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Fri 21st Oct 2016 8:57am
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Shut up already, u got 2 get off… damn, Housequake closed?

There’s a little notice over at our friend-site, today that says: is closed until further notice…

On ‘request’ by Prince I changed back the old Housequake header. Sorry people, but I can’t afford to play any more games. Thanks to Prince & his staff for their “support” over the years.


I don’t know the entire story, but understand it to be something along the lines of a disagreement over (the usual) copyright wrangling between Prince and his fansites, of the same sort that this site has been involved in in the past, multiple times.  It really doesn’t matter much what the exact details are — clearly, there is, and has pretty much always been, a disconnect between how Prince perceives his best business interests, and his fans’ desired acceptance of  their abilities to ‘remix’ officially-sourced content (photos, lyrics, you name it), etc.

This particular latest development in the ongoing tug-of-rope between the Prince camp and the fans, isn’t really anything new, but it’s somewhat remarkable in that it has convinced, temporarily or permanently, one of Prince’s biggest and most dedicated supporters, Aaron, to throw in the towel. I hope it’s only temporary, but I wouldn’t blame him if HQ was shuttered for good. It’s incredibly frustrating committing your time, money, and effort to a site for Prince fans, which directly or indirectly, you feel benefits an artist. I don’t want to speak for any of the HQ staff, but I believe they probably feel the same way I do: that our sites are a key driver of fan loyalty, overall positive publicity, sales of albums and concert tickets, and a continued sense of relevancy in today’s culture.

Now, maybe Prince doesn’t agree that our sites perform these roles. Or maybe I’m wrong about it (but I doubt that). Really, it’s fine, I’ve made my peace with this situation long ago. I’ve been saying since the site started that has nothing directly to do with Prince, but everything to do with the extremely diverse community that has grown out of past and present (and if he’s lucky, future) Prince fans. When we launched this site in 1999, it was right in the banner as it is today: independent and unofficial. We don’t want any special treatment from Prince or his camp, at least not if there’s strings attached (and, there always are). We just want to bring folks together who might have now, or have had, a common interest, a common thread of experience as a basis for sparking communication and speaking with a bit of shared lexicon. Sure, we’re happy to provide some Prince-related news and trivia, etc. as well; that stuff is of interest to some segment of the community, and is a resource to the internet as a whole. But I am still close friends with many people I met through a shared interest in Prince. I wouldn’t say I’m still a friend, or fan, or fam, or whatever the hell the currently-authorized term is, of Prince. And that’s okay.

So, while I’ll miss HQ if it really does disappear into the ether for good, and I’ll always sympathize with my friend Aaron, I’m convinced the ultimate losers will be Prince if this stands. First, the hard-core fanbase in Europe, which I always took as HQ’s core audience, will be pretty offended and discouraged, and I’m sure at least a few of them will defect in disgust. Now, I’ve think some of the HQ (and, to a lesser extent) users are such diehard fans that I’m convinced Prince could personally come to their house and abuse their puppy in front of them, and they’d still smile and simply stutter out the request for an autograph. For these folks, the closure of any one site, even one as important as HQ, won’t convince them to swear off Prince forever. But it still isn’t good PR, and I can imagine there’s just as many diehards who, like Aaron, will stop to put in the extra effort it takes to keep the community vibrant, which is a shame. A dedicated, excited, vibrant community is what supports Prince through the random silly shit he constantly decides to undertake/say/etc.,  and still buy everything available and spread the gospel of “you must see Prince in concert before you die”, which is what drives ticket sales… really. Sure, some folks are going to go just to see Purple Rain because they remember it was the song playing the first time they got to second base, but those folks increasingly have kids and decide, in economic downturns especially, to spend their concert-money on other things. This sort of badwill will, I’m convinced, ultimately trickle down to affecting Prince’s bottom line. But then again, it might accelerate his descent into being a permanent fixture at a low-rent Vegas lounge, which would be kind of a fun opportunity for lots of fans, too. Alright, I’m getting off track now, but the point is: I don’t think this is a smart move for Prince, but it’s his move to make.

That’s it, I’m stepping down from the soapbox for now. I support Aaron’s decision, whatever it might be — to bring the site back, or not to, or to change his mind later. If regular HQ visitors want to spend more time here on the org, they’re welcome — I’ll even create a “hardcore fan” forum with more stringent moderation if that’d help keep the community active… there should be someplace for that kind of discussion. We’re here for you, the now or once-, or future-Prince fan. Even if it does benefit Prince’s crazy ass in the process :)

142 responses to “Shut up already, u got 2 get off… damn, Housequake closed?”

  1. wildgoldenhoney said:

    <img src="/i/s/icon_eek.gif" alt="eek" />

  2. Detroit said:

    I hear ya Ben. I frequented HQ and come here sometimes too. I will be here more often.

  3. HatrinaHaterwitz said:

    Ben, I applaud you! I really do because I know with my temperament I’d have changed this board long ago and let Prince’s ass fade into obscurity.

    Whether he admits or not, (I’m certain he knows!) It’s sites like yours and Aaron’s that have indeed kept him relevant. When the mainstream isn’t thinking, talking or caring about him, the only people that always are, are on these sites. It’s truly a crying damn shame that he can’t appreciate that!

    Stay strong my friend!

  4. swanny said:

    Well said Ben.

  5. LadyLuvSexxy said:

    *Bows to the master Ben* =D Preach it!

  6. msdmsr said:

    I wouldn’t let Prince abuse my puppy but I do love him. Housequake was awesome and I will miss it. Guess this is my new “house of prince.”

  7. ufoclub said:

    How does this site stay unscathed with the gallery of photos?

  8. djThunderfunk said:

    My thanks to Ben, Aaron and all involved who put in the effort, time, money & stress to create and maintain these sites. Hopefully HQ will be back soon!

