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Thread started 09/24/17 8:28pm




CAT GLOVER -- Official: Question and Answer [Please Read Before Posting a Question]

UPDATE November 26, 2017: Still awaiting the responses. Once we get it back a new thread will be created. If you have any questions feel free to orgnote me. Any 'where is Cat Q&A answers created threads will get the lock - luv4u]

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAT GLOVER Q & A RESPONSES?? http://prince.org/msg/5/450827

We are pleased to announce that Cat Glover, has agreed to answer questions submitted by members of prince.org!

I will leave this thread open for one week (starting today) to post your respectful questions (and on topic comments) to her and she will do her best to answer what she can.






Once the Questions and the answers have been received back from Cat, a thread will be created where they will be posted.

This is the first time Cat Glover has been interviewed with a fansite community and we are so honoured to be the site she is entrusting to do so. Again, please be on your best behavior.

Thank you, ----- luv4u

And thank you to Cat Glover for this wonderful opportunity. rose

16387084_1247202765332915_897691713474825189_n.jpg?oh=3741f44c0e5bbd698ea7ed48a1f28a17&oe=5A431ECD 16473178_1247202748666250_3442254341783462623_n.jpg?oh=e9d5745acf965e2a744e56c7e844a3b7&oe=5A3D211D


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OMG! I love Cat!! excited I'll be back with a question! I just wanted to thank you for allowing us an opportunity to bond with you! hug

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Hi Cat! Thank you for doing this for the members of Prince.org. I offer you my condolences. What is your favorite memory involving Prince? Can you tell us the funniest time you had with him?

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Hello, Cat. Thank you for agreeing to do this Q&A session.

There is a small batch of photos of you and Prince chilling at the
side of a pickup truck. Even though you were most likely at a show,
you two looked like you were in your own little world. Where were
you and when?

Some videos that I have watched of different shows, I was ex-
hausted by Prince's and your energy from just watching!! It seemed
that you were able to keep up with him. I don't know how you
did it. Where did you get all that energy from?

Cat, my last question for you:: What is at least one thing you have
done for yourself to help you cope with all the negative things, the
untrue things, the crazy things that have come about since Prince's

No matter your age, pursue your dreams so that you will LIVE.
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Hi Cat!

I have such fond memories of you with Prince and the Band during one of the peaks of his career. You clearly had a great chemistry together.

I guess I'll keep it simple. Did you and Prince stay in touch over the years? When was the last time you conversed?


Reply #6 posted 09/27/17 6:02pm


Hey lovely Cat!
After the LoveSexy tour was over why didn't you go on to do a solo deal with Paisley Park Records? In addition, what was your initial reaction when you found out that the Sign O' The Times tour was not going to the USA? In my last question is - well it is more like a comment/question. I love your performance (the entire show to be exact) with Prince during the extended version of a Beautiful Night at the New Year show at Paisley Park, what can you recall before that show and after that show that you can vividly remember? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.
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What color are prince's eyes
Reply #8 posted 09/27/17 8:11pm


Cat, I am sorry for your loss.

Loved you since Star Search!!!

What did Prince eat before or after a show for stamina.

Did he warm up like a typical dancer or more like most male athletes?

Thank you so much!!! Best!!
Reply #9 posted 09/28/17 12:29am


Hi Cat,

thanks for taking part of this, my question:

I heard that Bowie was also interested in hiring you for his Glass Spider Tour at the same time Prince asked you for his Sign "0"the Times tour. What made you pick Prince over Bowie?



"Time is a train, makes the future the past"
Reply #10 posted 09/28/17 12:32am


The Lovesexy tour was my first Prince live experience. I remember how active you all were on stage and it makes me tired thinking about it now. How grueling was the rehearsing? Did you get to play B-ball on stage each night? I remember an actual basketball hoop on stage when I saw you all in Maryland.

Reply #11 posted 09/28/17 1:23am


Hi Cat, thank you for this oppurtunity.

I wondered: dring the tours, was there place for improvisation on the dancing or was it the same routine every time?

Wishing you the best!

Reply #12 posted 09/28/17 4:20am


Please name the top 3 unreleased Prince songs from the vault that were recorded while you were in the band.
Reply #13 posted 09/28/17 5:05am


Hi Cat. What an honour this is. I'm curious- how did you guys come up with your dance moves? Did Prince have clear ideas or did u 'find' the moves in the rehearsal space? Greg

Reply #14 posted 09/28/17 5:24am


Dear Cat, please tell - what do u remember from the Glam Slam musicvideo shoot back in '88?

