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Thread started 02/14/12 10:25am


*NSFW* Israel/Iran Tensions Escalate Into Dualing Terrorists Bombings-Warning: Graphic Content

Well, it's not just terrorist bombings in Iran or diplomats being targeted in the US anymore, they are going at it internationally. Bangkok and India suffered Iranian attacks yesterday intended for Israeli diplomats.

The picture below is posted becasue I feel it is necessary for people to see the real human toll this takes and not just use these things for BS political bravado or propaganda.

The terrorist pictured below, tossed a grenade at police as he tried to make a getaway, but it bounced off of something and landed back in front of him and blew up his legs.

Previously, he drew attention to himself as the roof to his house was blown up accidentally by the bombs he was tending to, ending in chase and the scene below.

Israel responded with, "no you didn't" and promised to respond in kind soon.

Complete story and link from the Huffpost and the AP below.

[Warning: Graphic Content - luv4u]


BANGKOK — An Iranian man carrying grenades blew off his own legs and wounded four civilians Tuesday after an earlier blast shook his house in Bangkok, Thai authorities said. The explosions came a day after an Israeli diplomatic car was bombed in India – an attack Israel blamed on Iran.

Authorities say it's unclear whether the Bangkok explosions were linked to the New Delhi attack, but Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, "we can't rule out any possibility."

Thai security forces found more explosives in a house where the Iranian man was staying in Bangkok, but the possible targets were not known, Police Gen. Pansiri Prapawat said.

A passport found at the scene of one blast indicated the assailant was Saeid Moradi from Iran, Pansiri said. Authorities in Tehran could not immediately be reached for comment.

Tuesday's violence began in the afternoon when a stash of explosives apparently detonated by accident in Moradi's house, blowing off part of the roof. Police said two foreigners quickly left the residence, followed by a wounded Moradi.

"He tried to wave down a taxi, but he was covered in blood, and the driver refused to take him," Pansiri said. He then threw an explosive at the taxi and began running.

Police who had been called to the area then tried to apprehend Moradi, who hurled a grenade to defend himself. "But somehow it bounced back" and blew off his legs, Pansiri said.

Photos of the wounded Iranian showed him covered in dark soot on a sidewalk strewn with broken glass. He lay in front of a Thai primary and secondary school. No students were reported wounded.

A dark satchel nearby was investigated by a bomb disposal unit. Pansiri said police found Iranian currency, US dollars and Thai money in the bag.

Three Thai men and one Thai woman were brought to Kluaynamthai Hospital for treatment of injuries, said Suwinai Busarakamwong, a doctor there.

Another Iranian was detained Tuesday night at Bangkok's international airport as he attempted to leave for neighboring Malaysia, said police commander Winai Thongsong. Authorities were interrogating the man, but it was not yet known whether he was involved in Tuesday's blasts.

Last month, a Lebanese-Swedish man with alleged links to pro-Iranian Hezbollah militants was detained by Thai police. He led authorities to a warehouse filled with more than 8,800 pounds (4,000 kilograms) of urea fertilizer and several gallons of liquid ammonium nitrate.

Israel and the United States at the time warned their citizens to be alert in the capital, but Thai authorities said Thailand appeared to have been a staging ground but not the target of any attack.

Pansiri said that "so far, we haven't found any links between these two cases."

Immigration police are trying to trace Moradi's movements, but initial reports indicated he flew into Thailand from Seoul, South Korea on Feb. 8, Pansiri said. He landed at the southern Thai resort town of Phuket, then stayed in a hotel in Chonburi, a couple hours drive southeast of Bangkok, for several nights.

Bangkok's blasts came one day after bombs targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. The attack in India wounded four people, while the device found in Georgia did not explode. Iran has denied it was responsible.

In Jerusalem, Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said there was not yet any sign that any targets in Bangkok were Israeli or Jewish.

Israeli police have increased the state of alert in the country, emphasizing public places, foreign embassies and offices, as well as Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Thailand has rarely been a target for foreign terrorists, although a domestic Muslim insurgency in the country's south has involved bombings of civilian targets.


