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Thread started 04/29/21 11:56am



The Handmaid's Tale - Season 4 (Hulu)

Okay, so let this be the official season 4 thread for The Handmaid's Tale season 4 on Hulu.

I just feel like I'm gonna need to have a place to air out what is happening thus far. And the thread as a whole will contain spoilers, so don't show up until you've watched it.

While the Commander and Serena were arrested last year, which was a jaw dropper, I was left at the end of season 3 feeling a bit confused. First, they're on a mission together, and now they're battling for what... custody of a child that isn't theirs? It seems she's fighting for the baby, and he's fighting for the marriage. He thinks she is going to take the baby and run off and leave him. He's willing to sacrifice not having a baby in order to keep his wife.

I commented last night during the show that I'm surprised they're both still do stuck on the entity that is Gilead. Like, now's your time to give that shit up and move on. Turn people in, betray their asses, and get a life. Serena seems closer to this than the commander, although she's still making excuses for the brutality exercised on her by her husband the Gilead as a whole, including losing a couple of knuckles on a finger, and being whooped like child.

The trailer shows June in a desolate, bombed out place, so I went in thinking she was going to end up somewhere else, but that wasn't the case. Showing up at this Keyes farm was an interesting place. The wife was a little bitch, but June has a way of connecting with people and their pain (possibly from her job as a newspaper editor) and the wife softens around her, gaining each other's confidence. June pushes the Keyes wife into her deepest and angriest parts to get revenge on one of the Guardians her husband brought in to rape her (since he's impotent). I realized early on she was slowly poisoning him, which probably lends to his forgetfulness. Whether it's white oleander, hemlock or something else, she's slowly letting his drink eat away at him.

I'm disappointed that June gave up the location of the handmaids. However, we have to remember that she did stay in Gilead at the end of season 2 because her purpose is to get her child, at any cost, including her own freedom. Surely the handmaids will come to understand that. It seems they do while in the van. They all gang together to make a run for it across the tracks. Seems a few didn't make it, which was shocking but not. I don't know how far June and company thinks they're going to run on foot. The train is only so long.

June and Lydia are going to duke it out again before the season is over, I believe. Neither will die of course, but they're both going to have an even bigger face-off, possibly. I'm also anxious for the confrontation between Serena and June, as seen in the trailer. June says, "I made a promise to make them hurt the way we hurt." And where is June when Moira says she (June) is "public enemy number one in there. She's not going to last another week here?" Cuz that's some shit!

It seems everyone is after June in some fashion. All of Gilead wants her, Luke - her husband - is really pining for her (and is probably reinvigorated after getting her child in his hands), Nick suddenly shows up and is trying to keep her alive (while Joseph Lawrence is willing to let her go, saying maybe she's fulfilled her purpose), Lydia wants to push her back into a box (literally and figuratively) of being a Handmaid. Nick and June are seen kissing in more than one location.

Also, there are protest signs that say "free the Waterfords" and "Bless Serena" which - are they swaying Canadian society? Is Serena fighting for her independence from Fred and Gilead in the court of public opinion?

So what is everyone's thoughts on the first three episodes this season?

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