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Thread started 09/10/18 7:43pm



Murder, the US gun problem and bad policing

This post is somewhat disturbing, so now you know.

OK, so i debated if i should even post this. We all know that compared to other developed nations, the USA has a excessive amount of guns, gun deaths and police shootings. We've been this way for a long time and seem(in general) to lack the will to come up with meaningful solutions to our gun violence(including suicide by gun). And until we do, people are going to continue to be slaughtered. And that's tragic beyond words.

So, this post is mainly directed towards people who don't live in the USA. By me posting these tragic and disturbing deaths, It's my way of saying, people, the USA is really fucked up(in regard to killer cops, the proliferation of guns, and gun deaths). The USA has a problem. And the common denominator of that problem is guns.

Anyway, i wanted to bring attention to some of the lesser known gun deaths(by police, and not), that really affected me. This is only 5 deaths out of thousands and thousands of killings and suicides that happen every year in the United States... mad

Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed in Florida, in a stand your ground case. Initially the killer(Michael Drejka) wasn't charged with any crime but now has been charged with manslaughter. Also, purportedly, the killer has a history of threatening people with violence for parking in handicap spaces.

Disturbing video but not excessively graphic

Daniel shaver was killed in 2016, by the police. The officer who killed him was charged with murder but was found not guilty.

Here's some info on the Daniel shaver homicide

The Daniel Shaver shooting breakdown

Disturbing video but not excessively graphic

Brandon Williams was shot and killed by his Bail Bonds woman. She claimed that he was trying to go for her gun(which was in a desk drawer), and she shot him in self defense. IMO, the video doesn't show him going for her gun. To me it shows him moving a chair out of the way and walking towards the window, then the bail bonds person walks to the dresser, pulls out the gun, and shoots.

The bonds person(Chasity Carey) was charged with murder but was found not guilty.

In other videos you can see the blurred out parts not present in this video.

New video shows a bail bondsman shooting and killing a client

Disturbing video but not excessively graphic

And the one below really affected me. It happened in Chicago(back in 2017). After watching the video, all i could think of was how could one human being do that to another human being?

So i don't know what lead up to Lavell Cox and Jawon Carter being murdered. The victims could have been innocent or not. Still though, there's really no excuse to kill someone in cold blood.


This is a newscast with some of the family members talking about the murders. Also, from my understanding, there hasn't been anyone charged with the killings.

And this is a link to a video of the actual shooting. It's very violent and not safe for work.

It's really fU seeing someone get shot. I've witnessed two people get shot and killed. With one of the killings, the one thing that has always stuck with me was that after the ambulance had taken the person away, and after all the blood had been washed away from the sidewalk( the guy got shot in the head, so it was a lot of blood and brain matter), it was like nothing had happened at all. All that was left was just a wet sidewalk. And i tripped out on that... disbelief

Things must change...

Edited for clarity, like always.

[Edited 9/18/18 16:03pm]

Rest in Peace Bettie Boo. See u soon.
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Forums > Politics & Religion > Murder, the US gun problem and bad policing