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Thread started 09/01/22 3:18pm


Int memo 36707-1

[code]. Word up peoples.

When are we going to be able to post pictures on here since that's a way for me to showcase my work?

I'm really getting good at cropping screenshots lately.
I made it I own it right?
Music - I just started teaching myself acoustic guitar loving that.
My technique is playing the thing long enough that it sounds like whatever I'm accompanying.

Writing is bad and fuck equipment. This is not a brand contest it's what can you actually do. I usually get frustrated about not having cigarettes so I diss stuff and cuss. I didn't cuss as much when I had cigarettes so either like me polite or I'm talking shit about it.

Next, I realized I was playing with things the way a newborn baby does turning into a toddler etc basically I touch and put my mouth on everything to learn it. That technique is really good actually within reason. I'm learning to appreciate nuances of food and flavor based on eating with my fingers. Try it.

The other thing is I'm learning to hear my own voice again by hearing my own voice again. Like I used to be able to do in my room growing up aa a teenager. Except the things I am teaching myself are basically he economics that was discontinued after one year when I was growing up and I'm like duh no wonder I got tired of being a workaholic for deaf and hard of hearing people.
But that's what I'm really good at. Keyboarding.

That's it for now. I'll be happy to get off campus every once in a blue moon and now and then. It's not like I'm getting a degree for anything. I'm getting one for nothing is the thing.

I'm perfectly fine with that some days.
But oh yeah it's my fault I didn't learn anything until I turned 50.
Welcome to "the org", heartpeacesheart…
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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > Int memo 36707-1