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Thread started 05/18/22 7:28pm


The Adventures of Blue FontaNINE


I am Blue FontaNINE. I am twin to the notorious ANDROGYNINE. I am the they/them to his he/him.

You may wonder where i have been all this time, in all this time, I have been in a dream.

Do you DreamFirstBorn?

and now, I have been awaken, down here in New Orleans. Where The Second Lines are colorful and

Frenchmen Street is only for the locals. Where art is as important as the air that I breath. I breath deeply

here. Where the music is as erotic as a jazz trombone on a slippery glide, Hey Shorty lives right around the block.

Right near that chicken shack. Fried chicken tenders flavored with season only done in the south. Yeah, I like it here.

Yes, I am they/them who walks along the streets in the french quarters soaking up all the history

that made this place what it is today. A vibe, not ment for everyone, but for those who

add color and texture to the well being of the citizens of this port side city.

Royal Street my favorite street, where the local dive is a golden lantern. They wave their flag proud there.

I am Blue FontaNINE who dresses up in the velvet pedals of sunflowers, as so I am in constant bloom.

There is never not enough sunshine here. And at night the planets align in the eastern sky. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

and just the other night a full blood moon eclipse. Still, no vampires in sight.

I sleep in a garden where the butterflies dance in the faces of angels and where bubble bees

and pomegranate trees unite as one, bring forth the fruits of love, so delicious and thirst quinching.

In the 7th ward, my wards, I attend to. One a boy and the other a girl. In between them,

i am the fine line that reflects the love they have for each other. It's a delicate place to be.

Along with us 3, plus a friend from the city of Minneapolis, (you know who.... or do you not?)

we are going to explore this wonderful place found only in our hearts, and broadcast live from New Orleans.

Welcome to my adventure and stay as long as you can. I can't wait for you to meet some exciting new friends.

For even I know not how long I shall be here, in the awaken.

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #1 posted 05/18/22 11:54pm



something strange was in the wind tonight. I was sitting on the porch with Peaches and we were talking about the power of God and manifestation. ManIFest God.

talking about how when everything in brought to its core common denominator, it SPIRIT and with SPIRIT there are 2 sides. Good and Bad.

anyhow we were discussing this and watching the moon glow ever so bright. Then suddenly this being appeared from out of nowhere.. running in circles on the street.

It whole attention was on us, Peaches and I.

I said to Peaches, "do u see that? what's that guy doing?" and Peaches said, "i see it."

He ran around in circles, with a hint of paranoma watching us as we watch him. It really was one of the most interesting things I have witness here.

As it did this, it would hide behind a tree or a post but in an obivious way. Like he wanted to hide but wanted us to see him as well. He was calling

for our attention. So we watched it.

at one point Peaches said to me, "what is going on with this guy"

I responded by lighting up a cigarette and saying to her... "hold on girl, I'm gonna need a smoke for this episode."

3 cigarettes la later he had come to a stop at the neighbors how, looking at us. Like a shadow, with a wife beater

t-shirt on and he says to us. "ya'll alright. Good night" and I responded, "Good night" and he squirred off away

down the road.

It was one of the most unusal things i have ever watched. Quite fasinating. Then it struck me.

They know I'm here and he was a scouter.... who had picked up my scent.

Meanwhile, Ma-Vee went out tonight looking beautiful. She wanted us to go ragge dancing but Peaches and I were content on sitting on the porch

and enjoying the vide.

Wishing you were here,

your twin,

Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #2 posted 05/19/22 10:49pm


Mother can be quite mean sometimes....

she is very demanding

talks alot

always corrects me

dares to challenge me

in regards to photography

she thinks everything that belongs to me

belongs to her as well.

She makes me upset sometimes and I know it's

not her fault. I know. BUT SHE DOES

When ANDROGYNINE died, Here in the quarters

They could hear my tears for miles.

the Main Squeez set it off.

she rubbed my back,

she felt my pain, she felt it.

and i never felt so bad in my life

but this time it was different.. it was different this time.

Everything was crashing down all around me and I was holding

it together the best that i could.

she said honey, take this.

she gave me 400 dollars, because I needed it.

and we went out drinking.


She is not my mother

she is a friend

a friend of my fathers.


We met one day and became friends

that was the day i first photographed Obama.

and hung out together alot

four years later I find out

She knew my dad, more than I ever.

imagine our surprise

i love her if for anything, that.

She knew my dad, when noone else did.

we are so connected

but I have to not be him...

I am not him.

family is very complicated.

when there is love

there is always a way.

