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Sun 16th Feb 2020 5:02pm
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Thread started 10/30/18 6:18pm



My new album - "Eternal Return"

Hey folks! I trust everyone is fine and dandy smile


Just wanted to let you know that I have just released my 7th studio effort (5th album - 2 EPs) called "Eternal Return". Personally, I think it's my best one yet, with plenty of stomping, dynamic grooves to get the body moving and intricate musicality to expand the mind. It's also sonically the best sounding production, so I'm really hoping you guys might get in to it and enjoy it (though I realise sytlistically it won't be to everyone's taste here).

Please take a few moments to give it a try and I'd be delighted to hear some feedback - good or bad!

You can stream it for free here (limited number of plays): https://www.zubzub.bandca...nal-return

AND, if you really like it, please do buy it - your support would be most welcome. With music sales in almost terminal decline, it gets harder and harder to make a living as a musician, so every purchase really helps!

Anyways, from me to you....enjoy!

...we have only scratched the surface of what the mind can do...

My dance project;

Listen to any of my tracks in full, for free, here;

Go and glisten wink
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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > My new album - "Eternal Return"