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Thread started 01/30/16 3:28pm


Gala night at paisley park

My paisley park experience.....
This was my first trip to paisley park , and I must say it was awesome, it was so super cool , there's really no better words or phrases I can put down that I can express on how excited it was.
I'll start by leaving my house in San Angelo tx, me and my wife loaded up and headed to Dallas to catch our flights. We met up with some freinds and flew out.
Landed about 10:30 in Minneapolis , checked in to hotel, and still manage to make it out to historic First Ave. Even tho it was closed, the manager was nice enough to give us a tour of the place. It was cool , gone on stage , and remembered a couple of scenes from the movie.
Next day , made it to Mall of America to Hard Rock , and of course looked at the cool Prince stuff. Had some lunch , and we're getting nervous about if we should head out to our assigned stations , or paisley park. No body was tweeting nothing. So we wrapped up, and headed to our assigned stations. We got there around 1:00 , we met a cool cat named Nero..... He was there along with 2 other girls all ready waiting in line for the bracelets we were to receive. He was super nice , and we traded out our spots in line to go change for the up coming gala night. Nero also had his mom there , they have seen Prince in concert 54 times , his mom .... And Nero has seen him 50 times. I've seen him now including the gala event 27 times.
While there we discuss our prince stories and our experiences. Time flew by , oh and yes , we made the news ! Tho the tale of the report is not accurately true, I'll post another post later about the truth.
Then finally came show time ..... We got our bracelets and loaded up on the bus.
Buses finally departed , and we were heading to our destination..... Paisley park. It was very fun , people were singing and dancing ..... And finally the purple walls appeared ..... Hand claps started ..... And must admit , got a lil choked up as I was exiting the bus. Walking on the pavement of paisley park ,,,,, it didn't seem real ..... But we were finally there at the door.
Our VIP experience wasn't to cool ..... They had already let in people in , including General addmisions ..... We got fair seats ..... A lady with the name Karen , noticed our faces I guess ..... Asked if everything was ok , we told her our situation..... She was awesome ..... And made it right for the next show .....Prince ... U have a great employee!.
The shows were , Well let's just say ..... No words again can describe what it was ..... Actually seating close to him , actually sharing tears ..... It was epic , it was the best night ever yet ..... I was about 10 feet away from him ..... Few years back in Denver , I could touch his high heels ..... But this time it was just wow ..... No pues wow ..... That's Latin for wow .... Just wow!

Prince is a true genius , and the most gifted person in the business.
I'm so looking forward to the next time.

Prince , please make your way to Texas , You have many fans here.

Peace to all , and be wild. !!!!!
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Forums > Concerts > Gala night at paisley park