  9. mzkqueen03 said:

    ..yes this was a huge change,look at it 4 the better… will grow?..i have never been 2 and now i neva will!..

  10. purplesweat said:

    Great blog, you speak the truth!

    I’d put a notice about this blog in the “latest news” section because I would’ve missed it if I hadn’t seen a mod refer to it in a thread.

    Also I REALLY like the idea of a hardcore fan section.

  11. Desire2006 said:

    In the Opinion Poll on the front page regarding our opinions of Princes new site and whether or not we are excited about it or not I was gonna check “Hell yeah” but now since his latest stunt involving HQ I decided 2 check “Couldnt care less” instead!!!!!LOLOLOLOL

  12. 2the9s said:

    “a disconnect between how Prince perceives his best business interests, and his fans’ desired acceptance of their abilities to ‘remix’ officially-sourced content (photos, lyrics, you name it), etc.”

    Shouldn’t this sentence read: “a disconnect between how Prince perceives his best business interests and how his fans perceive their desired acceptance (?) of their abilities to ‘remix’ officially-sourced content (photos, lyrics, you name it), etc.” or something like that…

    “I’ve been saying since the site started that has nothing directly to do with Prince, but everything to do with the extremely diverse community that has grown out of past and present (and if he’s lucky, future) Prince fans.”

    <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" /> You’re a hoot!

    Anyway, yeah P. is a little bitch for failing to acknowledge his diverse community.

    <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" />


  13. computergold said:

    Hi, im housequake user computergold that posted the info to the head of . I was really shocked about this development and seriously isnt a good move by prince in my book. gonna lose a lot of fans on this one!

  14. babar141 said:

    HQ NeeDS To ComE BaCK SoOn! RaCHeL <img src="/i/s/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" />

  15. tallpaul said:

    It’s a shame all this had to happen this weekend, it’s taken the edge off a bit. I wonder if Prince had much to do with this or whether it was just someone in his organization. Still I don’t think it’s going to affect sales or lose fans. But still not a good move.

  16. prb said:

    clapping well said ben. hq welcomed ‘lost’ orgers when the server shut down 4 a few days. while i hardly ever visit hq, it would be a shame to see it gone 4 good. publicity stunt 4 princes new site maybe hmmm disbelief twocents i agree with purplesweat, if i hadnt seen a mention in the site forum about a possible new forum i wouldnt have looked here. beret

  17. meow85 said:

    Prince: as always, the master of self-sabotage. sigh

    I don’t know if the lil man just doesn’t want fans anymore or if he somehow doesn’t understand how badly his actions of late have been damaging his fanbase. One can wax poetic and philosophic ’til the end of the day about the nature of fame, but at the end of the day we’re the ones who paid for his cars, his homes, his custom clothes. Not only that, but it’s us who’ve supported him and rooted for him even through his roughest patches; even when the general public and the industry at large couldn’t give a shit about him; even when he was the butt of all the late night talk show hosts’ jokes. And it’s been largely through online fan communities like this one and Housequake that we’ve done it. What does he think is going to happen if he shuts down those who are cheering him on? It’s like removing the supports from a house. That building can only stand so long…

  18. said: geschlossen?…

    Message is closed until further notice…
    On ‘request’ by Prince I changed back the old Housequake header. Sorry people, but I can’t afford to play any more games. Thanks to Prince & his staff for their ……

  19. said: geschlossen?…

    Message is closed until further notice…
    On ‘request’ by Prince I changed back the old Housequake header. Sorry people, but I can’t afford to play any more games. Thanks to Prince & his staff for their ……

  20. diplomsiedler said:

    I hope the whole story is a joke and Aaron/ will return with the launch of today!

  21. MrsGoodnight said:

    Top blog Ben. I’m a member of HQ, though I rarely visit but it’s great to see that ‘we, at the org’ are supporting our fellow fan-site.

    Four things came to mind when I read about this:

    1 – ‘What a tosser Prince is’ – Is his arse so far up his own colon that he can’t see the damage he is doing to his dedicated fans?

    2 – ‘Oh riiight. So the new Lotusflow3r website is due up then’. As it’s at the expense of a brilliant fan-driven website, I’m not sure I want to know what’s on it now… it’s been tainted. I REALLY hope that there’s a ‘contact us’ button on the there (though I VERY much doubt that they have the balls for that!).

    3 – ‘Where was the PFU crew when this happend?’ – Since the last heap of assholery (an official org term! <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" /> ) was thrown at the fansites by the purple camp the PFU collective have gone very quiet

    4 – ‘Poor Aaron’ – He’s put so much into the HQ website and fought off so many attacks by Prince et al that I’m not surprised if he’s thrown in the towel. I just hope he finds the strength to come back, harder and more dedicated than ever – Don’t let the bastards get you down Aaron! We’re with you mate!

    As for our new members from HQ – welcome to the org, come on in, make yourselves at home, fancy a cuppa?!

  22. MrsGoodnight said:

    Typo – I meant to say ‘is Prince so far up his own colon’ :rolleyes: honestly, if I had a brain I’d be dangerous! <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" />

  23. Desire2006 said:

    Basically, the HQ shutdown is all 2 do with the graphics which Aaron used as the new header banner cos they were straight from, and in likeness of, the Lotus Flower site!! I guess Aaron should have grovelled on his hands and knees and sucked up 2 the big Purple God and asked permission 2 use them first!! Dont tell me that these graphics are copyrighted as well!!!!!!!! Give me a break!!!!! All Prince does is treat us fans like subserviant slaves who are forbidden to express freedom of speech and art!!!!!

  24. murphdrag said:

    Housequake will be back, I’m sure of it.

