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Tue 25th Oct 2016 3:08am
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Goodbye [b]! WYSIWYG composing is here!

Yes, well, I finally got fed up with the creaky old composing window, and it’s “web 1.0″ way of doing things… so I added some pretty cool features, I think.

Now when you compose new messages (replies, new topics), you get a snazzy new WYSIWYG editor, which lets you do bold, italics, lists, etc. all quite easily and in a more foolproof way. Less previewing, more concentrating on what you really want to say!

As with any changes, there will likely be bugs. Let me know any you find, probably the easiest way is via the forum posting (but responding here is OK too.)

p.s. I also added an autosave draft feature… every minute, whatever you’re composing will get saved. If you¬†accidentally¬†close your browser window before submitting, or your browser crashes, or whatever, you can come back later and pick up where you left off as of the last autosave. You’ll get notices on the forum overview and thread-reading pages if there’s a draft for that area, waiting for you. I hope this helps everyone write long(er) / more thoughtful messages with peace of mind!

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16 responses to “Goodbye [b]! WYSIWYG composing is here!”

  1. BartVanHemelen said:

    Have you also fixed the quoting bug?

    Example: reply to a post quoting the previous post, but instead of typing one reply beneath the quoted text, split up the quoted text yourself into smaller chunks so you can reply to each individual point. This works OK (though it’s a bit of a hassle copy-pasting the quote-start/quote-end tags).

    But if someone else wants to reply to my reply, most of the time the quoted text is a mess, often skipping parts of the post and occasionally messing up the quote-tags.

  2. BartVanHemelen said:

    Uh… Did you even TEST this?
    Here’s how it looks in editing mode:
    Here’s how the result looks:

  3. ben said:

    I know it’s busted in Opera Mini, badly (arrgh).

    THANKS for the screenshot Bart!! That helps me track down the issue… I think I know what might be happening.

  4. luv4u said:

    Thank you Ben bow

    I keep an eye out for bug

  5. Elle85n09 said:

    Hey Ben,

    Does this mean if I want to leave a long winded reply to a thread I won’t have a time limit? <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" /> You must be a saint.


    Sandra (Elle85n09)

  6. butterfli25 said:

    I can’t seem to post anything any more as of 29MAY10. not sure if this is even going to work UGH

  7. butterfli25 said:

    ok I have a mac and can post here but not in the composing area.

  8. hollywooddove said:

    Can not automatically insert emoticons.

  9. prb said:

    can we please have a “how to” thread for dummies like me who dont know this new stuff

  10. RodeoSchro said:

    I get the “You can’t start a topic without a message!” error whenever I try to post something in a thread without quoting some other poster.

    Why is that? What am I doing wrong?

    HELP ME.

  11. CHRISLUV92 said:

    everytime i try to post a pic……cant paste? whats up with that….?help please

  12. udo said:

    Thanks but no thanks.
    It’s slow. How can I turn it off?

  13. Shufflebottom said:

    It’s hard to use it during a hand job

  14. Shufflebottom said:

    This is a shit system… mixing old scripts with modern scripts does not work! Back to the drawing board or quit while you are ahead <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  15. SeventeenDaze said:

    I have not been on in a long time, and I wanted to leave a reply on a thread about fake Prince songs. I was signed in, but I did not see a “Leave a Reply” window like the one here, or any other way to post a reply/comment. I saw icons for Twitter, etc., but nothing to let me add a comment. I feel kind of stupid asking, but what am I doing wrong?

  16. 1sandra said:

    Can or will someone please e mail the poem that is on the back of the purple rain album please…. to,

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