Such a good pop song, and, Lovesexy is my fave Prince-album, (among several others, though), wonderful tour in '88 and what a wonderful album, the screaming guitars, the many layers in the music, well I happen to love the whole album (Lovesexy), so please tell about it (Glam Slam?).

The Glam Slam musicvideo, I have so dear memories thinking about it, I saw this video on a small Black & White television screen - shown in rather high rotation in Europe, back then on MTV. I was young then, seeing u dancing with Prince in that video made a big impression on me.

Btw. also, dear Cat: later u made an appearance in the danish rock-artist Nikolaj Steen's video I believe the song was his only (minor) hit outside Denmark, and it was called "Angel", maybe if not too much, what do u remember about that, the song was a smash in Denmark, it was in 1991 (I believe?), and seeing u wow, right after your career with Prince had happened, that was so surprising, also a wonderful moment. Please tell a little how that co-operation came about, with danish singer, Nikolaj Steen? Today he is a well respected musician, and producer (I believe so), in Denmark that is.

Thanks, thedance.

video: "Angel" = Nikolaj Steen feat. Cat, 1991

^ please allow, cuz Cat is in it, but no Prince involvement.

Nice song (imo). cool

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Prince 4Ever. heart
Reply #15 posted 09/28/17 5:55am



Cat Glover!!! Love U

I know you left the Prince camp in 1989

I remember watching the Batdance video when it came out, and of course I'm looking for Cat, Sheila e etc

Where U still around during this period? Where you involved or were there things working/in the works with the Batman era before you left?


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Reply #16 posted 09/28/17 6:02am


Hello Cat! I am obsessed with the mirrored heart wristbands. Do you have any amusing or particulalry interesting stories about these costume pieces?

The SOTT era is when I became taken by Prince (I was 10 years old). I'm glad you were his sidekick then, you will always be a favorite. Your performance in the SOTT film is LEGENDARY.

Reply #17 posted 09/28/17 6:04am


Hi cat

Thank you for your contributions to a beloved era in princes history. Your addition to the band seems serendipitous, as the on stage chemistry between you and prince was perfection, very playful, energetic, and friendly, with just the right amount of sexuality. You were such a big part of the show, but the visual experience in particular, which was just as important as the aural experience during that time period, I can not imagine it being any better. Thank you for all of that, I know it was work, but it must have been the most fun possible as well.

I am mildly obsessed with prince doing regular stuff, as there is very little information about the mundane stuff everyone does. Did you guys hang out during the rare down times you had while on tour, or at paisley? Did he slump down on the sofa, kick his shoes off and turn on the t.v.? Can you share some of the "normal people" stuff prince did, and you guys did together? Do you have any photos of prince during down time that you could share? I feel like I know him as the most gifted musician/performer of my life time, but not really as a person...for some reason this is what I think about the most...thank you again, I appreciate you taking the time to do this...
Reply #18 posted 09/28/17 7:29am


In hindsight, the Lovesexy shows were an extravaganza that we have not really seen since and no longer expect to considering the state of the music industry.

Q1. Is it true that Prince was not really into doing the Japanese leg in 1989 but did it anyway more for business? If so, it is incredible that a reluctant Prince could sound so damn good...many of the Japan shows are circulating in perfect soundboard so we know how amazing they were...

Q2. After "head", the band jammed and it seems they sort of improvised. I LOVE what they did in Nagoya and also love a lot of the jams from other show. Was that rehearesed or did he let the band loose?

Finally, I hope you guys just let out any shows you may have in your possesion. I say this b/c the estate is in such a mess, I don't think they will get to any of this in any timely manner. Let the fans enjoy.


Reply #19 posted 09/28/17 8:07am


Ms. Glover,

Thank you for your willingness to answer questions from the Org. Please accept my condolenscenes for the passing of Prince and the impact it has on you.

1.) During your time with Prince, around 1987-1988, Prince had a lot going on, more so, behind the public view (Crystal Ball, SOTT, The Black Album, Lovesexy), could you please elaborate on the environment at Paisley Park and Prince for that period?

2.) As with most fans, I am intrigued with the Vault, could you please describe the scope or volume of the Vault during your time with Prince? Are there any items, video, audio or photographic that you would like to share with the Org that may not be common knowledge?

