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Thread started 08/08/19 11:30am



680 undocumented workers arrested in record-setting immigration

680 undocumented workers arrested in record-setting immigration sweep on the first day of school

Morton, Mississippi (CNN)After immigration authorities rounded up hundreds of plants, friends and family members are desperately searching for answers.

A crowd waited outside a plant in Morton, Mississippi, Thursday morning, hoping authorities would release their loved ones.
Video footage from CNN affiliates and Facebook live showed children sobbing as they waited for word on what had happened to their parents.
In Forest, Mississippi, strangers and neighbors volunteered to take children with nowhere to go after their parents were detained at a local gym for the night, according to CNN affiliate WJTV. Volunteers distributed donated food and drinks. But according to WJTV, most children sobbed rather than ate.
"I need my dad ... he's not a criminal," one little girl cried as she spoke with the network outside the gym.
"I understand the law and how everything works and how everything has a system. But everyone needs to hold the kids first and foremost in their minds," gym owner Jordan Barnes told WJTV. "And that's what we've tried to do here, just give them a place to stay."
Hours later, all the kids had been reunited with family members, Barnes told CNN, and the gym was set to resume normal operations.
But a parking lot near the plant in Morton was packed with people Thursday who said their lives were frozen as they waited for news. Hours had passed since the time when they thought more busloads of immigrants released from custody would be coming. Over and over, they asked for the time, worried with each passing hour that their loved ones were headed to immigrant detention centers instead of coming home.
"It's exhausting, really. ... I couldn't even hold back my tears, and I don't really cry. But it was just heartbreaking watching all of this," said a woman who gave her name only as Maria and said she was trying to help people locate detained family members.
Brittany Reynoso said she came to the parking lot in case members of her church had gotten caught up in the raid. She wanted them to see a familiar face if they were released from custody.
"It's definitely a ghost town. It is so empty. I've never seen Morton or Forest or any of the surrounding areas look so empty during the day," she said. "It is horrible. And I honestly don't think these communities will make it without them. because they really and truly are the backbone of what's keeping this town afloat."
If they are doing working basically White Folks (especially Republican White Folks) don't want to do whats the problem. Even if it was a problem then they should have a immigration process to process those people and let them go back to work and do the jobs Republican White Folks don't want to do!!!!! eek mad Or they get enough Poor Whites and Blacks to take these jobs???

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Forums > Politics & Religion > 680 undocumented workers arrested in record-setting immigration