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Thread started 05/19/08 2:00pm


I dont know if you guys remember me

But Im the girl whos art teacher was saying racial slurs during class.(,I just wanted to give you guys an update.I never went to my principle and told her about it but guess what and him got in a terrible argument and I ended up telling him to grow up.He went and told my she called me to her office and guess what...I TOLD HER EVERYTHING!At that point I wasnt scared anymore and I was completely fed up.She was so disgusted with him and his neccessity for acceptance with his students and she actually told me that she wish I wouldve told her all the things that he had said to me and my friends b4 she had signed another contract with him 4 next year.I ended up in no trouble at all and from what I heard he was "taken care of".So lately I have been just keeping to myself in his classes.I mean Ill never have the respect 4 him that I once had but I never felt as though I needed 2 get back at him.But I guess everybody didnt feel the same way eek
Over the weekend his classroom was vandalized.They broke a window and broke through the heater.They spraypainted on the wall "'08 BITCH" and "his name SUCKS DICK".On the table they spraypainted "GET THE FUCK OUT" and my art teacher was very hated for using white paint to cover up my ex-art teachers paintings and student paintings that had been on the wall with white paint so whoever did this also wrote "PUT SOME COLOR ON IT" where he had put white paint over it. They also broke into the art supply closet.And they spraypainted and ripped up people's art work which was uneccessary 2 get back at him.Wow,I actually felt bad 4 him but when I cant help but agree with EVERYBODY whos been saying he kinda deserved it 4 the way hes bee treating people,including myself, this year.So,I know many of you thought that I shouldve just told my principle on him initially but as you can see...what goes around comes back around.I still feel bad 4 him though...I may be the only one @ my school though,lol. lol
Im pretty sure one of my friends did it...or either someone is trying to frame my senior class.But either way...if I find out,Im not snitchin wink
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Reply #1 posted 05/19/08 2:23pm


I remember you. Well, I am glad that you told the principal everything and glad that you weren't afraid to tell it all, good for you.

Always remember that what doesn't hurt you, will make you stronger. This moment will nake you grow in ways you never thought possible. Good luck and remember, not all teachers are bad biggrin I should know, I am one of the good ones, at least that is what my students tell me...and some family members..."pop my collar"

Good luck and grow. U handled yourself well.

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist.” Brazilian bishop Dom Hélder Câmara
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Reply #2 posted 05/19/08 2:23pm



Glad to know you resolved the issue. What the students are doing is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right, but I'm sure the proper action will be taken by the school to stop the vandalism or it will defeat the purpose of your initial complaint against him.

I'm sure that will be dealt with. But from the beginning it should have been reported and his contract would not have been renewed. If there is a next time, don't waste time reporting it and never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.. Good luck and best wishes to you.

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Always smile in the face of adversity. smile
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Reply #3 posted 05/19/08 2:50pm



So now, instead of one idiot we have plenty. disbelief

I can't say I approve this. shrug
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