3.) Lastly, without trying to get too personal. would you tell us a time of you and Prince that the general public is not aware of. We as fan see Prince in a different manner, not a "normal" person per se. It is nice to hear stories from those who were close to Prince share stories. In some ways, it helps with his passing.

Thank you for your conisideraton on the questions and for your work and contributions into Prince's music and artistry.

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Ask Cat what her favorite aftershow experience was?

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Reply #21 posted 09/28/17 9:24am


Thank you for doing this, Cat.

I will come back with a question.

Reply #22 posted 09/28/17 11:29am


Dear Cat,

I just wanted to ask you: How are you and what are you doing these days ?

Reply #23 posted 09/28/17 11:35am


Hi Cat--- When was the last time you saw Prince or spoke with him? Thank you-- biggrin

Reply #24 posted 09/28/17 12:37pm


Cat, will always love you first of all,my question is:
There was a story floating around that you walked up to Prince some years after you stopped working with him and told him that no other dancer could replace you (something to that effect) and then just turned around and walked away. Is there any truth to this story? What was your relationship with him after 88 if any?
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Favorite P moment onstage/favorite P moment offstage?

What do you cherish most about P?

Reply #26 posted 09/28/17 1:13pm


Hello Cat and thanks for taking your time out of your busy schedule for this. My question for you is, what does Prince smelled like? Also in the Glam Slam video, was Prince really covering his eyes with the bandana while he was dancing, and lastly did Prince ever had a choreographer?
Reply #27 posted 09/28/17 3:02pm


whats ur favorite prince song ?

what was something you did to make prince really laugh ( everytime )

what was something prince liked snacking on ?


Reply #28 posted 09/28/17 4:48pm


Hi Cat. Another question on glam slam - yes we appear to be a forum who just can't get enough of it! Do you have any memories of any strange experiences or feelings or emotions or stories you connect with this song from you or those around you? Was Prince particularly in to it or as much as any other song and can you recall any thing he mentioned?

Next, Choreography! Did you choreograph together or did you lead and Prince follow? Did he have any go to moves you noticed (he always cool to me but back then did he have any you thought were not so hip and have to alter?!) and were there songs you heard that you had already choreographed in your minds eye before your feet even touched the dance floor? If so which ones?

Im fascinated by people's emotional response to music it's otherworldly don't you think? What songs from your (awesome) time with Prince stir particularly strong emotions for you then and now and why - and did you ever pick up on any that you felt Prince had a particular response to? Be it joy. Sadness. Spirituality..

Cat did you get to keep your costumes or any keep sakes I hope so!

Did Prince enjoy it on the road and hang out or was he a bit of a hermit on his days off? Did you ever see him sleep or was he really up for the time people say?

Did you ever get to borrow his clothes?!

Lastly, creepy question I know but it's interesting to me! what did Prince smell like back then! Everyone says lavender as a blanket answer but I wondered if that was the case then and if so was it strong and was it a pure essential oil smell or a more delicate spray or a vanilla lavender.. A lemon lavender.. You know what I mean!

All the best and thank you for the wonderful shows! You are a fabulous part of Prince history.
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Hello Cat!

Can you share anything/elaborate any about the creation of "Koo Koo" both/either song and/or video? You and Sheila look like you had a blast making that video.

Thanks a million!

Reply #30 posted 09/29/17 12:43am


Cat - thank you SO much for doing this...I hope it's as cathartic for you as it is for us, hearing about your dealings with this remarkable man! Forgive me if my questions are intrusive - I understand if you don't wish to answer them and hope you won't be offended:

1) Did your relationship with Prince extend beyond the professional / friendship? And if so, do you think this was a pattern - and a problem - for him, and those involved?

2) Was the ending of your AMAZING (and it really was!!) partnership friendly / acrimonious? It seemed so brief and so intense, I can't help but wonder!

3) You have, I believe, expressed consternation over the manner of Prince's demise on social media...What do YOU think happened / led up to it all? I still can't quite believe he has passed, he was such a bright flame in this world - but were you as confounded as us, or (as Tyka has said of herself) were you anticipating it in some way..? Please, please, if you can, shed some light on it for us because, selfishly, I continue to find it incredibly difficult to process... sad

Again - thank you for taking the time to do this, and being willing to open yourself up in this way. I for one am truly thankful!

Reply #31 posted 09/29/17 4:00am


Hi Cat

You were right at the centre of Prince's most creative period (IMO). Changes in direction must have been happening on a nearly daily basis!

