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Thread started 02/21/12 6:44am


Fiona Apple 2012 Tour Dates, New Album Details

February 21, 2012


Fiona Apple has scheduled her first U.S. tour in five years. The seven-date jaunts kicks off at South by Southwest on March 15th, and then hits Chicago before ending with five dates along the East coast. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 24th.

Apple is expected to release her first album in seven years sometime in 2012.

Fiona Apple 2012 Tour Dates:

03/15 – Austin, TX @ Central Presbyterian Church
03/19 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
03/21 – Washington, DC @ Sixth and I
03/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
03/24 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Music Box
03/26 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
03/27 – Boston, MA @ Royale

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Reply #1 posted 02/21/12 8:08am


Bowery Ballroom is a very small venue for her. Tickets will sell out in seconds.

Reply #2 posted 02/21/12 5:10pm


eek Hoping to see the Chicago show! I've been listening to her so much lately.

Reply #3 posted 03/03/12 7:24pm


Bullshit scalpers took them all. FUCK u ASholes!

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Reply #4 posted 03/15/12 6:24am



Performing new song "Anything We Want" live @ #SXSW.

Reply #5 posted 03/15/12 8:28am


i was seriously considering walking into a show completely unexposed to Fiona, to see what i think. but seven primarily east coast dates, that's not a TOUR. oh well detroit. my curiousity is fleeting

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Reply #7 posted 03/15/12 4:44pm


Fiona Apple Returns to the Stage With New Songs

March 15, 2012


It’s been over 15 years since the lovely angst of Fiona Apple’s debut album Tidal swept through the pop world and made her both an instant sensation and a lightning rod for controversy.

Since then the singer has moved in — and more often, out — of the public sphere, weathering both personal heartbreak and professional woe while wending her way to another album with a really long title, due this spring.

Apple has hardly been onstage since she toured for Extraordinary Machine in 2007, making her set at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, as part of South by Southwest, a pretty high-stakes coming-out party. And accordingly, her early-evening set attracted a massive throng of curious onlookers, most of whom seemed to have a tremendous amount of emotional baggage tied up in Apple’s early work.

So is the old Fiona back for good? The jury remains out. Apple had moments of true transcendence during her set, peaking with a passionate reading of the Tidal single “Sleep to Dream,” which inspired a full-throated sing-along from the crowd. At times, though, it seemed like her voice was not at 100 percent; moments during both the show-opening “Fast as You Can” and the set-closing “Criminal” came out strained.

And Apple’s songs have never really been built for the outdoors; they’re far too rhythmically weird and sonically whimsical, and the open-airness of Stubb’s worked against the intricacies of otherwise lovely constructions like “Extraordinary Machine.”

But for all the nostalgia floating through the air on Wednesday night, the best moments of Apple’s show came during the unveiling of three new songs. The best, an almost jaunty track called “Anything We Want,” showed off her voice in the best possible way, letting her cram a cascade of words into a twisting narrative without sounding burdensome. The song doesn’t have the same sort of slinky groove science as “Criminal” or the emotional wallop of “Carrion” (which also showed up in Wednesday night’s set), but it felt like an excellent and natural evolution from the work she did on Extraordinary Machine.

For all that movement forward, Fiona is still Fiona. She joked about how she had to keep reminding herself that she was playing in front of a crowd (“You’re imaginary, right?” she asked), and toyed with dancing before repeatedly throwing in the towel (which is expected for someone who sings, “I tried to dance but lost my nerve”).

She’s far more comfortable in her own skin, too—at the end of the night, she told everybody to have a great time over the weekend, and it was clear she genuinely meant it.

Reply #8 posted 03/19/12 6:58am


Performing another new song @ SXSW titled "Valentine".

Reply #9 posted 03/20/12 5:00pm


She cancelled tonights show due to illness. Let's see what happens in NYC...man I wish I had a tix.

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Reply #10 posted 03/24/12 9:49am


Nice shot of her last night in Brooklyn:


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Reply #11 posted 03/24/12 10:31am


Identity said:

Beautiful eek

Reply #12 posted 03/25/12 4:05pm


Fiona... eek

*goes into creepy adoring fan-mode*

Reply #13 posted 03/25/12 4:06pm


When's the cd coming out?

Reply #14 posted 03/25/12 4:09pm



An unspecified date in June.

Reply #15 posted 03/25/12 4:18pm


Identity said:


An unspecified date in June.




Reply #16 posted 03/26/12 5:33am


Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do.(Yes that the title of the CD) Late June. She is playing a show in Manh. tonight. smile Anyone got an etxra tix? PM me please.




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Reply #17 posted 04/01/12 2:08am


Fiona Apple: Chicago Setlist (Lincoln Hall, Sunday 3/18/12)

Image from Fiona Apple’s concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Photos by C. Batka.

Reply #18 posted 04/01/12 7:52am


Thank god for youtube. I could not get a tix.

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Reply #19 posted 04/02/12 5:10pm



Official Date June 19th, 2012eekeekeek

01 Every Single Night

02 Daredevil

03 Valentine

04 Jonathan

05 Left Alone

06 Werewolf

07 Periphery

08 Regret

09 Anything We Want

10 Hot Knife

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Reply #20 posted 04/09/12 6:42am


Fiona Summer Tour Dates

April 09, 2012

The upturn in interest in ‘90s star Fiona Apple has reportedly been sparked by a series of intense live shows ahead of the release of her forthcoming album (take a deep breath before you say it) The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver Of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Ever Do.

Now, Apple’s fans will get a chance to see just how intense she gets, as a full tour to support the record has just been announced. The Idler Wheel… (as it will inevitably be known) is out until June 19, which is the day she begins the tour with a show in Ithaca.

Check out the full set of dates below.

  • 06.19 Ithaca, NY: State Theatre
  • 06.20 Baltimore, MD: Lyric Opera House
  • 06.22 Mashantucket, CT: MGM Grand Theater
  • 06.23 Holyoke, MA: Mountain Park
  • 06.24 New York, NY: Governors Ball
  • 06.26 Washington, DC: Warner Theatre
  • 06.27 Upper Darby, PA: Tower Theatre
  • 06.29 Danbury, CT: Ives Concert Park
  • 06.30 Boston, MA: Citi Performing Arts Center
  • 07.01 Portland, ME: State Theatre
  • 07.03 Montreal, QC: Olympia Theatre
  • 07.04 Toronto, ON: The Sound Academy
  • 07.06 Cleveland Heights, OH: Cain Park
  • 07.07 Detroit, MI: The Fillmore Detroit
  • 07.10 Chicago, IL: Chicago Theatre
  • 07.11 Indianapolis, IN: Murat Theatre
  • 07.13 Nashville, TN: The Ryman Auditorium
  • 07.14 St. Louis, MO: Peabody Opera House
  • 07.16 Minneapolis, MN: Orpheum Theatre
  • 07.17 Kansas City, MO: The Midland
  • 07.20 Denver, CO: Paramount Theatre
  • 07.21 Salt Lake City, UT: Kingsbury Hall
  • 07.24 Vancouver, BC: Orpheum
  • 07.25 Seattle, WA: Paramount Theatre
  • 07.26 Portland, OR: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
  • 07.28 Oakland, CA: Fox Theater
  • 07.29 Hollywood, CA: Hollywood Palladium


Reply #21 posted 04/09/12 9:10am


Damn no NYC dates and no I'm not going to that Gov. Fest. Still glad she is out there. I'm sure she will add more date later in the year since alot of states were left out like Texas, etc.

More info: http://www.mtv.com/news/a...ates.jhtml

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