  25. toots said:

    I, like MrsGoodnight, was/is a HQ member agree with what was said. I too rarely posted on HQ but enjoyed it nevertheless. If people want to throw a fit about it let them, its Aaron’s decision to put it back up or not. And dont blame him if he does not. I respect his decision either way. The years were fun and it had a kick tushy video forum when it was up. I spent many hours watching videos remembering the 80′s and how the 80′s was…sorry backflash. <img src="/i/s/icon_lol.gif" alt="lol" />

    I enjoy the .org just as much as I do/did the HQ. Kudos to both. <img src="/i/s/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" />

  26. Totoviolet said:

    HQ is not Dead!

  27. sisterfate76 said:

    One thing that seems to bother me the most is that ultimately Prince is becoming predictable. As was said in earlier posts, we – his true fanbase – have kept him relevant. We have been the ones growing older and older, yet sitting on cold concrete or standing in line for hours waiting for him to perform. And his incessent need for control is how he repays us? What ever happened to the Prince that won the Webby award for his unique use of the Internet? What ever happened to that Gemini that used tradition and unconventionality in all he did? Now, in his stubborn need for control, only one side immerges. He is mostly predictable now. We now how he will side on all issues, on how he will treat his protegees, on the songs he will sing, on the venues in which he will perform, etc. I hope that the new music will be his redeeming grace and make us believe that throughout all his fits and moods, the music is what it’s all about.

    Long live HQ and long live the Org – but most importantly, long live the Fans!

  28. geegee said:

    I’m very upset about this. I don’t now what to think of Prince and his camp. This is a sad day to be a prince fan.

  29. purplenic said:

    i joined HQ and the org pretty much at the same time and like both sites for different reasons – i am sad for aaron and hope to see other hqers here also.

    ps ref to “As for our new members from HQ – welcome to the org, come on in, make yourselves at home, fancy a cuppa?! ”

    mine’s milk no sugar please!!!

  30. bombpop said:

    I’m on HQ all the time. This is truly disturbing. I wish we could organize enough to boycott all this stuff Prince has coming out tonight. But I know we won’t. Even if it is just for a month or so, if we could hold out that long, that might show Prince what time it is.

  31. whodunit said:

    Well, once again his purple arrogance has spoken <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" />

    Hope HQ will be back soon.

  32. babynoz said:

    Thanks for your thoughts Ben. I’m especially glad that you and the mods won’t tolerate the us vs. them attitude.

    Welcome quakers!

  33. Eyasha said:

    Aaron is obviously feed up with “Rule # 42” – that is, there ain’t no rules where Prince and his fans are concerned. One day relatively chummy, next day an abrupt legal threat, followed a while later by a conciliatory offer of official material as long as you play by the rules. That was my experience in running a prince fan site. Prince is a musical genius, a dynamic and witty guy but he is also an adolescent at heart and because of that he fears his own fans’ adolescent behavior. Devoting a large amount of time and energy to a musician/pop star is about as adolescent as it comes and I’ve done it! Prince’s monologue on 21 Nights about obsessive fans followed by “Delirious” says it all. He needs to control his fans. Having set rules about bootlegs and images is one way BUT occasionally he likes to remind us that there “ain’t no rules”.

  34. Enivri said:

    I’m hoping that HQ is down so as not to provide free publicity when its needed and once the product is out and things have settled.. it’ll come back

    I love both sites but HQ was P info heavy and this I loved… before I gt online Prince was no longer on my radar, comments by fans on amp hq and here made me realise there was much more, not just unoffical but more to the albums I had.

    I really apprciate all the work by everyone from org to hq, owners to mods, and posters (because I’m a habitual lurker <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" /> )

    This situation so close to an album I think I’ll love really brings the whole thing down. After a number of years of albums that get 5 plays and put back on the shelf lotusflower so far sounds great… but how heavy is the bitter taste going to be if I associate it in my mind with the closure of HQ.

    If I was behind HQ, it’d be gone years ago… the patience Aaron has to keep going is amazing to me. As well as the money he has to fork out. I post very little.. read alot.. and subscribed (when he could ask for contributions) because of the quality.

    I lost repsect for the person (you know who) a long long time ago , but I can’t let go of his music… I’d love to boycott in protest but I know I can’t do without. <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" /> (addict!!!)

    Who’s right ? who’s wrong? not the point it’ll never be resolved, that would invole long court cases, that P can afford but you and me… forced to give in or give up!

    and thats why I’m pissed at this not the argument but.. the attitude.. Your small fry I’ll squash you,
    don’t matter if right or wrong I’ll win…all I have to do is tell my team of lawyers I want that gone, make it happen, and its wider than the P world it happens all the time but I expect more from an artist.

    lots of love to the fans


  35. thegreatestromance said:


  36. PPower said:

    I just became a member of “the org” today because of this.

  37. gollygirl said:

    I just became a member too, for the same reason <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  38. Totoviolet said:

    an Update from Aaron
    update from Aaron-HQ

    On ‘request’ by Prince I changed back the old Housequake header. Sorry people, but I can’t afford to play any more games. Thanks to Prince & his staff for their “support” over the years. The question arises: does Prince deserve any fans?

    But this goes without saying ofcourse: a big thank you to all the members and moderators that have helped us to make a difference on the internet. We have done so very well, we can really be proud while looking back.

    For those with an urgent question, please sent your mails to this address:……………………

    Thanks 2 U Aaron!

  39. MamaLisa said:

    aaron and ben.. how u have put up with the bullsht and politix of the fan base and then aaron to be put in a position where the only option is to shut down is beyond me.. i dont know how u do it…..

    much credit to both of u for coming this far.. hope HQ is only taking a short break..

    i thought prince was a smart business man until today..

    alienating fans and those that support u.. very very stupid move. He has been doing it for a long time.. but this is ridiculous!

    i cant believe aaron still thanks prince and his staff.. id be 2 emotional to be the better person in a situation like this.. and the respect aaron has displayed .. i now have a whole new respect 4 aaron..

    and completely lost respect 4 prince.

    enough is enough.

