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Thread started 11/15/23 7:26pm


Carp Fishing Simulator

This is a type of tiny fishing game combined with an action game. In this game there will be features such as the following changeable weather conditions taken from the real world location of the locations, character customization, real accurate time of the day or night…You will Didn't receive any instructions for this game.

Carp Fishing Simulator is an immersive fishing experience that aims to be the most authentic and advanced fishing game on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, this game offers a realistic fishing environment with a variety of features:

All-Inclusive Experience: Unlike other games, Carp Fishing Simulator unlocks all tackle, equipment, venues, and species right from the start. There’s no need for grinding or dealing with microtransactions.

Fish Variety: You'll encounter 22 different species of fish, including Pike, Perch, and Barbel.

Realistic Venues: The game features 15 different venues, some of which are based on real-life fishing spots.

Rigs and Baits: Choose from 21 different rigs (including those from Choice Rigs and JPrecision Hooks) and 42 different baits (including real brands like DNA Bait and Active Bait).

Dynamic Environment: Experience real-time day and night cycles as well as dynamic weather conditions based on the actual location of the venues.

Seasonal Changes: Depending on the month you fish, you'll notice seasonal variations that affect water and air temperatures.

Character Customization: Create your own character with full customization options.

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Reply #1 posted 11/17/23 7:57am


Stop it
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