Did his changes in direction ever cause confusion?

For example, was The Black Album really pulled at the last minute, which must have felt crazy, or do you think it was planned as part of the whole "Lovesexy experience" !?

What were your favourite tracks? Any unreleased?

Thanks for your time!!

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Hello Cat

Was the style/look/design already set to go for the Black album?

Did Prince and the band have a look designed?


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Hey Cat..meowwww! - The most important question is how are you these day's?..are you well again?

Also what does the future hold for you?

Here's a few Prince Q's 4 U....

1] Were you there on the night Bowie came to visit P.Park?...if so what can you share?

2] What's your 1 most amazing memory of being in the Purple Orbit?

3] What light can you shed on P's massive change of heart away from the Black album to the pure spirituality of LoveSexy...we've read the rumours but the truth would be appreciated.

I have too many Q's so will stop now!

Reply #34 posted 09/29/17 6:46am


snip - OF4$ yikes

Reply #35 posted 09/29/17 8:14am



Thanks so much for agreeing to do this. I have two questions for you:

1.) Regarding performance: I've observed in many interviews that gifted performers often note that their minds are typically blank or rather in a state of flow or just acting as an active channel of energy when performing. Was this the case for you? I ask because your dancing (an example being the performance of 'If I Had A Harem' @ Dortmund in 1988) was so responsive and complimentary to the music that I wonder if you were in a state of flow or just really attentive to what was happening musically?

2.) Regarding the recording of Lovesexy and Lovesexy as an accomplishment: What was that period of creativity like? As far as the atmosphere surrounding the creation of the record as well as the mood Prince was in while creating it? Was he hyper-focussed in the construction of the record or was the music just coming to him? Also, what did he think of or how did he personally rate the album once it was finished? What did you and the others around him at that time think of it?

Thanks again and all the best!

Reply #36 posted 09/29/17 8:46am


Cat thank you for agreeing to the Q&A. I have a question regarding whether Prince planned to release a solo record for you after your featured rap on Alphabet St. Thank you smile
Reply #37 posted 09/29/17 9:04am


Hi cat! Now that prince is no longer here people from his camp is now responsible from telling about the man vs the myth. Can you in any way squash some rumors about our beloved prince?
Thank you
Reply #38 posted 09/29/17 11:21am


Oh gosh - ANOTHER question - this time on behalf of my son, whose name begins with G.
He always gets a wee bit ticked-off when listening to 'Alphabet Street' because the G is missing from your rap at the end. PLEEEEEEEEASE can you provide me with an explanation to pass on to him? He is driving me nuts about it! lol

Reply #39 posted 09/29/17 11:27am


Hey Cat - thank u so much 4 doing this! My question is about the cover photo 4 the Sign "O" The Times single. A lot of people actually thought it was Prince holding the guitar. I personally got a chuckle out of that, but I'm curious what your reaction was. biggrin

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Reply #40 posted 09/29/17 11:44am


Hi Cat,

My best wishes to you, I hope you are well. Thank you for agreeing to answer questions here. I loved the SoTT and Lovesexy era; thank you for your work and contributions, I loved your dancing, choreography and energy. A few questions, mostly relating to Lovesexy:


1) Did Prince verbally explain the overall concept / story of the Lovesexy stage show to you? And how the different sections of the show would link together e.g. shooting the basketball, bob george, supercalifragisexy, riding on the car etc? Or was it more that he visually showed you?


2) Did you have any input into the design and layout of the Lovesexy stage (given that it might affect what choreography was possible)?


3) I love the end of the Lovesexy show with the white thunderbird car. I've always wondered how difficult it was for the three of you to stay balanced on the car, singing and waving while it moved on its track? Were there sensors to stop the car if one of you fell or slipped under it?


4) During the SoTT and Lovesexy tours, did you have any difficulty seeing the stage when dancing and moving during the shows given the lighting was sometimes dark?


5) I love the Dortmund show and was so excited when it was broadcast live across Europe. Did Prince say anything particular in preparation for that show? How did it feel knowing that you were performing live on television across Europe?


6) Lastly, I love the Lovesexy album, and the way the voice changes during Lovesexy track, blending what sounds like a female voice, Prince's normal voice and his sped-up voice. Did you speak/sing on the Lovesexy track? Do you know if there are any other vocalists on that track?


Much love. Thank you for your time.

