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Thu 25th Apr 2019 1:12pm
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Thread started 03/03/18 4:53pm


Concert Setlists

With so much insight regarding behind the scenes operations coming out from close friends and associated artists....there is not much insight into how Prince compiled a setlist for any given show. One of the greatest attributes to him was that every live performance was different. How far in advance were the setlists made? What caused him to play certain songs one night and those another?

I remember one time he played a remake of the Cars "Let's Go" at a charity event in NYC. A thread was started on the org praising the eventually made its way into sporadic future setlists. Another rare memory was him opening up the legendary NYC City Whinery gig with "Strays of the World"....a song he hardly ever played live. Did any of his associates any speak on this topic?

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Reply #1 posted 03/03/18 5:00pm


I wonder, How does Prince Vault have the setlist fo almost every show? Did fans write down the set list as the show was happening?
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Reply #2 posted 03/13/18 3:43pm




^ Concert setlists on PrinceVault are gathered in various ways.

Yes - in some cases, in more recent years, the setlist was added as the show progressed and the news was reported back. In other cases, for example, a setlist was derived from reports and, where possible, from one or more recordings from a show.

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