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Thread started 04/21/15 6:06am




Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ)

We know these are important issues to discuss and deal with -coming from an American perspective,

but whenever a new stop, beating, shooting, or killing takes place by a cop a 'new' thread is created. And most of discussion can be carry overs and talks about similar issues or race, adherance to protocal, civilian vs cop misconceptions etc


Currently there are 12 open threads on Cops


In an effort to diversify the forum, keep a good flow of topics and because I doubt there will be cease fire on these cases, it is best to locate all Cop reported issues in 1 Sticky.


Please post all 'cop' cases in the Sticky thread that will be provided from here on out. If you have a post that you feel is unique and does not fit into this line of discussion, feel free to org a Mod for the P&R section for consideration.


Murder case of Walter Scott by N.Charleston SC cop Michael Slager Open 360 posts

Chris Rock stopped by the cops 3 times in seven weeks! Open 215 posts

Cops fired over racist video in Florida. NSFW. Open 11 posts

Indian man slammed down after caller reported 'black guy' Closed

New York detective's rage filled verbal attack on Uber Driver Open 6 posts

San Bernardino Cal Man cop assualt 2015 Open 8 posts

Suburban Detroit Police Fire Officer Seen Beating Black Motorist Open 11 posts

Trial to start for officer charged in deaths of 2 suspects Open 4 posts

Video shows final moments of New Jersey man who died in police custody Open 9 posts

Video shows Tulsa police killing man as officer uses gun not Taser 'by mistake' Open 9 posts

Walmart brawl leaves 1 dead(shot by cops), officer shot. Open 13 posts

Wonderful, another black man killed by police in Baltimore! Open 6 posts

Young black man defends police after being pulled over by white cop Open 28 posts

Moderators Note:
Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ)
These thread will be allowed to continue as is it was created before the Policy

those created before the Sticky will remain open for discussion until they self lock.
any further questions of the Sticky should be addressed privately and that message

will be shared with the Moderation forum


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Forums > Politics & Religion > Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ)