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Thread started 06/20/09 8:32am





Handling Harassment and Threats on

Online harassment and Internet Fraud are things takes very
seriously. We have had users impersonate Prince before and we do have
users that try to hack other user's accounts. This is going to happen
on almost any web forum, but in a somewhat tight knit community such
as this one, it seems to stand out more when it does happen.

We cannot completely avoid these things happening, but we can respond
when they do with a zero tolerance policy. However, we need help. If
someone is harassing you or trying to gain access to your account or
personal information, please notify a mod immediately. If the
communication comes via orgnote, forward it to a moderator. If it is in
chat, note the date and time and notify a moderator. If it is on a thread,
report the thread and cease communication with the person in question.
We will investigate the incident and help you in any way possible.

Another way you can help is to choose a secure password. You should
use at least 6 characters and combine letters and numbers.

Lastly, if an orger is trying to convince you they are Prince. The
chances of that person actually being Prince are about the same as
Prince showing up at your door with a nice picnic lunch of starfish
and coffee. In other words they are not. Walk away. Notify a mod.

Any accounts used to harass or attempt to fraudulently represent a
person or gain protected information will be permanently banned. In
appropriate cases, info will be handed over to the proper

Thank you for your help in keeping the org safe and secure.
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Forums > site discussion > Handling Harassment and Threats on