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Flex your debating skills on more serious topics such as world politics, history, religion, racial issues etc. Keep it friendly though!

Interested in discussing your political or religious views? Then this is the forum for you. Civility, respect and tolerance must be maintained at all times. Disagree if you wish, but do not attack other individuals on the basis of their beliefs. Remember there is no right or wrong opinion. Any deletion of combative, bigoted or insensitive comments should not be construed as denial of your individual right to air your own opinion ; we only attempt to maintain an inclusive forum.


One last thing: PLEASE do not copy articles verbatim from other sites or post videos without comment! If you want to quote something, or post a video, fine... say where it comes from, provide a link, and also provide ANALYSIS and INSIGHT of your own. We're here to discuss and debate ideas we actually hold. So make your opinion clear, and remember to do so with civility.

The moderators for this forum are: June7, luv4u, Mars23, OldFriends4Sale, CaseyRain.

Note: be sure to read the rules!

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  Sticky: READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST IN P&R Mars23 0 18,495

Oct 21 2009 9:48pm

Sticky: Info Only ATTENTION! Politics & Religion "Thread Flooding" Policy (READ) OldFriends4Sale 0 8,855

Apr 21 2015 6:06am

Sticky: When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please read OldFriends4Sale 0 6,816

Jul 15 2016 5:42am

  Sticky: Politics & Religion Wild Wild West luv4u 0 1,548

Jun 29 2020 6:13pm

Joe Biden says most Americans are not racist. 2freaky4church1 508 6,653

Today at 3:32amjump to last reply
by 2elijah

  Help me understand the Black Lives Matter movement Phase3 0 10

Today at 1:12am

  Woke, Women, White OldFriends4Sale 72 1,320

Yesterday at 12:43pmjump to last reply
by jjhunsecker¤

Male Female relationship issues: OldFriends4Sale 49 591

Yesterday at 12:19pmjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale¤

Gaza vs Israel continues. 2freaky4church1 241 2,472

Jun 14 2021 7:47pmjump to last reply
by IanRG¤

China... 2021 OldFriends4Sale 4 166

Jun 14 2021 2:40pmjump to last reply
by Strive¤

  Fauci emails OldFriends4Sale 76 1,219

Jun 14 2021 12:37pmjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1¤

  Bye bye masks djThunderfunk 109 1,961

Jun 14 2021 12:33pmjump to last reply
by djThunderfunk

One of our leading rocket scientists was a fricken Satanist! 2freaky4church1 7 94

Jun 14 2021 12:31pmjump to last reply
by djThunderfunk

Kamala the cop tells poor Guatemalans to stay home: Die actually. 2freaky4church1 5 131

Jun 12 2021 10:15amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1¤

Glenn Greenwald vs the Corporate Media Strive 26 435

Jun 12 2021 9:05amjump to last reply
by 2freaky4church1¤

ā€˜Iā€™m In!ā€™: Caitlyn Jenner Announces Run For CA Governor OldFriends4Sale 13 302

Jun 10 2021 9:34pmjump to last reply
by coldcoffeeandcocacola¤

  RACE...Paul Mooney's Classic Album mikemike13 2 163

Jun 8 2021 11:30amjump to last reply
by mltijchr

  With the spending plans of Biden, what financial moves should be made to protect investments? AMERICA1ST 7 246

Jun 8 2021 9:45amjump to last reply
by jaawwnn

  Should DNA tests be automatic or mandatory? OldFriends4Sale 12 295

Jun 8 2021 9:35amjump to last reply
by jaawwnn

LGB (not the T) OldFriends4Sale 7 205

Jun 6 2021 7:33amjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale¤

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