  40. Zannaloaf said:

    Musta been projecting his frustration with his own site on to Housequake. Since it runs well with dedication of fans. I admire that Aaaron has shut it own in the sense that Prince has been such a pain in the ass about it all. Hell- George Lucas was smart enough to let his fans use the copyrighted material as long as they adhered to certain terms. Prince is just a petulant (tho talented) artist who has no idea how to work things to his advantage. You see it over the span of his career. It’s too bad since he got his freedom, but then doesn’t know how to work that to his advantage.

  41. emm said:

    [b]We just want to bring folks together who might have now, or have had, a common interest, a common thread of experience as a basis for sparking communication and speaking with a bit of shared lexicon.[/b]

    And we thank you both for that! I can not express fully how much I appreciate the community you have both fostered. Aaron, your tireless efforts at improving the site and making it a wealth of information are not lost on US. Like other posters here, I don’t know how you put up with so much grief for so long. You have our respect and admiration.

    tviolet, mamalisa and other quakers… it’s nice to see you here.

  42. kimrachell said:

    wow! this is crazy! i just hope this never happens here at the org!!! this site is awesome, and i would much rather have this site than any that prince could come up with, because THIS site has some truly awesome and kind hearted people, and i’ve made some great friends here! i support ben always!

    i was a member of HQ, but don’t think i ever posted over there, but i think it’s sad that it’s come to this point!

  43. peachcorvette said:

    Unless Aaron/HQ tells us the whole story, it is really hard to judge. But my guess is that Prince is being too unappreciative. HQ is very necessary and I hope that it returns soon.

  44. Muziqkidd7 said:

    I love HQ and I love it here. It’s really disappointing to see a site like that go away. I cant imagine that in any way possible is the closing of HQ going to benefit Prince. He’s insane to not take advantage of the basically free advertising that comes from that site. I for one am turned off by the whole thing and may never visit either site again if these shenanigans continue.

    –Nuff Said–

  45. lotusflower said:

    I just became a member today, I was always on Housequake… and I truly hope that housequake will be back someday! But if Aaron thinks it’s enough… I can feel that. I mean come on… Prince can go on forever, and he will if he wanted! Sad day for Prince.. really sad… it could’ve been a great great day!!! NEW WEBSITE and everything… instead he decided to take this road instead… how old is the man really? 10? cheez <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" />


  46. lotusflower said:

    ooh… and thanks for letting us in Princeorg!

  47. love2thenines2003 said:

    For Me HQ is not dead & i’m sure that Aaron will change his mind & the site will come back!!

    Love&support 2 Aaron & 2 all my Brothers & sisters of the Purple Underground here and from HQ!



  48. purplecam said:

    I for one feel like. as that saying goes, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I have my beliefs on what happened but it doesn’t matter. Hopefully, the truth of what happened will come out in this but this will not make me be less of a Prince fan. I hope HQ comes back as I was a member of it but if not, then the org is fine. I was a member of the org for 5 years before I joined HQ. I just hope that all the displaced Quakers can feel comfortable in here if this is a permanent thing. Time will tell.

  49. Zannaloaf said:

    We can look at Princes consistent inconsistent behaviour and guess what the story is. I’m a fan of the music when it’s worth being a fan of. Prince certainly doesn’t make you want to hang out for much more these days.

  50. myfavorite said:

    Housequake was a great sight i thought, however, ben sorta has the best game goin right now. I really cant see prince having anything to do with it cause there are restrictions from his end, but he oughta know that competition is healthy, monopoly isn’t.

  51. trisha said:

    Thanks Ben for your comment on the housequake closure.
    ‘though being a member of both sites (this one and hq), I’ve mainly been to hq which I loved – for being this great source of information, for its great design and “frame” and, over all, the people there.
    Even if I didn’t post that often there, great things have evolved from that internet community for me – starting with a “Vegas adventure” where complete strangers became friends to that “family feeling” that I needed on a daily basis (call me an addict if you want !)
    The site was always up to date, mods and members always trying to bring out the best in the discussion and – mostly – being fair.

    So a big THANX to Aaron and the mods and the people who made this a special place !
    I wish this site would open up again, but I respect Aaron’s decision after so much trouble and all the commitment over the years !

    So sad that seemingly nothing good (lotusflow3r) can happen in Prince world without some drama on top ..
    I for the moment don’t feel the need to go to Lotusflow3r to see the (eventual) goodies there..
    Of course I will stay a P fan, but – pay for it ? -

    I’m so tired of this drama

  52. steakfinger said:

    I’m all about the HQ. For the way my mind likes to access info, it was the one for me. When I saw it was down, it felt like this:


  53. majic said:

    its sad. but thank the stars for the internet….enjoy, ya’ll*/

    click on any of the dates and itll transport you to what the site looked like at that time <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  54. japanrocks said:

    welcome quakers to the org – where you are never in the dark when it comes to news about MJ, Britney, Beyonce, Janet or Madonna


  55. feefee said:

    Thanx so much for welcomming us HQ members we all share some kinda feeling for the same man weather it be a positive or negative feeling. I plan to enjoy myself while on this site & meet many new friends

  56. LASTHEART said:

    Hello everybody, I’m lasteheart and I’m a quaker since many,many years (I’m from Europe).
    Thank u Ben and all u orgers 4 ur support, I appreciate…I can undestand Aaron’s decision, when it’s enough, it’s enough.
    If I remember well, a quaker who is really able with photoshop created a wonderful banner with a landscape in background which reminded the one of Lotus flower, but if you looked at it, there was not a single thing which you could find copied…also there was a lotus in crystal, so fine….
    I was so happy to see a familiar pic when opening the site, I was SICK and TIRED of seeing J.Brown & co.’s faces when opening a prince’s fansite!
    Everytime I looked at the banner (all my respect to those funk kings, of course) I rolled my eyes and I just could not UNDERSTAND why I couldn’t see MY PRINCE’s face qhen opening a fansite about him.
    that’s incredible!
    it’s time I grow up

  57. yvanehtnioj1214 said:

    I feel like Prince, HQ, Princefams, and The Org are in a big game of Risk and HQ just got eliminated. Anyway, welcome Housequake members. I hope you have a good time here, and hopefully your Prince fansite of choice will be back up soon.

