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Sun 21st Sep 2014 11:12pm
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Joined:August 6th 2002
LAMMASTIDE, by Shausler

i must confess
i must confide
im a little rusty with
time on my side

under duress
then the waves parted wide
first up long over due
Lam Lammastide

you are direct
cast out the lies
cut through the bull shit
and vacuum all the flies

you i susspect
are truer to heart u abide
time tested represented
Lam Lammastide

this is all true
why why would i lie
hide out like your on the lam
Lam Lammastide

when nothing real
but the words that you
sup ply
take comfort in your worthyness
Lam Lammastide

this much is true
Lam Lammastide
your like too few
Lam Lammastide

la la la Lam Lammastide
lalala Lam Lammastide
Location:Toronto, Canada
E-mail:(Not disclosed, but click here to mail through!)
Hobbies:Theology, aesthetics, esoterica, writing, travel, conversation... and an occasional silence.
Birthday:9 June, 1972 Anno Domini
Favorite (other)
Joni Mitchell, Meshell Ndegeocello, Vanessa Daou, Dead Can Dance, Björk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Wendy & Lisa, Suzanne Vega, José González, Junip, XTC, The Sundays, Guy Sigsworth, Terence Blanchard
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