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Mon 15th Oct 2018 7:33am
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Thread started 10/09/18 10:31pm



A Star Is Born

I understand there aren't a lot of Lady Gaga fans around here, and it's been suggested that Prince was no fan either. Which honestly surprises me - she is a "real musician" after all. A helluva vocalist, and she can dance too.
Aaanyway, I adore her and have been listening to the soundtrack from her new movie on repeat the last two days. It's actually much better than I expected. Going to see the movie tomorrow hopefully. Two different theaters tonight were sold out for the showtimes I tried to get into so will attempt a matinee tomorrow.
Has anyone seen the movie yet, and what did you think of it? I swore off sad movies years ago, but I'm making an exception for this one based on the rave reviews. Even tho I know it's going to wreck me! wink
It's a hurtful place, the world, in and of itself. We don't need to add to it. We all need one another. ~ PRN
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Reply #1 posted 10/10/18 12:09am


I'll say this, the movie is not as bad as I thought it would be. I don't want to say anything that will spoil the movie for you or anyone else who hasn't seen it yet but there's a few moments in the movie, one in particular, where a character does something that just doesn't make sense. It's like the screenwriter just wanted to add more drama to proceedings and couldn't figure out how so decided to just manufacturer some from nowhere, irrespective of whether it makes sense or not. Maybe it won't bother you, it didn't bother my cousin who seen the movie with me, but it really bothers me when lazy writing ruins what could have been a good movie.

As for the music, I'm not a Lady Gaga fan so I was thankful that there was no "Poker Faces" or "Bad Romances" in sight. The music that does feature is not my cup of tea either though. It's well sung, Lady Gaga has a good voice, but the songs themselves are soppy, melodramatic and lack any and all subtlety. Which can also be said about the movie as a whole.

Acting-wise, the movie struggles. Lady Gaga is not a good actress. She's not bad but she's nowhere near good enough for the type of movie this is trying to be. Bradley Cooper is passable but again, "serious" acting is not his strong point.

Overall it feels like an above average TV movie. You'll see it, you might even enjoy it if you can look past its issues, but you definitely won't remember it.
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Reply #2 posted 10/10/18 5:05am


Yes, I saw it and enjoyed it. There are a few people who commented on it in the "what recent movies have you seen" in the general discussion forum, including myself. Basically, Lada Gaga re-establishes her career with this if she ever really lost it. Gaga has 5 of the top 10 singels last time I checked and the album is #1 and favorably review per metacritic. Bradley Cooper will almost definitely get a best actor nomination. It is one of the most favorably reviewed film of the year and the boxoffice is phenomenal and building mementum daily due to great word of mouth. All this said, I don't think it quit lives up to the hype due to such a predictable story. It is still worth seeing as long as you are not expecting a masterpiece.

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