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Mon 17th Feb 2020 4:21pm
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Thread started 07/05/19 10:54am



The Evolution of Political Parties

I have often found it very intriguing in the way that political parties have evolved over the years. For instance, Republicans, during the time of Thomas Jefferson, favored a limited government, but they became known as Democratic-Republicans. It was soon shortened to just "Democrats". So, at one time Democrats was the party of "limited government" (which is what the Republican party currently wants). The Republican party, during Abraham Lincoln's time, became the anti-slave Whigs, and were located more in the northern states, whereas southern states, were Democratic states. (So while southern Republicans use the Confederate Flag, and espouse those beliefs, they were during that time, Democrats.) It began to change during the Reconstruction period when Republicans began to be associated with big business and financial interests in the North.

By the early 20th Century, Republican party was seen as more of the party for the "upper-class elite". After the Depression, Americans blamed the Republicans for it (since they were now the party of the rich and big business), and elected FDR (Democrat) who brought in the New Deal. Essentially, Republicans that sought to free slaves, because Democrats, and the Democrats who fought to maintain slavery, became Republicans. It was like, they switched places.

It's really interesting to read about the changes:

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Forums > Politics & Religion > The Evolution of Political Parties