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Thread started 06/10/22 10:29am


The Chicago Prince Experience exhibit

Wanted to see if anyone on here has attended the exhibit going on currently in Chicago? I wanted to reach out to the fan community to try and get a feel if it is something worth traveling a couple hundred miles to see? So far, the pics I have seen, while it looks very nice and a nice effort put into it for sure, if your someone who has been to PP both prior to 2016 and once after, this looks like it might not be worth my travel time and travel dollars, just seeing if maybe I'm off base? From the pics I have seen, it appears to basically be a ton of pictures of him, mostly ones we have all seen along with a recreation of the WDC and D&P video sets, as well as a recreationg of "Studio A", one of his motorcycles.... I hope my aksing this comes across as I intend as I am not at all knocking it, I'm just trying to decide if it is worth again, my travel time and money? Thank you Prince community

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Reply #1 posted 06/19/22 10:20pm



Loved it!!! From Celebration 2022, I took a quick side trip to Chicago.

Downstairs is the merchandise and photo op area. On the way up the escalator photos and Prince quotes surround you. Before you get to the check-in desk - there is at least one interactive exhibit (sorry my photos are out of order because we were able to start our tour before the scheduled time and went back to those exhibits that were 'busy' prior to getting in line for the tour).

I believe the first interactive room of the tour is WDC.

You then meander through some photo exhibits with text on the walls, some other push-button/scroll through type exhibits and into the Studio A interactive exhibit. You can put on headphones and be your own producer so to speak. There is also a couch to sit on if you want and the blue neon moon light is also in this exhibit.

Next set of hallways are photos of his albums with song lists.

D&P interactive exhibits - there are several to choose from or do them all. They do have people in exhibits who will take your photos with your phones/camera if you want.

Next is the Emancipation era - more photos/text on walls explaining what P was trying to do during that timeframe There is also 2014 video from P on Arsenio; a nod to his philanthropy; more quotes from him and others.

Next up is 7th Street Entry (includes P's FA gold star) and PR (motorcycle)/album cover area - all interactive, again a person is stationed there to take photos with your phone if you want.

More quotes and photos on the walls and into fashion, with three of his outfits featured.

Glam Slam is next - Boze sound system (an AV eperience by LeRoy Bennett) and a place to dance (mirrors/strobe lights - purple lights), with a DJ playing P's music.

After leaving that area there is a replica white cloud, madcat, and keytar - and photos of P playing cloud/madcat, and Super Bowl halftime photos.

Then you go into an area with a mood 'quiz' (8 people at once can do this), and a large neon purple love symbol.

A thank you at then end to those who made the exhibit possible.

I did not feel rushed at all by staff. I could have stayed longer had I been by myself, but I was not.

For me it was worth it to take the side trip to Chicago because I do not live close enough to make it any other time.

(My apologies if this is all squished together text that is not the way I typed it).


[Edited 6/19/22 22:27pm]

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