  58. CandaceS said:

    Hmm, all I see over there is a placeholder screen. Wonder what all happened? I’m well aware of the conflicts over the years. Did Aaron finally just get fed up? Or maybe it’s something else? Hope this doesn’t result in the org becoming a target for P’s lawyers!

  59. meow85 said:

    If it is indeed true that Prince has employees lurk the fansites, here’s a message from us all for the lil man:

    Read through the reactions in these posts. Your actions of late have deeply hurt and disappointed a lot of people. It’s not too late to make amends, but if you don’t turn it around soon you stand to lose a lot of supporters -many of them having been loyal to you for years. Think about what you’re doing, please.

    That is all.

  60. meow85 said:

    Welcome, ‘Quakers. I hope, if your site never returns, that you’re able to be as comfortable here as you were there. hug

  61. Thex said:

    If you are gonna have a so called hard core section, I suggest you call it Hard Qore out of respect to the HouseQuake site and Aaron.

  62. NeptuneHQ said:

    Hello everybody
    Hello Aaron

    Herewith I only want to say a big thank you to AARON!!!! In the last couple of years HQ has been a great playground for me. It is really said HQ ist offline now and I truly hope that HQ will be back one day.

    Thank you very, very, very much Aaron!


    Neptune from HQ

  63. Lennon said:

    Very understandable decision of Aaron, but also very sad…

    Pity Prince is a control freak…

  64. gubbins4ever said:

    Thanks for the excellent commentary there, Ben.

    I agree that Prince may find his selfish treatment of fansites and fans backfire. For the longest time, it’s been the loyalty of many fans, like myself, that has kept them buying Prince’s music as opposed to downloading it for free, like many people do with music they don’t care about as much. However, if Prince continues acting like this, many fans may stop paying for his music out of protest and disgust.

    Watch it, Prince. You have been warned.


    Let’s just wait and see….
    For now
    Thanx Aaron & all the other people involved in this great site.


  66. 21nites said:

    i’m very sad. look a page title at It says: 1997 – 2009. So it’s over?

  67. vavoom69 said:

    ^ Saw that also 2day……looks like it’s realy over… sad <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" />

  68. aazzaabb said:

    I’m new to the world of Prince.I’ve actually joined because of this thread & my new obbsession with the purple one!

  69. DecemberGirl said:

    I’m still in shock.
    So sad what has happened to HQ.

  70. cosmoplastic said:


  71. japanrocks said:

    anyone know a guy named Macinate from housequake? i am trying to get in touch with him about some prince mags he was supposed to mail me

  72. suomynona said:

    I’ve moved on from being a “fanatic” when it comes to Prince. There are plenty of artists out there that appreciate their admirers that I’m much more happier to fly out and see and give my money to. (Sia, Little Dragon, Rahsaan Patterson for starters.) The only thing Prince seems to enjoy doing anymore is being a control freak. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still buy whatever he puts out and will probably go to future shows in Seattle, but his actions throughout the last ten years toward the people (Prince Family, Uptown, Housequake, etc.) that have supported him over the years has had a negative effect on his legacy as an artist. He’ll probably never understand that because he’s in his own closed off world. And for that I feel sorry for him.

  73. DiscoMafia said:

    It’s such a shame about Housequake.

    As Princes career as developes i find myself not actually liking this him. His music is amazing but the person seems a crazed control freak.

    He’s forever talking about,’being free’ but it only seems to be relevant to him.

    We bought and albums, tour tickets, t-shirts ( though not the perfume that was just stupid) and we are the ones who keep him in his ( now ) Spice Girls platform trainers.
    I wont be buying any new music etc… gonna stick to my ‘Parade’ album and remember him as i once thought he was… AMAZING !!

    It’s dreadful what happened to Housequake. There is so much work put into these sites.


  74. DiscoMafia said:

    Oh can i just say…. that Prince didn’t vote.. so easy for a multi millionaire to make that decision. If he felt anything for his follow man he’d got off his ass and voted…… because this world needed to change.

  75. glamslam13 said:

    I terribly miss HQ <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" />

  76. evolsidogeno said:

    WOW BEN….i agree. I’ve always gone to both sites, and i really, really have appreciated you all throughout the years (i go everyday). A shame that a “family”, community is denied, but hey, we’ll get the news somehow. Yall have done more for the community than princes websites ever have done-in terms of information. Oh, and well, the fun and FREEDOM OF SPEECH is great.

    ASIDE: Oh, i don’t mind that you didn’t vote Prince, JUST AS LONG AS YOU PAY TAXES!!!! wHAT EVER HAppened to WHEN WILL WE BE PAID? U don’t vote? Then what can u speak about? If u don’t want Mr. Man…then don’t u have to vote? I don’t think earth is the best thang God got, but if u do i think that’s kinda sad. Look in space sometime….earth is rather small. I think our ego’s are LARGER THAN EARTH. That’s sad. oh well, anyone wanna play tag?? yaayyyy.

  77. NeptuneHQ said:

    Empty room, empty room
    How am I gonna fill U?
    How am I gonna fill this empty room?

  78. purplecam said:

    It needs to be said that while HQ is dead and gone, Prince’s career is still going. The death of a website can’t stop the talent from flowing. Prince is still doing his thing while Aaron just stopped doing his. Oh well. Life goes on and 3 new Prince CD’s are about to come out that I am going to buy. There is no need for me to whine about missing the “old Prince” cause he’s still here doing what he does best, his music. Now that’s wassup!

