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Thread started 09/05/19 9:42am


"Make S^&* Up" - Inside the Insidiuous Workings of Right-Winger Jacob Wohl

There's this troll out there named Jacob Wohl. In all my years, I don't think I've ever seen a bigger piece of crap when it comes to shitposting and trolling. I thought James O'Keefe was bad, but Wohl makes O'Keefe look like an amateur.

This dude Wohl has a long history of failed right-wing troll operations. If you ever want to kill an hour and laugh your rear off at the absolute idiocy of right-wingers, read up on Wohl and his Surefire Intelligence operation. The TL;DR is that there was no such organization - the phone number rang to his mother's cell phone, and the pictures of his "staff" were actually pictures of people like actor Christoph Waltz. Epic failure!

Wohl tried again when and some absolute slimeball named Jack Burkman claimed they had information regarding sexual harrassment allegations against Robert Mueller. Of course it was all made up and the woman who was to have made the complaint didn't show up at the press conference. But Wohl did, and so did Burkman - who conducted the entire press conference with his fly unzipped. I am not kidding.

Unfaxed, this comedic duo then tried a smear operation against presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, claiming to have various men that said Mayor Pete sexually harrassed them. Of course, none of it was true.

You'd think a failure like Wohl would try something else but the only other thing he knows how to do is trade futures - but the National Futures Association banned him for life from ever trading futures again. By the way, Wohl was 19 when he was banned for life, partially for telling investors he'd been trading futures for 10 years, which meant he started trading at age 9. Plus, he stole a lot of money.

So this total zero - who, you won't be surprised to learn, is regulary promoted by that fat fuck/possible pedophile/potential domestic terrorist Alex Jones - has nothing, is nothing, and will never amount to anything. What should he do?

Why, establish a political operation that admits its strategy is to "Make S$%^ Up" about Democrats and spread as much misinformation and lies as possible!

In other words, he's a typical Republican.

And in other unrelated words, he is now officially an indicted typical Republican. He got indicted for the illegal sale of securities in California.

You have to hand it to this guy - he's accomplished more in his 21 years than many right-wing trolls do in their entire, worthless, pathetic lives. Let's examine some of those things!

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Reply #1 posted 09/05/19 9:50am



I seriously hate this pile of crap as much as I hate the squatter in the white house.

"hey if you found out someone gave you a fake $20 would you be mad?"
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Reply #2 posted 09/05/19 9:58am


There's this Orger who lately has been trying to obsfuscate actual facts and figures by claiming statistics are best looked at in a non-linear fashion. Total BS as we all know, but he's still pushing that rigamorale.

You know who else thinks in a non-linear fashion?

That's right - Jacob Wohl! He applies this non-linear pardigm to the concepts of "truth" and "facts". Hear it from the man himself:

Wohl stressed that the accuracy of the information he spreads is “not the important part.” All that matters is how far those claims travel, and how many people believe them.

In the spread of information, he said, truth is an obsolete concept. “It’s something that can’t be thought about in a linear, binary true-false, facts-non-facts – you can’t do that anymore,” Wohl said. “It’s just not the way it works.

Like I said - a typical Republican. And a non-linear guy, which seems to be a fad nowadays.

In order to facilitate spreading as many lies as possible, Wohl - who has been banned by Twitter, big surprise! - estabilshed an entity he calls the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence. The Daily Beast got its hands on a copy of the fundraising document for this scurrilous entity, and it is something to behold.


Basically, Wohl's organization says the Russians had the right idea in 2016, but he can do it a lot better than the Russians did. So give him all your money.

You have to remember - this guy is a typical Republican. Lying and spreading falsehoods are imminently acceptable to him. In fact, he thinks that's how you win these days.

So all Democrats and good Americans have to be on the lookout for non-linear sleazeballs like Wohl and his ilk. They'll try any dirty trick to win and if you don't fight them, they WILL win.

Except Wohl will probably be viewing the results of the 2020 election from his jail cell.


[Edited 9/5/19 9:59am]

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Reply #3 posted 09/05/19 10:27am


Oh lord, I wondered what all the non-linear crap was about while I was skimming that nonsense. Suffice it to say, some people have never had an original thought in their entire lives.

"if you can't clap on the one, then don't clap at all"
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