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Thread started 06/29/20 6:13pm





Politics & Religion Wild Wild West



The P & R forum has gone wild with folks being nasty to one other, whether it’s name calling, baiting, flaming etc. There are folks that are in cliques that gang up on each other. There is a total disrespect going on. Attacking a moderator when they were not moderating. As well as some of you think a moderator should not take part in a discussion, even when it was the moderator who created the topic. Moderators can take part in ANY of the thread discussions going on. Making up stuff to get folks riled up as well as attacking a mod in a public forum when you all know full well to use the handy dandy org notes to speak with a mod "in private" as well as trying to pick a fight with a moderator or others which ends up derailing or going off topic. There are a few of you who think you are a wanna-be moderator and go about telling folks what they can and cannot do. There are those that race bait others as well as race baiting a moderator. The rules of the org are there for a reason. A lot of the time, the org rules and the P&R rules go out the window.

This is not a personal playground to attack, bait, flame, accuse of race baiting etc. Being civil and having a discussion which is respectful is great. But the actions of folks in this forum….. And you know who you are………. Is despicable to say the least. You're an adult... act like one.

And worse, certain members specifically said they were going to mess up some threads another member posted in.
The level of division and viciousness is beyond anything that we've seen on the Org as a whole, to the point other Mods wish this forum doesn't exist.

When you sign onto the Org with the energy that you are going to fix the world in P&R, you bring the wrong energy with you, and this is partially why continued personal battles and thread flaming continues.

*** We have some backed up thread during the early COVID19 lockdown period to moderate. We will be going throught Moderation requests... you guys have been bad. no one is safe ***

Edmonton, AB - canada
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Forums > Politics & Religion > Politics & Religion Wild Wild West