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Thread started 04/12/08 8:46am


Russian Roman Abramovich and Rev.Moons Bering Strait Tunnel Project - Korean War Veterans - Rev.Moon Messiah - WWII 1945

Pass onto Prince.

PLEASE READ the Korean War Veterans part of this email which is HALFWAY DOWN after the $$$$££££ symbols which will help to end the war in Darfur and all wars by january 2013.
SUBJECT: Korean War Veterans - Rev.Moon Messiah - WWII 1945 - Universal Peace Federation

Hello Positive News,great newspaper,i hope this
information is positive,
http://www.positivenews.o...1559.shtml Air Powered Car.


Russian Roman Abramovich and Rev.Moons Bering Strait Tunnel Project they are both billionaires,Rev.Moon is the person who has been calling for peace tunnels and peace highways since 1988.
Abramovich,29th March 2008
Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich forked out $160 million for the world’s largest drill.

Moon Calls for 'Peace Bridge' to Be Built Across
Bering Strait,Honors Korean War Vets,Bob Selle,June

Governor of Alaska Frank Murkowski supports Rev.moons
Bering Straits Tunnel,September 18, 2005.
Moon's Peace Initiative Garners Unexpected Support;
100-City Tour Visits Bay Area,Nick Buscovich
September 29,2005
Wesley Pruden, Editor in Chief, "The Washington
Times,owned by Rev.Moon. Rev.Moon with Wesley
Pruden and George W. Bush.

Rev.Moon with famous footballer Pele.

Rev.Moons Bering Strait Tunnel speech June 2005.
Universal Peace Federation,founded by Rev.Sun Myung
Moon is now part of the United Nations.

Moon: Founder of the IIFWP, a pro-UN group that works
with radical Islam and the terrorist government of

Thursday, September 29, 2005,Visiting Rev. Moon
promotes spiritual 'U.N.'Religious leader preaches
about peace and a tunnel,By GREGORY ROBERTS
Proposals for Hastening World Peace Transcending
borders and the International Highway of Peace,made by
Rev.Moon as far back as 1988-1989.
Neil Bush Meets the Messiah,By John Gorenfeld,
AlterNet. Posted December 5, 2005.
Moonies Beliefs.
Ex-Uganda leader weds by satellite married by

The Real Sun Myung Moon,A Blog Devoted to Exposing
America's Most Powerful Cult Leader and Political
Power Broker.


SUBJECT: Korean War Veterans - Rev.Moon Messiah - WWII 1945 - Universal Peace Federation

Im not a christian or a moonie but i believe
Rev.Moon is the Messiah and he and his wife are the
perfected Adam and Eve and True Parents of humankind.

WARNING,warning,warning!! WATCH OUT FOR THE MANY LIARS,DECIEVERS,MISLEADERS in the moonies who damage peoples lives,the Ex-Uganda leader article above is a typical example to watch out for,MY LIFE WAS SERIOUSLY MISLED FOR YEARS AND DAMAGED BUT I STILL BELIEVE THE LEGITIMATE TEACHINGS AND INFORMATION OF Rev.Moon to solve all the worlds problems,i dont know why moonies do this,lie,decieve,mislead people after going to the trouble of winning people over its very strange behaviour and counter productive.
The United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War
Memorial Federation (UPKMF) was founded in 2004 by the
Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

VETERANS Join the Ambassadors for Peace Movement
UPKMF Convention Honoring Korean War Veterans

Korean Veterans from the UK and fifteen other nations
revisit Korea, 24th?29th July 2005.

Reunion of Korean War Veterans who Revisited Korea
Together in July 2005, 2-4th February 2007.
"One Family Under God” 12 City USA Peace Tour
Report,November 19, 2007
Memorial Federation of the United Nations Peace Forces
of the Korean War meets for its Convention 2005, in
Seoul, Korea


Failure of christianity to recieve the
Messiah after WWII,1945. Rev.Moon says if
religious and political leaders had recognized him
as the Messiah or the person who knew all the answers
to the worlds problems then Heaven on Earth would of
been built within 7 years by 1952,we are now back in
a re-run of that time period and Rev.Moon says he has
to accomplish his worldwide mission as the Messiah by
2012-january 2013. UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION,now
part of the United Nations.
Hon. Alexander M. Haig, Jr. U.S. Secretary of State
(1981-82), Supreme Allied Commander, NATO (1975-79)

Young-Cheol Song, Regional Chair
Mark Brann, Regional Secretary General

43 Lancaster Gate
London W2 3NA, Great Britain

Phone: +44-207-723-0721


JOIN AMBASSADORS FOR PEACE and find out from the
religious leaders following Rev.Moon if Rev.Moon is
the Messiah.
Rev.Moon Messiah - WWII 1945 - Universal Peace
Federation.VERY IMPORTANT,READ THIS - Renewed United
Nations-Rev.Moon Messiah-1960 Holy Wedding.
Dr. Wim Koetsier, general secretary of Universal Peace

Federation UPF-NL is presenting the "Ambassador For
Peace" award to Sardar Bhupinder Singh Holland.

Bin Laden Jr.:wants to be "Ambassador For Peace"
CBS News Online,CAIRO,Egypt,Jan. 18, 2008


(Colonel Kadhafy is allready an Ambassador for Peace)
For this reason,the projects founded by Rev. Moon are
not confined to religion, but span every field:
education, philosophy, science, religion, media, the
arts, international affairs, technology, charitable
work, the environment, families, women and youth. The
Ambassadors for Peace initiative is a worldwide
network of leaders from diverse disciplines who work
cooperatively to promote reconciliation and peace. Moonies FFWPU,main website. Rev.Moon meets George W.

What you see below is just the begining of Rev.Moon
being accepted and he will be announced worldwide as
the Messiah and he and his wife as the perfected Adam
and Eve by political and religious leaders on january
2013,this will be the greatest event in all history
since the time of Adam and Eve,so you just have to
wait until january 2013 to see if this is all true.

TV Video,The Daily Show - Rev.Moon Senate Crowning.
Rev.Moon announcing that he is the Messiah,Returning
Lord and True Parent of all humankind.

This really happened at the Senate office
building,Rev.Moon being crowned attended by
congressmen and religious leaders.

Rev.Moon says,"the world is historicaly fated to make
a political transition from democracy to the
Unificationist ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven
religious monarchy",
"once established it will remain as an eternal state"
"therefore Christ at the second advent will remedy the
illness of the present political system","This will
unleash societies true potential".

The True Parents and messiah's main mission is to
change the lineage of humankind from the imperfect
lineage of Adam,Eve,Lucifer(Satan) which everyone has
inherited to the perfect lineage of God,this will end
all disease,war,poverty and everyone born in the
future from perfect lineages will give birth to
children who are all on the highest Messiah's level
and one with God EACH ONE ALL EQUAL MESSIAH'S this
process will increase after january 2013 until the
world is full of perfect people.
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Reply #1 posted 04/13/08 7:09am


hmmm some years ago there was the same kind of nonsense topics on the Org with "Gregory" "1st born" "Jew"..
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Reply #2 posted 04/19/08 7:02am


falloff Truly classic
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