Reply #41 posted 09/29/17 11:54am


Hi Cat. I remember what a great dancer you were on Star Search. Is it true you & Madonna were supposed to star in Graffiti Bridge? How do you feel about people who were once in P's life that are now seemingly profiting from his death? And finally, I read that you were dealing with some serious health issues. Are you doing better now?

Reply #42 posted 09/29/17 12:28pm



Reply #43 posted 09/30/17 12:00pm


Hi Cat. There have been rumors that you had some involvement in the events that lead to Prince deciding to shelve the Black Album. Can you comment on this and explain your involvement?
Reply #44 posted 09/30/17 2:38pm


Hey Cat. Can you elaborate on any existing sign o the times movie outtakes such as missing songs? Also are there any unreleased audio tracks you feature on? Any unreleased videos you choreographed? Thanks.
Reply #45 posted 09/30/17 2:54pm


Hi Cat. Prince often spoke about being a Gemini, expressing a dual nature. Equally, he loved to present that Prince mystique side to his fans and the media.

My question is in Paisley Park, rehearsals etc did Prince feel comfortable to be himself and let people into his true self and be vulnerable, or did he have to play the enigma, the boss, too often?

Prince laid some clues about bullying and childhood trauma with his family splitting up and him leaving home. I always thought that his defense may have been to build "a big tall wall" around his feelings so he could create a front that showed he was in complete control 24/7 despite a lot of his songs hinting at his complete emotional palate.

Thank you for doing this. You are wonderful and an indelible part of Prince history and why we enjoy your part in his classic era.

Reply #46 posted 09/30/17 3:14pm


Hi Cat,

Thanks for taking questions from fans.

*How much do you know about unreleased material from 1987-1989 that resides in the Paisley Park vault? Is there any unreleased material in the Paisley Park vault that you regard as stellar? I understand that you may not be able to go in great detail.

*What are your favourite Prince songs or albums, and why are these your favourites?

~ Michelle

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Reply #47 posted 09/30/17 3:14pm


Hi Cat,

How do you think the music in the vault should be released?

Who has the knowledge and skill to best release the music in the vault?

What do you think should be done with Paisley Park?

I love you! I saw you perform with Prince in Mpls to kick off the Lovesexy tour. You are the best!

Reply #48 posted 09/30/17 3:47pm


Hi Cat!🐱
Thank you so much for doing this interview!

1) What was Boni like? Favor memory?
2) Do you have any photos of your time with Prince? If so will you ever share any?
3) Do you still keep in contact with any of your exband mates? If so who?
Reply #49 posted 09/30/17 5:29pm


First, do you have any idea how many completed songs P had in the vault at the time when you left?

Second, what is a cat glove?

Reply #50 posted 09/30/17 6:09pm


Hi Ms. Glover,

I've seen racy looking photos from the tours. Was it ever awkward rehersing those moves? Also what was a typical rehersal schedule like?

[Pic takes up wayyyy toooo much bandwidth - luv4u]

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Reply #51 posted 09/30/17 8:44pm


Choreographers don't typically get the say-so in estate matters of a dead rock star, whether real estate or films. Why do you think Paisley Park should not be visited by people who loved him the most? Prince clearly had a plan for PP once he died, so why would your ideas about it be more valid, especially having only worked with him for roughly two years, almost thirty years ago?

This experience will cover courtship, sex, commitment, fetishes, loneliness, vindication, love, and hate.
Reply #52 posted 09/30/17 9:16pm


Lovesexy Wembley 88 was th first time I saw Prince live, what is your favourite memory of playing that tour?
Reply #53 posted 09/30/17 9:21pm


Hi cat! During the lovesexy tour you stopped in Philly. After the show, you and prince went to a club called the black banana. It was nearly empty; you guys were upstairs. A few people came in and started dancing. I think there were adult movies playing on the monitors in FF motion. You and prince got up to leave. You walked down the steps and a girl followed both of you. You got in the van, but prince waited a second and looked at the girl. That girl was me.

Do you remember any of that?
Reply #54 posted 10/01/17 1:19am


Hi Cat, I can't believe you are answering questions from the fans, thank you for doing this.

The SOTT and Lovesexy tours that your were part of, were on a different level, they were incredible spectacles.

There was a spirituality that appeared to flow through Prince especially with the Lovesexy tour, do you remember the Dortmund show that was filmed and The Cross? I don't think I've seen a musical moment that was more powerful, Prince seemed almost to be a preacher with that blistering guitar solo and his look to the heavens.