4 SassyFrass

Blue FontaNINE

where U at?

[Edited 5/19/22 23:06pm]

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Reply #3 posted 05/19/22 11:00pm


Here with U....



-Blue FontaNINE

[Edited 5/19/22 23:05pm]

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Reply #4 posted 05/22/22 12:26pm


yesterday Peaches took me out to see her side of the city.

Blue BMW


Meeting up with friends on dark streets

dancing and more dancing along the Blue Nile

a beautiful boy in charge of the sound

and another one who's mother was around

both smile as I strutted around the dance floor.

Brass Bands can be quite funky, did you know that?

We had Late night fried chicken and then a meeting with a painter

over at Poor Boy's. That place was packed.

There I watched the painter painting golden pyrimids on a canvass

that had pink skies and blue aliens.

again, there were so many people around.

New Orleans is a black man's town, I remember someone telling me

that last night. The city is full of soul and a very lively spirit that

never sleeps. Is it caffine or cocaine?

Either way the vibe is HOT.

I got up to go to the loo and when I returned

they had moved, Peaches and her painter friend.

I couldn't find them as I wandered around the sea of people

so many faces that i have never seen before. I was begining to feel

like the aliens in the painting mentioned above.

I search Hi I searched LO still no Peaches. She found her plum

i assumed. So I wandered home, walking in the night of New Orleans.

Up this street and down another. Honestly I had no idea where I was

going. I have never seen this side of the Cresent City.

You hear so much about creatures of the night here and to be careful

when alone. But I walked as if I had all the courage in the world.

This though this courage was liquid.

i wasn't in the French Quarters tonight. I was in the 7th & 8th ward, i think.

Did you know the oak trees here are very large and at night their shadows

strech out over the streets like long extended arms, reaching for you.

If you are not afraid they might embrace you, if you are afraid

they can be very reminousince of the poltergiest scene.

I wasn't afraid. So instead, they pointed out the way for me.

go this way, now go that way, follow the dirt road until

you see the..... shhhh, I won't tell.

I woke up this morning to Ma-Vee knocking on my door.

"Hey U Home?"

Yes. I am home.

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Reply #5 posted 05/22/22 9:51pm



I feel like I'm right there with you 😁
Respectfully Submitted
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Reply #6 posted 05/23/22 5:13pm




I am sitting on the stoop tonight watching, Jackie paint some wooden planks she is creative like that. She gets an idea in her brain and next thing

you know, she is working on it. The weather was so beautiful today. it looked like it was going to storm all day. Dark rich clouds so full of showers.

When it rains here, it rains. no light showers or sprinkiles, just down pours that last for about 20-30 minutes just until it starts to flood, then pooof.

It's gone. The tempature is much nices as well after a downpour. Saturday the weather changed by 20 degrees all within about an hours time.

Mar-vee just told me that th neighbors granddaughter was hit by a stray bullet yesterday. I know where is the seque into that? The neighbor she is

a nice little elderly lady. She lives in a cute yellow house. Her grandson came by today and mowed her yard. He knocked on the door and asked if

i had a charger to charge his phone. I didn't have one, now after hearing about the shooting, I feel bad for not having what he needed at the time.

I'm gonna go see if I can help out with something. I'll write later.

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #7 posted 05/25/22 9:53am


Last night i made a triumpth return to The French Quarters. After about 7 days away, I needed a break. I met up with MoSassy and we went to the Golden Lantern. It was

super nice out. The clouds were rolling by and the tempature was nice and cool. The slight breeze was wonderful on the skin.

We had a couple of drinks, I had a rum and coke, where as MoSassy had her Vodka and Soda water in a large glass no ice and a lemon. She is very particular about her drinks.

We sat and watch all the beautiful people wonder through. Royal street is my favorite. It's not as hecktic as Bourbon st.

I like the neighborhood quality of the area. People in the late afternoon sit on their stoops having cocktails and they wave at the people as they stroll by. I love the design of the buildings

in that area. Very old french style houses with bright color combinations. Yellow's and green's, teals and blues. Maybe I will take some pictures next time I wonder through the area.

MoSassy loves to talk about her dance floor conquest and how she is just having a divine time here. I just sit and listen. While i search the scenary for more beautiful people.

We met this guy, his girlfriend and their dog. He just floated by and caught my eye. I said to him. Hey man, you just float by when you walk. Are u a wizard? He stops and looks at me as

if I had called out one of his secretes. He then says to me, not today and smiled. His girlfriend was super cute but she looked at me as if I were going to steal the only cookie left in her

cookie jar. I wouldn't of course, I just like talking to beautiiful people. I wonder do I feel beautiful when beautiful people are around and do I feel like a quarter rat when there are not

beautiful people around. Hmmmm. Yes.

