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Thread started 03/02/06 6:08pm



Prince and Tamar Philly my concert review

OK all for all who care to hear about this awesome show and the great time I had. Vie never been to a Prince show before this.. and I guess it wasn't technically a Prince show as he was special guest to Ta'mar. I was expecting very little interaction from Prince and to be honest I wasn't sure the 5 hour drive from Syracuse, NY to Philly would be worth it but boy was I wrong.

The show started at 11:59 pm, close to midnight. The venue, The Electric Factory wasn't letting anyone in till 10:30. Me and my girl arrived at 8 pm and was surprised to see a small line and we just decided to jump in it because we wanted to get as close to the stage as possible. After waiting in the cold for over 2 hours they let us in. I noticed as we ran to the stage area that there were 4 microphones in place. Three mikes in pyramid foundation on the right and one by its lonesome on the right. The one mike by itself also had pedals in front of it, so I figured this one must belong to Prince. We stood directly in front of it and waited another hour and a half till the sold out show filled it's venue with all kinds of older (21+ only) Prince crew.

No one knew who Ta'mar was. I goggled her as being Ashley Tamar, a former Star Search contestant. From the talk in the crowd, no one cared who she was either. We were all here to see Prince.

While waiting for Prince there was a really fly DJ who busted out a great variety of old school funk classics and of course some Prince tunes including "Black Sweat" which was if*cking insane.

Prince actually took the stage before Ta'mar. He greeted everyone's applause and screams as introducing Ta'mar. All throughout the show we praised her, made us call her name... said "A New Star is Born". She was cool too. I liked her style and her two twin backup dancers were hot. Reminded me of Vanity 6 in scantily clad costume but the music was so full of soul and energy. I think I'll probably buy her album. Prince tore up the stage with this guitar. The kid was in rare form smile

I never expected a Hendrix style performance that would make my draw drop when he would rip into solo pieces on the guitar. One point he played a powerful Riff and set the guitar down and it just shrieked the Waaahhh, Wahhhhh, Wahhhhh. and he just walked away. Someone in the crowd remarked... "Damn that's gangster!"

Through playing bits of songs and teasing us by saying "No, no, no, its not my show." I felt like it indeed was. He did an excellent job sharing the stage with Ta'mar and I really did not feel like I was being robbed of any Prince time. I really can not believe how he moves and how exciting it is to watch him play when you are only standing like 6 feet away. I am addicted. I finally am getting excited about Prince again.

Now that Larry's gone, and you can see a show that's so Rock driven, minus the horns section (a plus in my opinion). I recommend seeing one of these shows if anyone gets the chance. No bootleg video or pay per view can compare to the experience that I received by actually attending one of these events. It F*cking Rocked! cool
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I 2nd that.
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Thanks for the report.

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