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Thu 21st Jun 2018 11:06am
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Thread started 01/08/17 5:22pm


Linn LM-1 app?

Hi, friends. Long-time member, long-time lurker. First post.

Like most of us here I've been heavily binging on purple music to soften our loss. As a musician I can't help but process all this music and turn it back out in my own way, in my own compositions. Recently acquired my first smart-device and am eager to play with some Linn LM-1 sounds. Are there any fellow musicians here who can recommend a solid app for working up some purple sounds? I tinkered a bit with something from ElliotGarage - it was intriguing but I'd be grateful for additional suggestions and some direction.

Alternatively, if anybody has had positive experiences with the EGLM1 drum machine app I'd really appreciate hearing that, too. Aside from spending a few thousand dollars on a vintage Linn LM-1, I have yet to find other cost-effective ways of really getting that sound.

Forgive me if this topic has been covered recently. I did a search but didn't quite see what I was looking for in any recent conversations. Technology changes so quickly that even something a few months old might not be relevant.

Thanks. smile
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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > Linn LM-1 app?