We fiinished up our cocktails and started to walk the quarters. We were in search of french fries. I only had five dollars and french fries where the only thing on the menu I could afford. It was

that or another drink. No more drinks, so I thought. We found our way over on Decataur st, where we found a bazaar. I saw this shirt that I really wanted. It was light colored tye dyed short sleave

button up with "Born Lover" lettering stiched on the back in red. I really wanted that shirt, but it was TWENTY dollars. It was too rich for my taste. MoSassy met this lady who was featured in the

documentary "Trouble the Water" which was about how her family survived Hurricane Katrina. She was collecting money for Women's issues. I really don't remember which issue, as I was stuck on that shirt.

We countined down Decataur street until we came upon this bar, where MoSassy wanted to get a shot. She is all about the tequilla shots. I not so much. Jamieson is my shot of choice. We met the bar maid,

her name was Micky. Micky was from Ohio and she moved to New Orleans when she was 22. She is 30 now, though I didn't believe her when she told me. She look as if she could be no more than 24 or 25.

She moved down here because she was tired of the cold winters and wanted to find an adventure down south. She said when she moved down here everything was very affordable, but now it was very expensive to

live here. Luckily she was grandfathered in on her lease, which is one of the reasons why she has stayed so long. She wants to move though. She says the city is to dirty for her now.. It does smells quite

wretched over on Decataur street. Side note don't step in the grey water, not a good idea. Micky is thinking Charolette, NC or Savannah, GA.

Once we left the bar we headed over to the otherside of the quarters. Pizza! We had Pizza on the brain and there is this cute little spot called Rampart Treehouse, where they serve the best slice of pizza in the quarters.

The pizza there reminds me of NYC pizza. Thin crust with light sause and very cheesy.

I noticed that I am starting to be reconized in the quarters. There is at least one or two times through out the days I will be walking around and someone says "HEY Blue FontaNINE"

or one of the peddy cab drivers will be peddling by and wave at me. I like talking to them. Their leggs are amazing. Some times i like to follow, from a distance, the ghost tours. Just far

enough to where I can hear the stories the tour guide tells but with enough distance as to where I am not one of the paying members of the tour. Sometimes the tour guide will catch on that

I am following along and speak up just a little bit louder. I think it's because I am genuinely interested. The story of Marie Laveau are the most interesting. She wasn't really a bad person, according

to the stories that I have herd, just a very powerful rich free black women who had a lot of influence. She was a healer more so than a voodoo queen. Her house is over by the ARMSTONG park. Named

after Louis Armstrong.

Well I am finished with my morning coffee and the clouds are getting darker. I think it is going to storm today. 100% chance of it. Ma-vee is awake now and we usually start the day off talking about the night before.

Ma-vee is pretty popular. Everyone knows her. She is like the ward diplomat, who arranges introductions. She introduces me to everyone she knows.

Wow those clouds are amazing. I think I will set up a time-lapse and show you what it's like.

until next time,

Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #8 posted 05/25/22 3:43pm


Taken with King James

by Jew DreamFirstBorn

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Reply #9 posted 05/26/22 9:43am


ODE to Jericho

There is someone I have not written about, purposely. Someone who is a key figure in The Adventures of Blue FontaNINE. This person is someone I have really grown to admire. He, yeah, he is a he in the gender identity game.

I first met him in a different life. He was a friend of a friend and we had been introduced something like an age ago. He would make guest appearences from time to time. MINNEAPOLIS! and is a big reason why I am here in

New Orleans. He was the invitation to come and be me. Be FREE.

i don't know if it was out of curiousity but from time to time he would make his presence know. Like, comment, Yeah buddy those kind of encouragements. Sometimes there are people that come into your world that inspire you

to be the best. You become so fond of them that, you unconsciously you pull out some of your best tricks, to impress them. You know, if they like this painting I'll paint another one that is even better. If they like this song, I'll write one

that is an even better VIBE. Vibe is the right word, this person has the VIBE.

I haven't written about him, because we have an agreement. DO NOT DISCUSS. It's a fair agreement as I agree to it and I have been sticking to the agreement, even now. Though it's very hard not to talk about someone you hold

in high regards. Your heart just wants to scream, I KNOW THIS PERSON! YEA!!!! I know this person and this person knows me. Well kinda of. He is getting to know me. Fuck is that a good thing.

