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Thread started 05/29/06 9:15am



My Top 100 Songs Written by Babyface

I'm a sucker for countdowns. My latest attempt at following Casey Kasem and Donnie Simpson is a list of my favorite Babyface-penned songs. There is very little of his output with which I'm not familiar. I made the tough decision to ignore all covers (except one special case where I prefer it to the original).

100. Nothin (That Compares 2 U) - The Jacksons
99. I Wanna Love Like That - Tony Thompson (the only collaboration between super producers Babyface and Teddy Riley)
98. Long Way from Home - Johnny Gill
97. When You Believe - Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey [from "The Prince of Egypt"]
96. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son) - Babyface
95. Why Does It Hurt So Bad - Whitney Houston [from "Waiting to Exhale"]
94. Slow Jam - Midnight Star
93. Never Forget You - Mariah Carey
92. Let It Flow - Toni Braxton [from "Waiting to Exhale"]
91. Rock Bottom - Babyface

90. Truly Something Special - After 7
89. Boys & Girls - Tony! Toni! Toné! [from "Soul Food"]
88. All Night Long - SWV [from "Waiting to Exhale"]
87. Lady, Lady - Babyface
86. Have I Never - A Few Good Men
85. Feels So Much Better - Johnny Gill
84. Tears - The Isley Brothers
83. Until You Come Back - Whitney Houston
82. Every Time I Close My Eyes - Babyface
81. One Night - After 7

80. You Are the Man - En Vogue [from "Soul Food"]
79. Something in Your Eyes - Bell Biv DeVoe
78. You Said, You Said - Jermaine Jackson
77. Good Enough - Bobby Brown
76. Secret Rendezvous - Karyn White
75. Diggin' on You (L.A.'s Live Mix) - TLC
74. There U Go - Johnny Gill [from "Boomerang"]
73. Roses Are Red - The Mac Band
72. Sunshine - Babyface
71. Try It On My Own - Whitney Houston

70. Love Saw It - Karyn White featuring Babyface
69. Rock Steady - The Whispers
68. Gotta Learn My Rhythm - Damian Dame
67. And Our Feelings - Babyface
66. Why Do I Believe? - Pebbles
65. Queen of the Night - Whitney Houston [from "The Bodyguard"]
64. Last Night - Az Yet [from "The Nutty Professor"]
63. Pretty Girl - Jon B
62. Soon As I Get Home - Babyface
61. Love Shoulda Brought You Home - Toni Braxton [from "Boomerang"]

60. 'Til You Do Me Right - After 7
59. Give U My Heart - Babyface featuring Toni Braxton [from "Boomerang"]
58. Let's Get the Mood Right - Johnny Gill
57. Whatever - En Vogue
56. Breathe Again - Toni Braxton
55. You Mean the World to Me - Toni Braxton
54. Never Keeping Secrets - Babyface
53. Red Light Special - TLC
52. Always in My Heart - Tevin Campbell
51. Rock Wit'cha - Bobby Brown

50. Water Runs Dry - Boyz II Men
49. Another Sad Love Song - Toni Braxton
48. Miracle - Whitney Houston
47. For the Cool in You - Babyface
46. Seven Whole Days (Live) - Toni Braxton
45. Take a Bow - Madonna
44. Count on Me - Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans [from "Waiting to Exhale"]
43. Where Is My Love? - El DeBarge featuring Babyface
42. Humpin' Around - Bobby Brown
41. The Way You Love Me - Karyn White

40. Backyard (Outta the Hood Remix) - Pebbles featuring Salt-N-Pepa
39. Superwoman - Karyn White
38. Heat of the Moment (Remix) - After 7
37. My Kinda Girl - Babyface
36. On the Line - Michael Jackson [from "Get On the Bus"]
35. Every Little Step - Bobby Brown
34. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston [from "Waiting to Exhale"]
33. Two Occasions - The Deele
32. Baby-Baby-Baby - TLC
31. Sittin' Up in My Room - Brandy [from "Waiting to Exhale"]

30. You're Makin' Me High - Toni Braxton
29. It's No Crime - Babyface
28. A Song for Mama - Boyz II Men [from "Soul Food"]
27. Where Will You Go? - Babyface
26. Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell
25. Roni - Bobby Brown
24. Fairweather Friend - Johnny Gill
23. Exclusivity - Damian Dame
22. Dial My Heart - The Boys
21. When Can I See You - Babyface

20. Not Gon' Cry - Mary J. Blige [from "Waiting to Exhale"]

The crown jewel of the soundtrack, this song is so good I can forgive rhyming "secretary" and "there" (although I'll never stop laughing at it)

19. Whip Appeal (12" Version) - Babyface

It's gotta be the one with the finger snaps (a.k.a. the video version)

18. I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston

Still the very best Face/Whitney joint

17. On Our Own - Bobby Brown [from "Ghostbusters II"]

Above all else, this song is just fun. Bobby was really on top of the world back then...

16. Sweet November - Troop

Yes, yes, I prefer the cover! Is something wrong with me? The Deele original with Face on vocals is sweet (no pun intended), but this one has something extra.

15. We're Not Making Love No More - Dru Hill [from "Soul Food"]

I'm in love with this song. The whoa-oo-whoas at end really take it home.

