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Sun 2nd Aug 2015 9:36pm
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Joined:February 18th 2002
revolution loved love

revolution loved sports

i was pissed i remissed

revolution and the sort

i was burnt on an embers edge

almost fled a hundred times

revolution pointed out

if u left twould be a crime

now the kids come first so true

i got kids n so do you

as the fabric of the flame

flickers once n we re main

revolution round n round

revolution back to sound

revolve right here my dear no fear

revolve by will so true so shear

im a rembler by design

what comes to you comes from my mind

your soul a spirit brightly shines



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Fan level:Obsessed
Hobbies:Love Prince, sports, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions & Detroit Tigers
Favorite albums:All Prince
Favorite songs:All Prince
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