was six years ago.

When I first joined here, I was a card-carrying member of the NPG Music Club, running around the United States viewing concerts and introducing anyone I could to his music.

Prince has written the soundtrack to my life, from first girlfriend to my last day.

So many times whenever my sunshine turned to rain, his music welcomed a new dawn.

This website, which I thought was lost, has been here, all these years, giving a voice to the voiceless and serving as a community for so many fans to share their love of music, make new friends, and revel in life.

Sorry to be so philosophical, but I'm at an age where almost all my heroes are gone. Friends, family, health, and everything else can fade.

But the music is forever.

I've spent the last ten hours listening to the Originals and so much other music from a once-forgotten past.

Thank you, Prince.Org, for existing, and continuing.

batman guitar

Some people tell me I've got great legs...
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Reply #1 posted 06/22/19 3:27pm





yw cool

I was a member of the NPGMC as well.

Edmonton, AB - canada
Mod Goddess of the SNIP & BAN Making Moves - OF4S
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Reply #2 posted 06/28/19 11:36am




The MUSIC segues into a fierce BEAT.
The CROWD lets out a ROAR! Prince
strips off his guitar, streaks center-
stage. The Band launches into "Baby,
I'm A Star."

...And the CROWD laughing, dancing,
shouting and loving. The CLUB is ALIVE!

And the MUSIC continues...forever...

That's what U want, TRANSCENDENCE. When that happens, O Boy -Prince 2015
β€œStrong people define themselves; weak people allow others to define them.” ― Ken Poirot
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