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Tue 25th Sep 2018 9:52pm
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Joined:November 2nd 2006
long time fan, reconnected couple years ago. fan of the funk, and appreciate bold, innovative, unpredictable, multi-genre artistry that no one else brings!
Name:dat dude
Location:i live in one
E-mail:(Not disclosed, but click here to mail through!)
Fan level:Enthusiast
Hobbies:music, movies,
Favorite albums:SOTT, parade, TRC, 1999, purple rain, batman, prince, lovesexy
Favorite songs:hard to pick but here's a few: vicky waiting, the dance, anna stesia, irresistible, "hair", computer blue, electric chair, lady cab driver, space, pheremone, 319, the cross, adore, blah x 3...
Favorite (other)
sade, seal, janet, fred hammond, ttd, mj,
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