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Thread started 03/18/99 9:12am

Partial Transcript of Chaka Khan interview

Some news 4 U: Chaka Khan was on the UK channel 5 chat show Melinda's big night in
Last night (Wednesday) hosted by former model Melinda messenger.She talked about
The album Come 2 My House which she said is out March 29th and was asked:

MM:What was it like working with The Artist?

CK:Like working with myself,we're both very fast,we both rely on our instincts musically,
So there wasn't a lot of talking back and forth,just a lot of good work,we actually finished the
CD in about 3 weeks time.

MM:people are curious about him,he has his persona of being somebody …quite strange in someways?
Is he just a normal guy?

CK:No ! (laughs) Um,he's different,but I think that people misread his shyness for something else,
U know,he's just introverted and very shy and um,he's diifferent (pauses) the difference to is he's in the fishbowl,and everyone's looking at him U see,I'm sure there's a lot of weird guys walking around
U know,but no-one's looking at them

MM: That's very true,but they happen to be looking at him,which is no reflection of Prince being weird
Or anything..

CK: He is a genius though,he's really an artistic genius

MM:That's very true

She also talked about her lengthy career,her staying power ("I did what I had 2 do,had some integrity,
And it paid off ."),and was asked about her own line of chocolates " Chakalates they're
Called (audience laughs), for my charity, the Chaka Khan foundation charity,which addresses women and Children in crisis,it's a way of motivating funds for the foundation " although she said she wasn't
A big chocolate person herself (!)
She closed the show with a (lipsync) performance of the first single from the album,Don't talk 2 strangers,which she said was also out March 29th

URL: http://prince.org/msg/5001/12

Date printed: Mon 21st May 2018 3:54am PDT