  79. Rainman said:

    I’ve been with this site and HQ for years, but I rarely post…

    HQ closing is a shame. Over the last ten years, Prince has become a walking contradiction when it comes to “freedom” and “peer to peer” connections with his audience. Couple that with his inability to provide consistant and accurate information (online or otherwise). The Org and HQ have been the ONLY reliable safehaven for people tring to find out what’s currently going on.
    I am hard-core about the music of Prince, but as much as he is a genius when it comes to music and live performance- he is an outright idiot when it comes to PR and understanding how to connect with his true supporters.
    I love U Prince…just not like Eye love love ur guitar!

  80. NeptuneHQ said:

    I fully agreee with Rainman!

  81. japanrocks said:

    oh and, by the way, thanks aaron for HQ

    without HQ i would not have been able to hear all those excellent quality audio and video bootlegs

  82. whellz99 said:

    Sad day! Prince wise up….shup up allready, Damb!

  83. xenophobia2002 said:

    I still check everyday … and probably will do that for a long time

    Thanks to all involved, and for those with negativity … yo udon’t know what you were missing !

  84. spg said:

    ^ well said R!

    I miss HQ too <img src="/i/s/icon_sad.gif" alt="sad" />

  85. NONSENSE said:

    aint that a bitch…

    Housequake was my favorite Prince site. It’s like losing a homie or your community. I miss HQ

  86. nurseV said:

    Really sad to see HQ end this way-use to check in sometimes and really enjoyed the site.

  87. colin2007 said:

    Really sad to see whats happened.
    Once again Prince errodes his once massive fan base, all because a fan puts up a fan made picture on a fan made website.
    And once again Prince proves what a horrible and nasty man he is.
    Three new albums coming out this year ? who cares? I don`t anymore, and I was a BIG fan, attending concerts and buying all of the LPs, singles and CDs.
    There is more to life than Prince.

  88. Sahar said:

    “I support Aaron’s decision, whatever it might be — to bring the site back, or not to, or to change his mind later.”

    well said Ben. <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" /> That’s what I do aswell.

    I can however understand Aarons decision, MayB he needs time 4 a new era in his life? <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  89. mycherrymoon said:

    I’m sorry to hear about the closing of Housequake. I joined a few weeks ago, after stumbling upon it during a search, so obviously I didn’t get the full experience unfortunately, but I know it was there for years and I can imagine how hard it must be for you guys to suddenly have it taken away. But I guess the owner of the site felt it was time to shut it down.

    I’m 20 years old and I’ve been a Prince fan for years but I had no idea he was having these issues with his fans. I had heard about the whole youtube thing and all that but I didn’t know it was to this extent, having sites shut down and stuff. It’s unfortunate. But I’m still a fan, I accept him Flaws and All, like another favorite singer of mine sang lol.

  90. quakethehouse said:

    No disrespect to Aaron, but I found his closing statement a little confusing and contradictive. “On ‘request’ by Prince I changed back the old Housequake header. Sorry people, but I can’t afford to play any more games. Thanks to Prince & his staff for their “support” over the years.” Huh??? So which is it? Games or “support”? I am sorry, but Aaron’s bow out could have been a little more graceful instead of contoversial. Many seem to be so pissed off at Prince. Prince did’nt close Housequake, Aaron threw in the towel. is still here, Why? From what I understand, the straw that broke the camel’s back is over a banner? How petty.

  91. Clinton33 said:

    I’m pretty sure the support by Prince & his staff was meant ironic. It must be frustrating if you have a beautiful banner up, a piece of art, and you are summoned to remove it by a plain picture which has been up there for ages.

    Respect 2 Aaron, Marika, Cateto, GlamSlam <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" /> , Toto and everyone else!


  92. NeoSoul said:

    Has Prince taken any action against the various yahoo! groups or other groups on the major web sites? Perhaps Housequake could relocate to one of those areas of the internet and let a major internet corporation stand up to the skinny mf with the high voice.

  93. cathys said:

    Ben, everything you say is true, and it’s a damn shame! HQ was a great complement to the Org and it will be sadly missed. And the person who will suffer most from its absence will be Prince. The man’s a fool.

  94. jacobpb said:

    That sucks. I remember when you could watch Prince’s videos and live footage, which is quite wrong by the way (big grin). Hope this site is back, there was an archive of informative material.

  95. Stylecipation said:

    all props to Ben. I have had the same feeling since I quit my websites in the past, due to all the hassle. Amongst those sites were:, and Ask the oldtimers if you don’t know the sites <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

    I think Prince should let go his controll on his fan base. It sure will help him to get through the next decade.


  96. freakyfeet said:

    “Support” was in quote marks – that speaks volumes.

  97. mzsadii said:

    I am proud to declare I am a Quaker till the last tremor. Thanks Aaron and all the other Mods. Come back soon. I’ll have no where to send my loose change.

    Prince’s Sarah…Mz Sadii

  98. bo11 said:

    as usual Puck FRinCE

    Believe me I fell off the wagon for a long time and jumped back on with Emancipation. If it wasn’t for this site and HQ > I’d probably be listening to something else.

  99. Iowarican said:

    Well, I quess from the 96, make that 97 responses so far I’m not the only one that’s upset by HQ closing down. while I agree with what quakethehouse wrote in as far that prince did not close the site but that Aaron just got tired of fighting for it, there is such a thing as the last drop. Like many here, I too am addicted to prince, but being his fan feels a bit like being the fan of a glamorous, egomanical and self centered feral cat. Then again he is so sweet and funny every once in while. Maybe the fans can start anti prince websites dedicated to saying prince sucks….according to the interview for LA times he seems to like that. Maybe he just needs some dominatrix love? I Do think is a SAD shame that HQ has closed because I very much respected its archives, not to mention the sense of community that I felt there.

    Aaron if prince doesnt appreciate you it sure seems as though prince fans do!

  100. postiepaul3 said:

    Still my home page! But the org rocks!!!!!!!!

