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Thread started 04/21/17 3:12am





I've been trying to figure out what to say today.

I can't seem to think of nothing else but what

happened twelve months ago - then it came to me ...

I hope you enjoy it - June7

Twelve Months Ago


There was a reason to look forward to the concert stage

There was a message in the music, in the songs you played

There was a time where, when you showed up, I'd go

'Til I found out what happened just twelve months ago


There was Disorder, Controversy in the air that day

There were people losin' their minds - but all in different ways

I thought I was dying - I didn't care to know

When I found out what happened twelve months ago


I don't think it's possible to ever be the same

You brought your funk, you brought your style - you even changed the game

You always looked ahead, Third Eye on the road

But we never saw the Signs until twelve months ago


I know you didn't leave us the way you wanted to

I know you weren't close to finished with what there was to do

But, "Face Down (just like Elvis)" - the other King, and his supposed pro

You joined that silly club twelve months ago


As for us, we cry and we communicate

Talk about your life, when times were truly great

Talk about the Rain, the Times, the World, you know ..

But, it's been hard since day one - twelve months ago


I'm not ready to believe in this reality

This is not the way you go - it's not how you would leave

People all around you don't know (or too afraid) to just say 'no'

But, would we be any different if it were twelve months ago?


The people who waited for you and your songs to play

Never would have dreamed for you it'd end this way

Now everyboy's on this Purple Variety Show

But where were all these fools just twelve months ago?


I still go to 'the Org' to get my daily fix

With Ben 'n Val, 'n Bev, 'n of course, Militant

Now, more than ever, we need to let them know

You didn't die in vain twelve months ago


I know my friends and family think these things are too intense

But, they never drank the 'cool aid', the never 'felt' the Prince

We'll never let you fade away, we can't, we know

That your life didn't end just twelve months ago


Another time, another place, we'll see you and yes ...

"Sometimes it Snows in April", but we'll see sun again

And we will party like we used to, like it's 1999

Twelve months ago you left us ... and someday we'll be fine.


By June 7 / Tomás, April 21, 2017
For Prince Rogers Nelson, June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016
Dedicated to all ‘The Org Peeps’ still here to jam with us until Forever


[June7, "ModGod"]
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.That was amazing...




Reply #2 posted 04/21/17 3:35am


That's lovely, but do we need two rememberance stickies?

RIP sad
Reply #3 posted 04/21/17 4:32am


Wow, just wow

Thank God this ain't Monopoly
U'd make us all go back 2 start
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Reply #5 posted 04/21/17 5:24am


That was so beautiful!! The tears flow and I can barely see the screen as I type. Your words spoke for my heart that has been too broken to express how I feel. Thank you. Miss you Prince...love u 4ever.
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Very nice - thanks.

Reply #7 posted 04/21/17 6:57am


Well done.

Reply #8 posted 04/21/17 7:24am


June7 that was absolutely beautiful! So well done. Thank you so much for sharing!

Admission is easy, just say you believe and come to this place in your heart... <3
Reply #9 posted 04/21/17 8:06am


Wow...absolutley beautiful touched

Reply #10 posted 04/21/17 8:22am


Well done!!! Very beautiful!!!

Was just starting to read when my friend texts me about it being 12 months ago!

Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by PRINCE

"Rotterdam, we come to jam!"
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I asked Prince what he was planning to do. He told me , I'm going to look for the ladder. I asked him what that meant. All he said was, sometimes it snows in April. - book D.M.S.R.
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A short 12 months. Lotsa Prince 2day. I fear his spirit is grieved.

"2freaky is a complete stud." DJ
Reply #13 posted 04/21/17 8:42am


Thank you for sharing... cry broken
Reply #14 posted 04/21/17 9:19am


Oh man, this is beautiful. You made me cry...

I'm not stopping. I haven't even taken my coat off

C'mon and dance while you, while you still have your cherry babe, cherry babe..

Reply #15 posted 04/21/17 9:42am


Beautiful. Captures the essence of what so many of us are feeling but can't always articulate.......

Today is the tomorrow you forgot about yesterday....
Reply #16 posted 04/21/17 10:04am


Wow! Just wow! Thanks for the beautiful words.
There is too much snow in Hollywood!
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Amazing read

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Great yes prince yes

Thank you!

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Thank you,

I bought a new cd today. The single 'Fury'. That's how I want to honor him.

Forever love you my friend.

A feeling of self-worth will caress U,
The size of the whole wide world will decrease,
The love of God's creation will undress U,
And time spent alone my friend, will cease.
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Well done.
Reply #22 posted 04/21/17 12:07pm


Simply, beautiful!! PRN, in our hearts always!! prince cry music fro heart hug angel guitar heart

"With love, honor, and respect for every living thing in the universe, separation ceases, and we all become one being, singing one song." - Prince Roger Nelson (1958-2016)
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heart Luv that is great. Thank you
Reply #24 posted 04/21/17 2:58pm


Beautiful, thanks so much!! hug heart

Love is God, God is love, girls and boys love God above.
RIP Sweet Prince
Reply #25 posted 04/21/17 3:15pm


Happy 1st anniversary Prince. We all still miss U and we all still love U. Today has been a day of celebrating him. It will ALWAYS be about the music. None of the other stuff matters.

Reply #26 posted 04/21/17 9:30pm


Absolutely beautiful. I am feeling so sad. Stevie Wonders radio station has played and still playing everything Prince. BET is playing all his videos. The TV stations are also honoring him. I hope he left this world knowing how loved and respected he truly was. pray

Again thank u June 7, that was so beautiful and heartfelt. sad

Reply #27 posted 04/21/17 10:08pm


Wow, this gave me the chills to read. So, so good. Thank you June7 for creating this for Prince, for you, for us all. Much luv!

"A strong spirit transcends rules." - Prince
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Beautiful. cool
“Do I dare Disturb the universe?”
― T.S. Eliot

“Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it”
― T.S. Eliot
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Yes.. beautiful!!

"Free URself, B the best that U can B, 3rd Apartment from the Sun, nothing left to fear" Prince Rogers Nelson - Forever in my Life -
Reply #30 posted 04/22/17 12:13pm


I'm deeply touched June 7.

Thank U so much 4 ur thoughts. prince

“The space between the notes, that’s the good part. How long the space is…that’s how funky it is or how funky it ain’t”
- Prince
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So, this makes front page news.

Goodbye org.

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heart rose Thanks June7.

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From my heart, I want to thank you all for your positive responses.
I was going to mention something to the two negative comments made, but why jump into that cesspool.

It's a sad day and it was written yesterday morning in a two hour period before posting it. It helped me with what I was feeling to get it out, and I'm glad to see that it helped some of you, and that is what matters.


- June7

[June7, "ModGod"]
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Beautiful touched

Edmonton, AB - canada

Ohh purple joy oh purple bliss oh purple rapture!
"I kind of wish there was a reason for Prince to make the site crash more" ~~ Ben
Reply #35 posted 04/22/17 11:47pm


I like it heart Very heartfelt.


Yesterday I got through. Today I completely fell apart.

Reply #36 posted 04/23/17 8:32am


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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