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Thread started 07/15/16 5:42am




When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read

Addressing the P&R community specifically


The question is constantly asked (and constantly answered), why was this or that thread REMOVED/DELETED; and people usually go into a questioning Mod/Org intentions or judging moderators/moderation. We hide threads when we receive a request of moderation by people taking part in the discussion(or sometimes people just watching the discussion)


We hide it so we get a chance to look into the issues, if it is not something that is really obvious and can be handled in 1 snip. Sometimes we need to/ask another mod to look at the issue for a 2nd opinion. We hide threads to stop people from possible or continually commenting on the post in question. Which of course, if we have to Snip things, that means we have to make notes, as well as locate and snip all post that replied to the offending post.


So I hope this solves the mystery of 'why was this or that thread removed'

This applies everywhere on the Org


. administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit, relocate and/or remove any message, at any time, for any reason. Consider all editing decisions final. If you don't agree with a decision, you may discuss it with the moderator who made the judgment in private.


Under no circumstance attempt to start a 'debate' about specific moderation decisions in a public forum.

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Forums > Politics & Religion > When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read