I can be a bit of a Rain Man at times. I have a tick. Sometimes a thought or a word or a phrase goes on repeat in my head. Like Blue FontaNINE. Imagine saying that over and over within a short period of time. It can come across as crazy, to others but for me it's like listening to your favorite record that has a scratch in it and when the needle hits it, it gets stuck in a loop. Those who really know me know it's a side effect, from something past. Not necessarily a bad thing,

but it can be annoying at times. "Blue shut up already" usually fixes it, like bumping the turn table to get past the scratch.

Back to my friend. He is the kind of friend that takes care of you when you are at your lowest. He would give you his food, the cloths off his back and even let you drive his car. Well maybe not the ride, that's something more so I would do.

I have pretty good car insurance. He is the person who when you fall asleep at his house on the couch, you would wake up in the morning with a blanket on you. Those kind of cars you don't pass everyday (thanks Prince)

Sometimes you can think a person is so perfect that you fear lossing them as a friend. That is someting I have to over come. That fear.

When I arrived here I was such a mess, you could say. I had been trying to get out of the cage I was in, back in the land of 10,000 lakes. Sometimes people see you as this great person who is fearless and does these amazing things, which

you do and you are, fearless, at times, but then there are times when you are just an ordinary human being. Did I really just say that? I did. Like how can you put so many smiles on peoples faces and be a reminder that anything is possible when you believe. Mariah and Whitney said it best, There will be mericles when you believe, yet at the same time, you are the guy who cries all day because you have a dream where it's told to you that Prince isn't coming back. Yeah that happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I might tell you about it later, maybe not. But it happened and I cried all day, all day. My friend somehow he knew something was off and called me. He asked are you ok? and like a baby I told him what happen and I cried. I hate being so vulnerable sometimes, because I am like a contagion at times. When I am happy everyone is happy and when I am sad those near me can feel my sorrow. He felt my sorrow that day and he cried a little as well.

I think something in our growing relationship changed that day. I think maybe, just maybe it was enough to cause a little bit of "let me step back from this, for a second" I think this because shortly after, just like Prince... I don't hear him anymore. So I send out messages, I ask questions "are we alive?" I have quotes of the day from time to time and i think that my quote of the day today is "some times our only purpose in life is to be a friend." And there is absolutely nothing more important than either being a friend or even better having one. But that can't be everything, can it? My friend and I spent so much time together when I first awakened here. He was my introduction to this new world. You ever see ET. He is my Elliot and I am not phoning home. I don't want to go home, not now and I don't know if ever? Home is where the heart is and I must say My heart is with my frieind. He is the kind of person that says "hey you want to hold my hand?" Holding someone's hand is the best feeling ever, except when it's someone other than him. When he holds my hand it's like "I feel alive with the sound of music!" He plays music, did i tell you that part? I could tell which instrament he plays but there might be spies in this house of Love and that would just make things complicated for him and from me. It's not like it's a gay love afair, it's not. He is very much a straight man. A straight man who is secure enough to say. I love U Blue FontaNINE, but I'm not sleeping with you. LOL I thought that was funny. Those who don't sleep with me I love the most. What an interesting thought that was. I'll have to investigate it more. Love without Sex. That's LOVESEXY!

Prince are you around again? hmmmm If so I found a new friend and I hope I don't screw it up. Also Prince.... I miss you so much, so much so that tears are forming at the thought that I may never hear your voice again.

back to Jericho. He just text me. I gotta go I'm walking a very fine line in regards to the NDA

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Reply #10 posted 05/30/22 2:51am


someone said,

"Blue FontaNINE where's the music? Where's the art?"

and I said, "I'm looking at him and his name is Y'sh Miyana"

that someone said, "where?"

and I said "over there...."

time to investigate....

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #11 posted 05/30/22 12:40pm


This weekend I got a chance to photograph an event here in New Orleans.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the event.

I took over 3,000 images for this event. Grueling but fun.

with King James

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #12 posted 05/30/22 7:26pm


This just in...


Bomb Threat

[Edited 5/31/22 20:07pm]

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Reply #13 posted 05/30/22 7:30pm


Paisley Park

on Alert.

Stand by.....

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Reply #14 posted 05/31/22 10:59am



He found a gap in the fence and entered the park,

unsupsicious to the heart

he moved freely

Finding his way to a secluded spot

that place where I like to dream

Resting, I was unaware

Standing over me with such poise

His magnetic engery

is explosive in nature

his level of danger is high

code blue

as The New Power Generation assembles

to be continued...

