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Thread started 08/04/17 9:29am



Beach Boys Compilation "1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow"


I only own Smiley Smile, Smile, Pet Sounds.


The Beatles are a religion, but The Beach Boys are like a Russian doll: Their catalog and their vaults still reveal new joys, surprises and complications. I am constantly finding new wonder and joy in the work of The Beach Boys.

Courtesy Capitol Records

The just-released 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow is the latest joy/surprise/complication, and a very goddamn welcome one it is, too.

The Beach Boys had a rather wondrous run of albums between 1967 and 1973. These were full of shimmering Topanga psychedelia, sunny blues, dusky autumnal-gold evensongs and gorgeous, lonely Smile remnants. These records underline the fact that there is far, far more to The Beach Boys than Pet Sounds, Smile and a large pile of astonishing hits.

Wild Honey, The Beach Boys' second album of 1967, has always been a weak thread in this string. The original mono mix of Wild Honey was flat and peculiar (as opposed to the nearly perfect mono mixes of Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile), and the whole album felt like an afterthought of Smiley Smile and a lesser preview of Friends.

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Reply #1 posted 08/11/17 10:50am



I love it, if you're a fan of experimental pop music, "Sunshine" is your album. This album solidifies why the Beatles drew their influences from the Beach Boys when they went psychedelic, of course aside from the Pet Sounds mention.

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Forums > Music: Non-Prince > Beach Boys Compilation "1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow"