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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 12:21pm
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Reply #30 posted 02/23/14 12:18am


EuanH91 said:

aiden said:

SometimesIwonder said: I have to agree, I've now seen 2 full 3rd eye shows which were awesome but I was listening to an NPG Aftershow this afternoon from London 07 and I realised how much I miss the FUNK. Hoping for some big NPG shows later in the year perhaps with 3rd eye in the mix too... I'm in love with Hannah but I take a show with John Blackwell or Michael B over her any day of the week... Sorry!!

Completely agree with all of this. Prince is a great player, and hearing a good 2 hours of him blazing on guitar is, of course, awesome.. but I too miss the funk.

Prince has never had just ONE sound. The rock stuff is great when mixed in with funk, soul, pop, hip-hop, power ballads, etc. On it's own, it falls a bit flat for me. Not to mention that the new 3rdEye stuff is all a bit.. lame confused

Of course, being 55 and a Jehovas Witness, he ain't as 'edgy' as he used to be.. but that works fine when he's doing the funk and soul stuff. Rock N' Roll, though? It needs more grit.. more balls. The 3rdEye stuff is just a bit bleh. Too safe, too soft.

And yes, John Blackwell over Hannah ANY day. Hannah's a real good player, and not bad on the eyes wink but she doesn't come close to JB. Same with Donna.. another great player, but she doesn't seem to 'get' the funk. I don't feel as much groove in her playing. And she still can't play that Bambi lick right lol

An NPG show with a 3rdEye set in the middle a la the Mohegan Sun shows would be PERFECT. I'm hoping for that once he has completed this promotional run of guerilla gigs for the new album.

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I agree with both of you

I would rather fell the funk through the NPG horns than through a heavy guitar

I am a soul and funk boy anyway so I guess I will always go that way when it comes to music

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Forums > Concerts > What the recent gigs lack....