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Reply #15 posted 06/01/22 9:56am


suddenly i was in a dream,


is here with me

"Wake Up, Wake Up the park is in danger! A bomb expert is needed, Wake Up! Take this.."

ANDROGYNINE put something in my hand.... then he was gone.

I was awaken to the sound of bells,

ring ring.... ring ring.

It's my cell phone

in a daze i look around,

where is it?

my hand clenched in a fist, I opened it.

A Blue Diamond, i found

ANDROGYNINE Continues...

ring ring.... ring ring.

my phone, where is my phone?

There it is under the shirt Ma-Vee gave me....


"Hello?" I answered

"Blue FontaNINE?" a male voice on the other end.

"Yes. Who is this?" I responded

"This is Vincent Bartholomew. I am an investigative reporter with The Minneapolis Star," he said.

"Ok." Still in a daze, I responded.

Where do I know that name, Bartholomew?

"I will be flying down to New Orleans tomorrow and I would like to talk to you about....."

Click! my phone died.

Where is my charger I wondered.... "aaahhh yes, in The Charles Neon Dynamite"

Just then there was a knock on my door.

"Bluuuueeee are you awake?" It was Peaches.

"I am..."

She opened the door and came it.

"Something is going down in Minneapolis" with excitement she said.

"what do you mean?" still in a daze I asked her.

"Paisley Park is in a code Blue" She responded.

"wait what?" coming out of my daze.

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Reply #16 posted 06/03/22 2:29am


The Consciousness

within love

is nuclear

in it's reation

The Love Making Experience

is about to begin.

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #17 posted 06/04/22 4:04am



The Consciousness

[Edited 6/4/22 4:08am]

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Reply #18 posted 06/05/22 2:49pm


ring ring

"What it is?" I answered

"Blue FontaNINE?" a familiar voice asked

"yes" without question, I delivered.

"Vincent Bartholomew here...." He responded

"you" I thought out.

"I am here in New Orleans and I would really like to talk with you..."

"Where do I know that name Bartholomew?" I asked him.

"Well I called you the other day... I'm the one you hung up on." sheepishly he responded.

"oh yeah, I remember that. Sorry but my phone died. I'm bad with charging it. But that's not what I was referring to..."

"Can we meet?" He responded


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Reply #19 posted 06/05/22 7:13pm


The Message

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #20 posted 06/06/22 1:21pm


Viincent Bartholomew....

June 10th

Blue Nile

meet and greet 11pm

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #21 posted 06/06/22 1:28pm


Until then the clouds

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Reply #22 posted 06/06/22 7:01pm





























-Blue FontaNINEY

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Reply #23 posted 06/07/22 2:23pm


Hey Dude,

Happy Birthday. I know, I know.. But Hey.

I was gonna do a cover of yours, but

decided this

4 U



-Bue FontaNINE

[Edited 6/7/22 15:44pm]

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Reply #24 posted 06/07/22 7:52pm


June 7, 2022

visitation rights....


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Reply #25 posted 06/08/22 1:19pm


Everyone is out of the house today.

I am all alone

not a bad feeling

just... what do i thinnk about?

Ma-Vee would say.... "You think to much, come outside and play!"

Peaches would offer... "Come play me!"

We dance the best, Peaches and I.

V'sh is so mysterious

his word structure makes me feel very nice

words chosen wisely

but his actions...

I can't believe he stood me up.

A friend text me "What's with Paisley, I saw the blue light"

i respond... "energy."

and who is this.... Vinnie

why the conversation?

just then... "better than being lonely, I try my best to adlib"

always around, my friend.

Here i made this design for the invatations:

I need to put together a band.

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Reply #26 posted 06/08/22 1:26pm


p.s. The Egg is about to hatch

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Reply #27 posted 06/10/22 1:04pm


Down here in the south...


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Reply #28 posted 06/11/22 11:15am


This stage was set on fire last night....

details coming, but first a meeting at The DownLoad Society

-Blue FontaNINE

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Reply #29 posted 06/14/22 12:14pm


Bomb's Ex-Lover was amazing and I can't wait for you to hear their debut

mixtape release.

Vincent, btw.... the conversation was good.

more on that to come when everything, is cleaned in the wash.

Meanwhile in regards Paisley, some are waiting on a perscription from Dr. Funkenberry

I was advise to be invisible for this years celebration. I'm good.

taking the day off, until then....

this was recorded while getting ready for the show.


Come Closer

-Blue FontaNINE

[Edited 6/14/22 12:22pm]

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