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Thread started 01/01/18 6:17pm


How all this opioid talk relates to Prince's passing (Explained)

There are numerous threads referring to the opioid crisis and Prince's passing. While i do not have "inside" information......I can provide a clear explanation to clarify the confusion:

Opioids are highly addictive pain medications. Prior to 1995, doctors rarely prescribed them due to their addictive qualities. In 1995, a pharmaceutical company introduced a "new non-addictive" opioid called OxyContin. From that point forward.....doctors began prescribing 20x the amount of opioids.

The ppl being prescribed them were everyday ppl who suffered car accidents, work related injuries or surgeries. Thousands of ppl were legally prescribed these drugs and as a result.....became silently addicted. In 2014, many states suddenly required doctors to electronically submit prescriptions for these types of the ability to call your doctor for a prescription renewal at any time, was gone. People who were legally prescibed these drugs and were unknowingly addicted...had to find different doctors to avoid going through withdrawal. This forced ppl to go from doctor to doctor, aka "doctor shopping" for their they were legally addicted. If doctor shopping was no longer an option, had to go to the streets to get your opioids. Enter pill mills and Fentanyl. Drug dealing is a business. Mixing drugs with Fentanyl makes your supply last 50x longer....however due to the fact that the pills are being made in pill mills, exact chemistry is not an option. One extra grain of Fentanyl in a pill is fatal.

It has been concluded that pharmaceutical companies caused this epidemic by falsely claiming that their opioid drugs were not addictive...but were. All the solutions to this epidemic.....addiction expensive. Who better to pay for it than the ppl responsible for it.......The pharmaceutical companies.....hence all the lawsuits.

All this does not mean closure is near ...however I believe it is crystal clear:

Pain- Hip Surgery- Legally prescribed opioids -silently addicted -doctors cut off prescription -doctor shopping -turn to alternate source -source tainted with Fentanyl- April 21,2016.

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Forums > Prince: Music and More > How all this opioid talk relates to Prince's passing (Explained)