Love, sex and religion always seemed such a powerful muse for him, but I think this tour was a culmination of pretty much everything he had done before, the zenith of him as an artist, together with the band.

What do you think Prince was feeling during that tour and was there a feeling within the band that this was something special?
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Reply #55 posted 10/01/17 5:57am


What tracks did you record for your solo project, ( to be called IamEnergy, wasn't it?) with Prince , were they finished or just demos

Did you record other tracks with Tim Simenon?


Reply #56 posted 10/01/17 11:42am


Hi Cat! Thanks for doing this. I don't have a question. Just wanted to say I loved your work with Prince. What an awesome opportunity. It's obvious you embraced it and did not let him or his fans down. I hope life is good. Wishing you all the best smile
It's a hurtful place, the world, in and of itself. We don't need to add to it. We all need one another. ~ PRN
Reply #57 posted 10/01/17 12:36pm


Hi cat,I'm happy that you took the time to answer questions.You were great in the Sign of the times film.especially during the performance of "Hot Thing"

My question is did you keep listening to Prince's albums throughout the years? I'm curious to know your thoughts on his more recent albums like HitNRun,Art official age,3121.Any opinions on those albums and favorite songs from them? Also,we're u ever at Paisley Park when Michael Jackson visited? Any stories you can share involving MJ and Prince? Thank u
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Reply #58 posted 10/01/17 12:54pm


Hi Cat, thank you for agreeing to take questions, I hope you are well and send you love. Thank you for your work - you brought so much.

I recall a few years ago there was talk of you working on your own versions of alphabet street, it's one of my favourite P songs and I love your rap - I was wondering if you did have a version to release and when we might hear it.

Big loves, take care. Mikey
Comin str8 outta Preston...
Reply #59 posted 10/01/17 2:16pm


Hi Cat

During 1989 and 1990 you were spending time in London working with Bomb the Bass and hanging out at the Wag club. Do you have any memories from that time you would like to share? Where in London did you stay?

Thank you
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Reply #60 posted 10/01/17 2:43pm


I have one more question, can you please tell us the story about prince turning down "Bad" what was prince's reaction.
Reply #61 posted 10/01/17 3:33pm


Hey Cat,ADOREPRINCE here. Just wanted to know how are u. What's Cat up to these Day. lol I've alway said u are PRINCE BEST DANCER. GOD Bless u Sweetie. wink
Reply #62 posted 10/01/17 5:04pm


Hi Cat!

Thanks for doing this! Did you know of Prince, when he started in the’70’s, as a listener. (Don’t want to say “fan”). Were you “star struck “ when you met him?

Loved the Prince/Cat era. He was sooo playful!!
Reply #63 posted 10/01/17 6:08pm


Hi guys I just wanted to jump on real quick before the thread closes and thank everyone for the questions that they have submitted to Cat. Appreciated.
Business Manager to Cat Glover.
Reply #64 posted 10/01/17 11:31pm


Love U Cat cat heart (yes)

Do you marvel at the amount of WORK that you all did during '87-'88?
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Cat! I'm a fan! and I never really got into the details of Prince's life, I can't imagine how hard his passing must have effected you. It will get easier, I can say that with confidence, and I'm living proof.

I've been listening to his music as I went about my life; for the past year and a half or so, I have felt empty without him in our world. I see things and hear things that sometimes break me down. A song, a video, an interview will sometimes touch my inner heart and I'll tear up down with sadness. I then will think about you, and how involved you were in his life, and I take my sadness, times TEN, and I imagine that's how difficult this all must be for you. Once I show a bit of empathy inside, I wish I could do something for you. I love you Cat hug and thank you for giving our Prince some happiness.

There are moments in my life that I can recall some very happy times with my family. My question to you: Can you recall that one story that Prince had you rolling with laughter so hard that it hurt to laugh because you were laughing so much? What was that moment? Share with us a great great story that will being us all joy and happiness.

Love you Cat! Call me! call


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Hi Cat & thank you so much for spending some time with us. For years I've tried to find out if Prince liked any video games. And if so which ones. Around 87 Prince's energy level seemed inhuman. What kind of exercise/nutrition was he into? Or could you tell us what he was expecting out of the dancers exercise) nutrition wise.

Thanks 🐈
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Hey Cat. I read a 2013 interview where you spoke about asking Prince why he picked you given that you weren't mixed like some of the other ladies (Vanity, etc.). He was shocked that you thought being black would be a reason not to pick you.

