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Thread started 01/17/09 12:25pm





A Note on Site Moderation

As part of a greater effort to increase the transparency of site moderation,
the only time a moderator will respond to a report on their own post is if they
agree in retrospect with the report and wish to change the post as
soon as possible. In all other cases the post will be referred to a
second moderator for consideration. In the case of a changed post,
the report will still be considered by a second moderator upon further

While this may lead to delays in posts getting attention from time to
time, we believe that the benefit of the highest level of impartiality
is greater than the possible short delay in reviewing posts.

Each time a moderator takes action on a post (snipping or editing), they will
clearly identify themselves within the post. When action is taken on an entire thread (locking, moving, ect)
the user will receive confirmation in the form of an orgnote.

No poster is above the rules of the site and we encourage more people
to get involved by actively contacting moderators using the "report to
moderator" link at the bottom of each post. As the rules state no
specific decisions are to be debated in a public forum, but private
discussions of why / why not are allowed through orgnote, or e-mails

This certainly does not mean that disagreements over moderation will
not arise, but hopefully it is a first step towards greater
transparency and a more enjoyable org experience.
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Forums > site discussion > A Note on Site Moderation