  101. PaisleyRose said:

    I was very sorry to hear that HQ closed. It will be missed.

  102. sunkissedbrotha said:

    Well, here’s my 2cent on the matter…inasmuch as I was sorry to see HQ close down its page, I saw it coming from a mile away when they posted P’s new graphics up from the Lotusflow3r webpage. I agree with most of the sentiments here, homeslice does tend to be a little fanatical with his property (even at the expense of seemingly alianating his fams. Howerver, with that said, the technical fact of the matter is, (and I’m sure nobody wants to hear it, but here it is) you can’t use peoples shit if they don’t want you to, even if your intentions are good. OK, that’s more like 10cent : )

    “Play in the sunshine”

  103. majic said:

    im wondering just exactly what prince’s problem is with the sites…maybe if he states it, we could confront the problem

  104. eugnj420 said:

    To be honest, I sort of stopped visiting HQ after Prince’s sharks had the video forum shut down.
    I really hated that: “I’ll never release that footage commercially, but I still don’t want you watching it.” Gimme a Break.

  105. littleman said:

    My opinion is, and always will be, the man matters much less than his music. I don’t care what he does, I’ll never stop liking his music, because whether he likes it or not, it is much much bigger than him. The music is still gonna be here in 100 years, and all his quirky behavior will be gone. He will be remembered for the music luckily. I wish he was different as a person, but you can’t win them all. To have a genius behave like a normal human being would be just too much, look at Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Picasso, Einstein for that matter. I studied history of physics and Einstein was an incredible bitch, not at all the kind little guy history has made him become. He would treat people like shit, and that’s mostly what Prince does. But their work will stay unscathed, because it’s bigger than them.

    Anyway the moment I saw that new header, I knew Housequake was in for some bullshit. If you know your cat is fat, you shouldn’t feed it more lard.

  106. PurpleRain747 said:

    It’s strange how these fights persist and y sites r taken down 4 cryptic reasons. Yet eye’m gr8tful 2 u Ben 4 opening ur arms 2 the HQ members and eye’ll aw8 ur “hard-core” fan section eye’ll b sure 2 drop by thereLOL
    Lastly, eye hope that u NEVER get rid of this site, despite what may. Thanx 4 the continued support of a gr8 artist.

  107. QueenOfDiamonds said:

    Hey…pst, over here…I know what the details are…

    Prince is wrangling angry that the science site pulled his original webpage out (they sued him for using those letters which represented their name). You see, he was arrogant enough that he didn’t do a search on the name he used for his site. So when it became known to him that some science group, which is more important in this world than entertainment, not that entertainment isn’t important, but that science actually takes the time and effort to teach something intelligent, so when it became known to him that they were more important than him because the early bird got that worm, he realized that he isn’t the God that he thought he was, and his site was disabled. So NOW, all he can do to retaliate is to chew the end of his own tail, by knocking off as many sites that have anything to do with him, and by chopping out the videos from YouTube so no one can have their pleasure when they want. And he has to use those great big old lawwyers to do his bidding for him because he found they uhm, have some amount of power that maybe he personally doesn’t. So it’s a power trip and he’s trippin. Well, that’s the inside scoop.

  108. vivadi said:

    Ok, can anyone tell me what the “38:II” is over on HQ?

  109. Clinton33 said:

    I was wondering the same thing! <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  110. sisterfate76 said:

    Viva la HQ! I hope it comes back…no offense to the Org:-)

  111. cra1g0s said:

    Vivadi, I wondered the same and came across this which I can only think is what is meant by ’38:II’:

    “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

    Abraham Lincoln

    I think Aaron is trying to make a point.

  112. majic said:

    ^oh….could u elaborate more plz?

  113. Tamara27 said:

    I thought it referred to a bible reference by Job, 38:11 states,

    And I said, ‘Thus far you shall come, but no farther; And here shall your proud waves stop ‘?


  114. MyLawd said:

    with all due respect to online prince fan sites

    …long before they existed…or let me use before 1999, Prince was getting up to weird shit, and people still supported him.

    even if ceases to exist, many will still support and love prince’s music…that’s a fact

  115. sisterfate76 said:

    ^^ True, dat. But I believe that these websites are somewhat bigger than Prince – They are about a sense of community. I remember before the web presence that I felt like a “closeted” Prince fan, not able to express myself about his music with anyone but the people I stood in line with at my local Ticketmaster location every few years. With the online fan presense, it gives a feeling that I’m a part of something bigger than me and my CD player.

    But yes, I will always continue to support the music cuz that’s what its ultimately all about.

  116. LollyPopLife said:

    *sits Prince down*
    *pours him a soy milk and gives him warm vegan chocolate chip cookies*
    Okay… I know you had a really, really shitty childhood. I also realise you’ve been surrounded by YES people for most of your adult life. And I understand that you’re sensitive about your material… BUT a sense of humor would go a LONG way.

    *pats on head*
    *gives him a rare copy of Jackie Wilson’s 1958 single “Lonely Teardrops”*

  117. Shonuffy said:

    What does this 38:II mean which is now also visible on the

  118. udo said:


  119. majic said:

    @ LollyPopLife…i think the halloween episode of the simpsons is a good start

  120. That skinny motherfucker with the high voice said:

    [...] hipped me to a new Prince track in fifteen years. The release of his album is a dead end. He’s abused our trust. When you e-mail me an unsolicited track you abuse my trust. When you add me to your [...]

  121. Paulob said:

    I think the 38:11 reference is straight from The Da Vinci Code which means “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further”. Nice cryptic message from Aaron which makes sense.

  122. Paulob said:

    Just to add to my previous comment above about the Da Vinci Code and to say Tamara27 was correct it is a Bible verse from the Old Testament in the Book of Job 38:11 meaning “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further”.

