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Thread started 08/06/17 4:58am


The Last 15 yrs - Greatest Hits 2000-2017

Personally, he lost me in the 90's after Batman. When he wasn't charging me to hear about his professional dissatisfaction he was leading broadway bible school singalongs. I never got a chance to tell him how much my job sucks, or how my boss takes credit for all I do.

By the time 2000 rolled around, I was not fully aware how my tastes had changed. Having a lot less time on my hands may something to do with it. So it took me a while to realize I like a lot of the material from the last 15. Quite a bit actually.

It was a strong return-to form for him. Wasn't thrilled by many of the online downloads, but the album tracks have added up to a playlist worthy of his legacy. Some strong protogee work, even by the old crew. Even quirks like "No More Candy 4 U, Everybody Loves Me, and Tictactoe" were consistent with his 80s deep cuts / b-sides. Not much more different than "Hello", "Ronnie Talk to Russia", "Tamborine", "Do U Lie".


  1. 3121
  2. The One U Wanna C
  3. The Dance
  4. Black Sweat
  5. F.U.N.K.
  6. Dance 4 Me
  7. No More Candy 4 U
  8. Redhead Stepchild (w/Tamar Davis)
  9. Wall of Berlin
  10. $
  11. Colonized Mind
  12. Dreamer
  13. Somewhere Here on Earth
  14. Laydown
  15. Funknroll
  16. Turn Up (w/Judith Hill)
  17. Clouds
  18. Holla & Shout (w/Tamar Davisl)
  19. Q.U.E.E.N (w/Janelle Monae)
  20. Extralovable
  21. Breakdown
  22. U Know
  23. Hardrocklover
  24. Givin' Em What They Love (w/Jonelle Monae)
  25. June
  26. X's Face
  27. Shut This Down
  28. 1000 X's & O's
  29. Stare
  30. Pretzelbodylogic
  31. Wow
  32. Fixurlifeup
  33. Anotherlove
  34. Tictactoe
  35. Marz
  36. Time
  37. Way Back Home


  1. Fdeluxe - Drummers & Healers, Gaslight
  2. Jesse Johnson - 100 Watts of Funky
  3. Original Seven - Trendin'

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Forums > Prince: Music and More > The Last 15 yrs - Greatest Hits 2000-2017