14. Tender Lover - Babyface

My favorite song sung by the man himself, I'll take it both and without Bobby Brown ("get Bob outta here!")

13. Right Down to It - Damian Dame

Sadly, this duo passed away before they could record a followup, but this album was a fantastic way to start LaFace Records. This song in particular is excellent all around: songwriting, production, and a standout vocal performance from Damian.

12. Someone to Love - Jon B featuring Babyface [from "Bad Boys"]

My second-favorite Babyface duet, this sounds just as magnificent 11 years later. I still can't figure out why Face didn't keep this one for himself. I doubt Jon's complaining.

11. Love Makes Things Happen - Pebbles featuring Babyface

Karyn White and Toni Braxton have been closely associated with Babyface at some point, but Pebbles is the queen of Babyface songs. I suppose that makes sense when you consider she was married to his erstwhile partner, L.A. Reid. This duet is touching without being saccharine. Neither can claim to be the best of singers, but they emote well and their voices really complement one another. It's a shame they never recorded another song together.

10. I'll Make Love to You - Boyz II Men

Maybe you've heard this one

9. I Care 'Bout You - Milestone (K-Ci & JoJo, Kevon & Melvin Edmonds, Babyface) [from "Soul Food"]

This would have to be the most underrated song in Babyface's entire catalog. Putting together the voices behind Jodeci and After 7 was a stroke of genius! Even better, the higher-ranged (JoJo and Kevon) and the lower-ranged (Melvin and K-Ci) singers alternate verses to great effect. Is it too late to record a Milestone album?

8. I'm Ready - Tevin Campbell

Tevin gives his usual great performance, but the song, especially the weaving of the call-and-response chorus, is better than anything else he's ever sung (yes, I said it). I'm still puzzled this wasn't as big as "Can We Talk."

7. Can't Stop - After 7

Babyface was blessed with the songwriting ability, but both of his brothers are much better singers in my book (and I love Babyface's voice, so that's high praise). If this song doesn't make you sing along, something is wrong with you. There's "catchy," there's "infectious," and then there's "Can't Stop."

6. Ready or Not - After 7

Back-to-back After 7! This is a shining example of a slow jam. 1990 was Babyface's best year, because this is only the 3rd-highest single that charted in that year).

5. Giving You the Benefit - Pebbles

This is a classic jam from before hip-hop and R&B completely contaminated each other. Babyface has the reputation of a ballad writer, but songs like this prove he can pick up the tempo effectively.

4. Girlfriend - Pebbles

Back-to-back Pebbles this time! As a composition, it's not the greatest, but it was a big hit for a reason. This is the groove!

3. End of the Road - Boyz II Men [from "Boomerang"]

Crossover-wise, this song probably marked the point where Babyface became a superstar. That makes sense; everything about it is immaculate.

2. My, My, My - Johnny Gill

Speaking of immaculate, part of me can't believe this isn't my #1. Damn, Johnny sang the hell out of this song! Remember the days when anyone who sang this credibly would win "Showtime at the Apollo" Amateur Night?

1. Don't Be Cruel - Bobby Brown

Teddy Riley invented New Jack Swing, but this song proved he wasn't the only one who could get it right. The beat is slamming, the synth is perfect, and Bobby rocks it. Amazingly, this song only peaked at #8 on the pop charts. WTF? Of course, it led the way for the phenomenal success of all the other singles. Bobby's remixed single versions are always better than the album versions, but this is the exception that proves the rule. "Don't Be Cruel" must be enjoyed in its entirety (including the "Cruel Prelude"). It's the best song Babyface has ever written.
"Whitney was purely and simply one of a kind." ~ Clive Davis
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Reply #1 posted 05/29/06 9:32am



Bobby and Babyface should have stayed 2gether they had the chemistry that Mike and Quincy had, every Babyface song with Bobby is a classic, and 6 of the seven babyface songs written for Bobby were top ten hits on the pop charts. Bobby seemed to bring the beast outta of the Laface team, that no other artist could
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Reply #2 posted 05/29/06 6:33pm



awesome list .

looks like you put alot of time and thought into that.

Thanks for sharing thumbs up!
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Reply #3 posted 05/29/06 6:35pm



cool that was hot!
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Reply #4 posted 05/29/06 7:29pm


Nice one! Good stuff.
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Reply #5 posted 05/29/06 8:14pm


Great list! Just curious - what made you rank Rock Steady so low? I think it's one of his best. I made a Face/Reid compilation several years back and also included The Lover in Me, another of my faves.
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Reply #6 posted 05/29/06 8:29pm



Thanks a lot, guys. Maybe I'll get around to sharing my Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson lists.

Anyway, "Rock Steady" is a tough call. I do love the song, but it's kind of simple. Simple can be good, but I still wonder why they didn't write a bridge for that song. I'm not a big fan of "The Lover in Me." Still, there are bound to be great songs omitted from such a prolific songwriter. For starters, I hated leaving out "I Don't Want to Know," "Just My Luck," and "Willing to Forgive."
"Whitney was purely and simply one of a kind." ~ Clive Davis
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Reply #7 posted 05/30/06 5:47am


wow,this guy has written so many amazing songs music

they should make a box set with all of these songs
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