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Thread started 08/17/02 7:00pm


Nobody will ever leave the Org. We just wont like, or know, how to use it

A lot of people have been upset with others and the Org. and say they're going to leave.

Nobodys leaving.

Believe that.

We all depend on the Org. for our information no matter if that's all we use it for like me or if you like to post funny or mean things and mess around. We all need it to find out what's going on. That's the bottom line. NPG music club doesn't help us out or tell us anything so we need the Org. to communicate with each other.

How many of you needed it and depended on it when Xenophobia sold out to get a ticket or meet others to share expenses?

We all need it and will always use it.

So, my message is: Even if there are some people messing it up and posting horrible things, we can't just change the org. into a place where you can't get the info anymore.
But that's what's happening. The Org. keeps changing and is slowly breaking down. Now people aren't able to see the most commented threads which usually have the most interesting info or newest threads.
I'm sort of new to the new Org. and I don't even know how to really find the threads and info I'm looking for.

Stop changing the Org. I can't keep up with it!! If we got a good thing going don't take it away from us. The old Org. had daily news updates and was really cool. That's all I wanted it for. I can't believe that's gone. But the new Org. has or I should say had really good things too.

Why don't we have a section on the Org. for people looking for the latest news and serious Prince discussions having to do with his music so we can get all the good stuff right away in one part of the Org.
Then we can have another section where you can gossip and talk about racist things, "Quick what's your favorite...", When/where does Prince nap, what underwear are you wearing right now, insult each others spelling and topics, and on and on.
2 different sections!

It would be amazing and would please everyone! Imagine, you could go on the Org. and get exactly what you want!!!

People, we could make it happen, start a revolution. Make Ben hear what we really want. He will Listen.
If you don't, at least never complain about the Org. again.

The People who want a change for the better, can we count on you to make the change? The more people that show their support and respond to this, the more likely Ben will see it and give us what we want.

Who am I kidding. Nobody will ever see this now that the discussion topic list is off the first page. And Those of you that will see it will just put me down.

Wasn't it a good idea though?
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Reply #1 posted 08/18/02 2:36am


Do you finally see the truth? Would you know it if you saw it?

After my post I knew not even the people that agreed with me would support the idea.
Not one person has responded yet but plenty of brilliant minds with a cause were quick to respond to a thread " do redheads have more fun" which was listed right after mine. Prince would be proud of his brilliant fams, so much to say and contribute to the world.

That is the mentality of the majority or maybe nearly us all. None of you want intelligent dialouge about Prince and his music and latest news.
The masses remind me of a movie called faranhiet 451 where books were banned and people were nothing more than sheep.

Lets all shun an original idea.We're not clever enough to better ourselves.

If you don't like what's going on here than be a part of a change. I don't care if you hate my idea or think it has flaws, just build on it or make it better.

Most people hate the way the Org. is going so lets make it what we want it to be or at least try to.
If every single person on the Org. contributed to this thread and made more like this one it would be seen by Ben and maybe would help him go in the direction that is better.

You don't have to agree with me, just come out of hiding and stand up for what you think is best.

Most of the topics and comments are about really childish thoughts and a lot are really mean and boring. I waste so much time seeing it while trying to get to interesting topics. But most of you people live for that kind of stuff.
That's why I thought it would be great if there were 2 sections for people who are interested in serious Prince related stuff and the other section for stupid fun shit.

Wouldn't this make everyone happy? You couldn't complain that someone was being mean in the "stupid fun section" because you would expect that kind of stuff.

Knowing what I've seen from Prince fans on this site I would have to think that there must be at least 3 or 4 people who enjoy Prince the way I do and agree with me. You wont post here so at least Org. me and maybe we can start a new site.

And oh yeah,I love Larry too, so now!
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Reply #2 posted 08/18/02 6:26am


I love Larry too. smile

Seriously though your correct people will still visit, be it just for the news.

That doesn't mean the place can't still be majorly improved with suggestions however...
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Forums > site discussion > Nobody will ever leave the Org. We just wont like, or know, how to use it