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Thread started 09/08/17 12:45pm





Prince.org, the largest and longest running Prince fansite, in collaboration with The Violet Reality, are pleased to announce the news of Steve Parke’s UK Gallery show at Proud Galleries in London - from the 9th November to the 3rd December.

‘Picturing Prince: Photographs by Steve Parke’ is a collection of rare and intimate prints to coincide with the recent launch of Parke’s acclaimed photobook. The exhibition will reveal the unique collaboration between artist and art director, while illustrating Prince’s flamboyant persona and playful characteristics, culminated in an image of gender fluidity and sexual expression.

Prince and Parke met in the late 80s at the artist’s renowned private estate and recording studio, Paisley Park, described by the latter as a ‘mecca of creativity’. Their partnership was consolidated when Prince requested Parke to be his official photographer, a creative alliance that produced an extensive archive of over 500 photographs, the best of which will be on display at Proud from 9th November to 3rd December.

There will be an exclusive, invite-only launch on the 8th November at the Proud Central Gallery, 32 John Adam St, London, WC2N GBP. Steve Parke himself will be in attendance to launch the gallery exhibit, which will open to the public the following morning! The Violet Reality will also be in attendance to cover the event for YouTube and prince.org.

This promises to be an incredible exhibit for all fans, so we hope to see you there!

For all press information on the gallery show, please contact : josh@proud.co.uk

For all news, information and updates on Prince, please go to www.prince.org and subscribe to The Violet Reality on YouTube.

Reply #1 posted 09/08/17 4:26pm


Excellent! Wonderful that the UK fans will have this opportunity smile

Welcome to "the org", Mumio…they can have you, but I'll have your love in the end nod
Reply #2 posted 09/08/17 9:57pm


I'm SO EXCITED by this news/event, I can HARDLY wait!!!, lol xxx

I would LOVE TO go to the opening on the 8 th of November..... PLEASE ORG NOT EEK ME IF THERE'S ANY CHANCE OF DOING THIS PLEASE???
Reply #3 posted 09/09/17 12:49am


I will be in London from November 15 untill Novemberr 19 ... what a happy coincidence!

Let's dance Sugar
Reply #4 posted 09/09/17 3:13pm


Determined to ensure I see this...Steve Parke's pictures are amongst my favourites!

Reply #5 posted 09/09/17 5:19pm


Three miles from the office. I might just make it to this 😎
RIP sad
Reply #6 posted 09/10/17 9:44am


Looking forward to it.

Reply #7 posted 09/11/17 10:31am


Great news

Any idea if we have a chance of attending 8th November or will it be a closed event?
Reply #8 posted 09/13/17 9:07am


Will the prints be available 4 purchase?

"purplelectricity whenever our bodies touch"
Reply #9 posted 09/16/17 7:38am


[b]Simply Beautiful!
What would my GREAT Uncle Fred say?
Reply #10 posted 10/15/17 3:18pm


Cannot wait for this. Only down the road from my office
Reply #11 posted 10/20/17 10:44am


Will there be signed copies of the book for sale?
Reply #12 posted 10/31/17 12:50pm


is it ticketed or can you just rock up and take a look?

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