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Wed 29th Mar 2017 11:46pm
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Thread started 03/26/17 11:17pm


Last Prince Concert 3/26/2011

3/26/2011...On this day six years ago, I remember my daughters and I going shopping for the prince concert. They had to find a outfit to wear and I had to get my hair and nails done, AND my face beat for the concert. lol sexy

I will never forget how close I came to getting on stage with Prince. I was the next person in line to get on stage, when the security guard asked me to throw my phone in the bucket. Everyone else threw their phone in like it wasn't a problem. I refused, the security guard said no one else could get on stage because the stairs were shaking. What was I thinking? At the time my phone was a flip phone, so I doubt anyone would have mistaken it for a smartphone or iPhone. haha. lol

After the concert, my daughters expressed how much they enjoyed the concert and finally they understood why I loved Prince.

When I returned home and wrote "Ain't No Party Like a Old School Party." music headbang woot! guitar

Since this concert, I planned on seeing Prince again in California and also the "Piano and Microphone tour. Unfortunately on both occasions the ticket's sold out.

I've loved Prince since I was 15 years old. I remember seeing his first movie Purple Rain three times in a row with my aunt in New Jersey. We couldn't leave the theater.

Prince was a legend and a musical genius.

I've seen Prince six times in concert.

Those who knew Prince realized that he had a hilarious side that you didn't see at his concert. lol biggrin

I'll always cherish the memories of going to Prince concerts, his life that he gave to the world and so many memories that i keep deep inside.

I'm glad that I have pictures of my daughters and i on our way to the concert. I'll try 2 upload another time.

Besides being the superstar that Prince was to the world he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses, my spiritual brother. Looking forward 2 seeing him again in paradise. pray pray

Love you Prince, they'll never be another you! prince prince guitar heart kiss fallinluv lips

Prince Rogers Nelson

June 7,1958-

April 21, 2016

You and me are like two ships passing
Never reaching shore
If we ever, ooh, if we ever did
We'd just want more
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Forums > Concerts > Last Prince Concert 3/26/2011