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Thread started 06/23/08 1:35pm





Alternate Endings?

In an effort to bring some sort of reasoning behind one of our most misunderstood or misconstrued actions, the following should be noted:

Moderation is a process. We need to balance many things when we consider any action taken on a member's account. Questions we ask ourselves… like, is this being done maliciously? Is it a joke? Can people tell it's a joke? Have they done this with full knowledge of the rules? Etc.

Some things tend to tread the line of what's allowed and what's not. In this case… Alternate Accounts. As stated by Ben, no person may have more than one account active at any one time on the Org. Some people feel the need to create two, three or even more Alternate Accounts than that. We know that most are harmless and most likely utilize this ability to do so to get around the posting limits. Some use them as different personalities. Occasionally we get someone who uses them to harass or post things that shouldn't be posted. Some are used to troll or bait. Others create Alt Accts to get around being temp banned or permabanned. Some are used to create a "celebrity account" so that they can partake in discussions as that famous person. We know if (for example) Morris Day were going to create an account here, it most likely would not be created as "MorrisDay" with his picture used as an avatar.

Rest assured, we know this is happening and know who the Orgers are. So, why do we allow this to continue when it's clearly against Ben's wishes? Most "Alt Accts" are harmless. We take that into consideration and moderate them accordingly.

We, as Moderators, reserve the right to ban any Alt Acct at our discretion – simply for existing. Again, it is against Ben's wishes.

Not too long ago we had a crop of politically minded Alt Accts pop up to make fun of, or bait/slam the candidates and/or the people who supported them. We discussed their existence amongst ourselves and came up with the decision to delete them all, as it wasn't worth the effort to continually have to moderate them. We knew they were Alt Accts, and we knew they weren't the primary accounts of the Orgers who used them. So we took them out of the equation.

So what does all this mean? Here's a quick break down:

* Alt Accts are not allowed.
* We can/will delete them if/when we're alerted to wrong-doings from an Alt Acct.
* We could let them continue until other more serious rules are broken under the guise of the Alt Acct.
* This includes Alt Accts in the ChatRoom as well.
* Alt Accts created to get around a temp ban or permaban will be deleted immediately.
* As always, Moderators have final say on any deletions of Alternative Accounts without expectation of an explanation.

Thank you,

June7 on behalf of TheModSquad

(You may comment on this topic in our blog at )

[June7, "ModGod"]
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Forums > site discussion > Alternate Endings?