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Thread started 07/01/06 1:40am





A Word On Locked or Hidden Threads

When a moderator locks or hides a thread - it's not a personal attack on anyone. It's done after careful consideration of those who have reported it, or when it has violated a rule. These rules were agreed upon when you signed onto the Org. By agreeing to become a part of this community, you have agreed to abide by the rules as listed.

We Mods have all locked or hidden a thread or two on our watch. Sometimes complaints are registered to the Mod who took action. Sometimes the complaints are valid, and we have unlocked or removed the "hidden" status of a thread we took action on. Sometimes we have upheld the action based on the initial report from another Orger, or by our own discretion.

We attempt to handle all actions taken against a thread or its author discreetly. If the author of a thread that was locked or hidden doesn't like the decision, we have asked that they Orgnote us with a REASON why the thread should remain open or visible. This does not mean that an Orger has the right to "slam" the Mod's decision with sarcasm and examples of their supposed lack of moderation skills, or offer (as examples) other threads that haven't received moderation - it means they should approach the decision with tactful and well thought examples of why their thread should be reopened or unhidden.

Creating another thread to mock the decision, or having or enticing (or supporting the efforts of) another Orger to do so is not cool. You should expect that thread to be locked or hidden as well. Continuous openly stated adverse, negative, or mean spirited reactions to locked or hidden threads may result in suspension or revocation of the author's account.

Thank you.

[June7, "ModGod"]
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Forums > site discussion > A Word On Locked or Hidden Threads