  123. Iowarican said:

    *with heavy heart*

    *sits lollypoplife down*

    *burst pretty imaginary scenario into mist of purple air*

    –cmon this is PRINCE, MR NElSOn if your nasty doest let ANYONE sit him down much less mess with his hair, dont u forget it

    *….hey those musical geniuses sure do have a temper flutters in the purple mist left by burst bubble*

  124. meejaboy said:

    What’s up with the site right now?

    No landing screen – just a 403 error – just in time for the new Prince site…

    *Wishing that this was a sign that something positive might happen*

  125. Gav said:

    It’s closed.

  126. Detroit said:

    yep, looks like it’s gone for good but who knows?

  127. Brofie said:

    I dont give damn – good ridance

  128. JUANITA said:

    wish it was back, they always had info fast it was the place to find what was going on b-4 anyone else…

  129. Beamboom said:

    *Miss Housequake*

  130. lafleurdove said:

    i made a lot of cyber-friends there. the threads and individual post were great. hopefully the site will make a come back. if not i wish to thank aaron for his time and energy in providing Prince fans with loads of reliable information, pictures and fun.
    “i miss the quake.”

  131. boristhespie said:

    I was a fan of Prince since the ealry days. I took a lot of flack for likeing the flouncy nonce with the long hair but the music did it for me. The problem is the music on the whole consistently doesn’t do it for me anymore. it’s flabby, self indulgent and bland an awful lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong much of it is still better than the usual papa out there and their are hints rarely of something more but on the whole the man is lost.

    His increasing need to bully is nasty and proves that he is increasingly irrelevant. it pains me to say it. The kids today don’t even know who Michael Jackson is nor Prince. Only MAdonna has managed to stay relevant and I guess that makes here the real genius. At least in pop terms. Prince lost it when he rallied against Warner Bros with whome HE signed a contract. This latest spat is merely an extention of this.

    Problem is that if you only see you fans interms of their cash they will quickly see you as an abusive partner. Prince is flying close to the wind regarding this. I need to have access to site like this which are loving set up to worship the man. I can’t afford the latest flashy website and the inevitable 70 qwuid to even get in. Exclusivity only works if A: You have the money (I don’t) or if B: you think there anything really worth the cash and quite franckly the mediocre puff that is pumped out at an alarming rate simply aint worth it. Bye Bye. It was good while it lasted Prince my man but quite frankly you suk.

  132. SmearMrTroof said:

    Today I registered at the ORG – I miss the Housequake, too. A big shout out to Aaron! It went down like the wall of Berlin, what a shame.
    I was a frequent attending HQ’er and I miss the reports, discussions and pictures.
    I registered at the fantastic LotusFlow3r site and I’m very happy with doing that. I expected (…) a section for fans to meet, but unfortunately not (yet). Keep faith.

  133. ContentSphere - Digital Media Distribution said:

    Popkomm’s arising: Dubber – Music, Culture, and an Industry Stifling Its Future…

    © …

  134. miniatureamazon said:

    I miss HQ…there were a lot thank U’s and sharing..

    Peace and <3

  135. musicseawater said:

    Yeah, Prince has always been know to hold on a little too tight to those things dear to him. But I would contend that some things are simply not important enough for him to be worried about.

    No one can control everything, no one! Maybe his highness (genius that he is) should try to “let go”….hmmmm. Sounds like something he’s said on more than one occasion, huh? <img src="/i/s/icon_smile.gif" alt="smile" />

  136. musicseawater said:

    Why is it that when I go to this blogs, I cannot find a way to reply? Whatever the method is, it’s stupidly designed and well hid!

    It’s not like I’m a neophyte to web sites, but this raggedy-ass site makes me want to puke, fuck y’all!

  137. Digifuwill said:

    I still don’t know whats wrong with him? Is he really so parinoid and out of touch that he thinks we are part of these fansites just to rip him off! WTF….I’ve been a fan forever and I havn’t even attempted to pick up lotus flower yet. I have all his stuff…albums, cd’s, tapes, videos…I even have a “Cloud” but I’m so mad at him right now I don’t know what to do. This site and Housequake were places I looked forward to reading and posting to everyday so I hate posting a message like this. People I know are shocked that I havnt picked his latest yet but I just can’t bring myself to do it….maybe one day.

  138. loveslave said:

    I remember when fans united first started and I listen to talk on both sides and what I see in the business world is called trade mark some where talking about a person music is one thing getting permission to use their body of work is another and some where that is the grey area so over time to me I sometimes wonder are you fans of his music or use this as a way of talking him down now a fan of sports or music or what ever you want to be a fan of when the talk about something you view as a fan sour then just maybe you are no longer a fan and need to find your next thing to be a fan of now I want to say than you for this site but at the same time your site do revolve around someones hard work.

  139. Trastamara said:

    !To the clever one essentials remain unconcealed!

  140. miloszw said:

    Dear Aaron & entire Crew of the HQ

    May God bless your good heart and always protect you. I will be missing you. I will be praying for Mr.Prince so one day he might feel the love of us all.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  141. jimino1 said:

    well said Ben, I always thought there was room for both sites….shame Prince didn’t have it in his heart, nor his ego, to let his fans have a home. I made a lot of good friends via HQ, a lot of whom I have now lost touch with…Respect goes both ways Mr Nelson…. its been over 25 years but, in the immortal lines of Computer Blue, “Do U really know what love is?”

  142. JeffV said:

    Have been looking over the many posts made on this website.
    Once in a generation there is a voice
    Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, “Prince Rogers Nelson”…
    Not only a voice but a poets mind….
    for me and only me,
    I think it’s tyme Mr. Nelson steps out and writes that song
    A kind of pop anthem, live marvin from times past.
    Prince, create the words that take our hearts and minds.
    Make the music that holds our souls
    I know you can do this
    I have listened to you for a lifetime
    With your words and music give me back the smile i had when i first heard you
    If there was ever a need for a wordsmyth and song maker it is now…
    Sir now is your time to make music.

    A fan

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