Associated Press writers Jocelyn Gecker in Bangkok and Amy Teibel in Jerusalem contributed to

[Edited 2/14/12 18:03pm]

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Reply #1 posted 02/14/12 4:52pm


Oh good, more war!

war war WAR!!!

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Reply #2 posted 02/14/12 6:00pm



come to BANGKOK it will be a blats! lol

No one is coming for your abortion: they just want common-sense abortion regulations: background checks, waiting periods, lifetime limits, take a class, and a small tax.
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Reply #3 posted 02/14/12 7:22pm




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Reply #4 posted 02/14/12 8:40pm



The ultimate 'Oops'.

When you don't have a case, yell RACE!
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Reply #5 posted 02/14/12 8:45pm



tensions keep rising

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Reply #6 posted 02/14/12 9:41pm



To say the domestic muslim insurgency in Thailand is only bombing people is ridiculous.

The muslims extremists in the south have beheaded children!

And as far is this incident in Bangkok is concerned, the perpertrators were targetting

all westerners. Had they not f_cked up so badly, next week would have seen the

reports of several key locations in Bangkok having been attacked and innocent

people killed.

You're a real fucker. You act like you own this place--ParanoidAndroid <-- about as witty as this princess gets! lol
I hope everyone pays more attention to Sags posts--sweething mushy

Jesus weeps disbelief
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Reply #7 posted 02/21/12 2:40pm


New claims suggest sweep of Iran's covert plots

(AP) BEIRUT — Piece by piece, the tools for an alleged Iranian-directed murder team were smuggled into Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. A sniper rifle with silencer. Pistols. Sixteen pieces of plastic explosives and detonators.

Finally came a dossier with photos, names and exacting details — down to workplace drawings — for Israeli targets in the capital of Azerbaijan.

Each step, according to authorities in Baku, was overseen by Iran's intelligence services for what could have been a stunning attack weeks before the suspected shadow war between Jerusalem and Tehran flared in Azerbaijan's neighbor Georgia and the megacities New Delhi and Bangkok.

The shadow war is picking up as concerns are growing over Iran's alleged weapons experiments. Iran denies charges by the West that it seeks atomic weapons, insisting its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes only, such as power generation.

The allegedly unraveled Baku plot in January, recounted through interviews and police records, has been largely overshadowed by this month's arrests and attacks that suggest Iranian payback after the slayings of at least five Iranian scientists in the past two years — all with some links to Tehran's nuclear program.

But the Baku claims offer a wider portrait of Iran's alleged clandestine operations, and how they appear tailored to different locales.

"The moves against Israel taken in other countries and thwarted in Baku are undoubtedly interconnected," said Arastun Orujlu, the head of East-West, an independent Baku-based think tank. "Iran tries to provoke Israel. Iran needs an external factor to mobilize and unite the society, but it realizes that it will lose a big war. That is why Iran is trying to provoke Israel to engage in smaller-scale confrontation."

In Bangkok, the three Iranian suspects in custody took advantage of Thailand's foreigner-friendly culture to party with bar girls while allegedly organizing a bomb cache whose targets, police say, included the Israeli Embassy. In New Delhi, the wife of an Israeli diplomat and three others were wounded by attackers using magnetic bombs — the same tactic used to kill a senior nuclear official in Tehran last month in an attack that Iran claims was masterminded by Israel. The same day as the New Delhi blast, a similar "sticky bomb" was found on the car of a driver for the Israeli Embassy in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

The Baku allegations bring a different scenario: local mercenaries suspected of being recruited by a well-known gangster with alleged ties to Iranian secret services.

"Each alleged plot has its own signature," said Theodore Karasik, a security expert at the Dubai-based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, who was part of a fact-finding trip to Baku after the January arrests in Baku. "They all seem to have a bit of an amateur quality about them, however, as if Iran is trying various tactics to see what works."


read the rest of the story at the link at CBS.

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