I'm shocked that he was shocked. All the black girls I knew felt like you did back then in the 80s, me included. Like he didn't think we were attractive. Thank god for you, Cat!

Can you share more about that conversation? Do you think he understood the impact it had on such a huge part of his fan base? Did he understand where you were coming from?

Please, please pick my question. This has been on my mind for years and I'm not aware of any conversations he's ever had about the subject.

Thank you!!!
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I have to start visiting the other boards more because I cannot believe that I almost missed this! eek

Hi Cat! wave Thanks so much for doing this. No shade intended towards any others but of all Prince's dancers, you were my favorite because y'all always looked to me like y'all were having so much fun together.

I remember the first time I saw the SOTT movie and saw this:

It was the slickest move I'd ever seen. Still to this day it's in my top 10. But my question is about the dance you did for Glam Slam during the Love Sexy concert. At the end, after y'all did that fabulous spin and you and Prince bowed to each other. He pulled down his blind-fold thingy and kind of looked at you in awe, then it looked to me like he said something to you. If it's not too much to ask, what did he say? I've really always wanted to know.

Thanks again for doing this and take care! heart hug

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haleno1 said:

Hi guys I just wanted to jump on real quick before the thread closes and thank everyone for the questions that they have submitted to Cat. Appreciated.

Thank U


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Cat in 1997 Chris Rock asked who would be in his fantasy dream band

and he started saying Wendy Lisa Sheila Rhonda ...

and a year later he put hidden messages in his video for 'The ONE'

and one of the messages #6 says Wendy Lisa Sheila Cat Susannah Rhonda Marva

did you know this?

Did Prince talk to you at all in the latter 90s period about rejoining his band?

He was gearing to reform the Revolution for the Roadhouse Garden album


A Liar Shall Not Tarry In My Presence

What's the matter with your life
Is poverty bringing U down?
Is the mailman jerking U 'round?
Did he put your million dollar check
In someone else's box?
Tell me, what's the m
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Hi Cat! I hope you are doing well. In my opinion, you are the best dancer Prince had. I love watching footage of you from the SOTT and Lovesexy tours. Your energy was contagious!

I read the story of how you came to dance with Prince, but how did you start singing/rapping for him? Did you mention to him that you were a singer? What was it like working in the studio with him?

Your body around this time was the truth! I'm sure dancing kept you in shape, but did you have any other workout regimen? You are my body goals smile

I know you had your reasons for leaving the band, but I think if you had not left Prince would have had you around for a long time. I obviously don't know either of you, but you two had this great chemistry.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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Yes Cat you absolutely were his energy match on the dance floor, you gave it and you could see in his

face he was like Dang!!!!!! Thank you for that!!!

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Hi Cat,


I hope you don't mind, after chatting with a friend, I have another couple of questions.


1) When you joined Prince and became part of the SoTT era, it felt as though this was a long way from the Purple Rain era. The time gap felt larger than it really was because of Prince's numerous musical, artistic and stylistic changes between 1984/5 and 1987, and the sheer quantity and quality of his output. Did it feel to you as though you were a long way from the Purple Rain era?


2) I have many different images of Prince from over the years, in different songs, videos, interviews and performances. Yet sometimes, the general public remain most aware of Prince in terms of his Purple Rain image and character. Given this, when you met and worked with Prince, how similar or different was he to the Prince depicted in Purple Rain, and how similar or different was he to how you imagined he would be?


3) Did you ever see Prince record his vocals for songs in the recording studio? I've read that he often preferred to be alone whilst doing this.


4) Did Prince ever discuss his thoughts on or the inspiration behind his Camille persona to you?


Thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions. It is much appreciated.

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Hey Cat! Thank you for doing this.

2 questions for you.

1. When you knew him, was Prince as outwardly socially conscious like he was in the recent years before he died?

2. Did you ever get a chance to watch Prince record a track from start to finish by himself? If so, which song was it? Released or unreleased.

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Hey Cat I'll talk to you on facebook.

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In addition to all your timeless work on Prince's records and tours, I truly believe you are a part of cinematic history with your central role in the masterpiece Sign o the Times film. I read somewhere that you and Prince edited much of the film together yourselves. Is this true? Could you describe what Prince was like as a filmmaker, particularly behind the scenes? How did he know what the "great" material was and how did you work with him on putting this all together?

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